Beyond the hereO Watch: non-conventional ways to use the hereO app

hereO is more than just a GPS tracker to track your children’s location. Our free hereO app is designed to keep your whole network connected and you can use it with or without additional devices, like the hereO GPS watch.

You all know that we first released the hereO GPS watch to allow parents to stay connected with their children that are still too young to have a cell phone. What you may not know is that the hereO Family location app supports not only app to device but also app to app synchronization.

The hereO ecosystem is designed to be able to communicate with any profile that is saved in your address book, provided that both sides have the app installed. In addition, you can turn tracking on and off when you want and don’t want to be available.

You can add your babysitter, parents, nanny, friends, kids and spouses to your app to message, find and connect. Here are five less conventional ways to use the hereO app:


  • Checking in for date night. – Not sure if your date arrived? Add them to your app and set a check in so you know if you should be ordering that appetizer or if you’re just missing each other.
  • Sending the grocery list. – You can create a safe zone at the area around your local market. If you or your roommates are near, you can get a notification and send a quick message asking them to pick things up. Knowing locations can have benefits for everyone. Perfect for parents, but works for anyone.
  • Making sure your teens are where they say they are. – Monitoring older kids and having them check-in can be a chore. Remove the hurdles of this process by downloading the hereO app and having them “check-in” and message you through the app. An easy way for parents to have peace of mind and kids to feel a little more freedom.
  • Tracking nanny/baby for peace of mind. – Some moms just need to know where their little ones are at all times. Track the nanny by adding them to the app and setting safe zones so you know when they reach home, the park, play dates and lessons.
  • Expecting a guest. – See when your guests are on their way, when they are close and if they are lost by but enabling location when you have plans together. Using hereO location is a quick and easy way to know when your friends/family will be arriving.

We are excited to say that we are hard working on new devices and functionality for the Aapp to support. Stay tuned through social and our blog to get the latest updates from the hereO Family.

Our hereO App is available for both iOS and Android.


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