hereO for Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids.  They get to dress up, go out, and eat all the candy they want!  It is no surprise that while Halloween is fun for kids, it can also be stressful for parents.

Trick-or-treating is the main event on Halloween and letting your kids wander aimlessly around the neighborhood in search of candy doesn’t always sound so appealing.  Luckily, with the technology on the market today, you can worry a little less about your children’s well-being, and a little more about yours.  Using the hereO watch for trick-or-treating can be the difference between a stressful or stress-free night.  Of course, there is always the option of trick-or-treating with your kids, but not every parent wants to walk up and down the neighborhood all night.  And with kids being more independent these days, it’s not like they want their parents running around with them, either.

You won’t have to worry about where your child is while he/she is out trick-or-treating with a hereO watch.  But, there are other ways to supplement the use of the watch while also observing other safety precautions that will maximize your experience.  For instance, you may want to send your child out while there is still some sunlight, especially if he/she is adorning a dark-colored costume.  You can also send your child out with a phone.  You don’t need the watch to use hereO’s tracking capabilities.  If you have the Family App installed on both phones, you can use app-to-app tracking to keep an eye on your loved one.
In the spirit of halloween, haunts and spooks are more than welcome.  But, we know that there is nothing more haunting than sending your child out into the unknown.  Follow these tips to keep your family safe and secure this holiday, and have a Happy Halloween!

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