GPS trackers for kids are hardly new, but damn if this isn't the cutest we've seen so far.

By Dana Wollman, Engadget, 2014

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“The watches are durable, perfectly sized for small wrists (about half the size of other wearable-tech gadgets), and they come in an array of bright and bold colors.”

By Alyssa Alimurung, 2014

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" devices are so prevalent today that it totally make sense to employ them not just to make our lives easier, but [to] keep our families safer as well. hereO offers just that."

By Jc Torres, Slash Gear, 2014

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“The concept behind the hereO watch is certainly one any parent can get behind, and the design and size are ideal for children, unlike other personal GPS locators.”

By Michael Radon, 2014

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"Parents, This Gadget Is More Than Just A Colorful Watch For Kids"

By Emily Thomas, Huffington Post, 2014

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