hereO, a Great Tool for Back-to-School

The hereO watch can be a huge help in shaping your children’s routine, especially when they go back to school.  After all, it’s not just about the parents enjoying hereO.  The children need to enjoy the hereO too!  The app can be used as a standalone, which means you can track another person with a hereO app.  This is a great tool for children, as well as teenagers who are too old to wear the watch, but still young enough that you want to keep an eye on them. There are multiple ways that you and your children can use hereO as a tool for Back-to-School.

Using safe zones ensures you that your child or youth is in a designated place when they are supposed to be.  You can use safe-zones to check your child’s attendance. Confirm that your kid is in class by setting a Safe Zone around their school and you’ll always know when they arrive or leave.

When your child is not in school, you still want to know that they are okay.  Even if you are busy at work, you can stay connected and ensure they are following their schedule, whether it is soccer practice or spending time at grandma’s.  You can see where your child went before and after school.  You can see their history as they travel from place to place.

You can also use hereO to teach your children responsibility.  Every night, the hereO should be plugged into the charger so that it is fully charged the next day.  Explain to your children that they should be responsible for looking after their hereO watch, keeping it safe, and ensure they plug it in every night before they go to bed, so it can be fully charged in the morning.

Using these helpful pointers should make going back to school a lot easier for both you and your children. Keeping connected and staying organized is one of the many ways that hereO brings you and your children closer together.

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