New Features on hereO V2

The new version of the hereO watch is almost ready and we are super excited to share the details with you! We have added many cool  features that will ensure a smooth and fun experience for the whole family.  

While the design of the new watch has been updated, it is always what’s on the inside that counts, isn’t it?  The next version of the watch will offer a new GPS module, for better and more accurate tracking.  We have also added a bluetooth component that will serve as a proximity sensor or “electronic leash.”  This means the parent will be notified if the child distances himself/herself from the parent’s phone. This is particularly useful when taking your child to busy places, such as the playground or an amusement park. Among the rest of the upgraded features, we have extended the battery life, updated the screen to include a touch interface, added a panic button, and miniaturized the USB charging port.

Along with the new version of the watch, we are also in the process of designing a new hereO Family App!  While the design of the new app hasn’t been finalized yet, one of the features to look for is the News Feed, which will display recent activity between the users and the watches on your account (like a Facebook newsfeed, only for hereO).  We will also be including a 2-way messaging feature on the app, so you can send messages to your friends and family’s watch or app instantly.

We have come a long way since we built the first hereO watch and we are constantly making changes and improvements to the hardware and software.  We are hoping that this latest update will bring you the best kids GPS device on the market and we are so excited to get it into your hands!


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