The Internet of Things for Families

It’s no secret that family life is increasingly dominated by, and organized around, technology. It’s a fact of life, a natural progression, perhaps, a sign of the times. Babies and toddlers love playing with smartphones and tablets, and it’s incredible how quickly they get the hang of them. These convenient hi-tech ‘babysitters’ let you, as parents, squeeze in a few more hours of work, make dinner, do the laundry, or endure a car journey in peace and quiet.

Because of all this, a significant number of next-gen gadgets and inventions released on the market this year are geared towards families and children. Among the countless innovations introduced to the marketplace, some definitely aim to make people’s personal life easier, better and most importantly, safer. The Philips Sonicare App-Connected Toothbrush, Disney Kids’ Smartwatch, and the Jooki Jukebox for Kids are some prime examples of family-oriented gadgets that were showcased at this year’s IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin earlier this September.

Among all these family-health centric inventions is hereO — the smallest and most advanced real-time GPS tracking device, engineered to fit a child’s wrist, and designed so that they love to wear them and won’t land up in the hold-all for toys with missing parts. The watch and its corresponding hereO Family location app, which is also a standalone, embrace the trend of ‘the Internet of Things.’ However, it does so in order to reconnect families, enable them to share their whereabouts and be more involved in each other’s lives. No matter how advanced and hectic life is, parents will always crave reassurance that their adored children are safe 24/7. Hence, hereO’s value not only goes beyond words, but goes well beyond uber cool wearables, smart gadgets and up-to-the-minute trends! 

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