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All the beautiful people you should high five and hug on sight.

Daniel Ivesha
Founder & President
Gill Mendelson Gill Mendelson
Gill Mendelson
Founder & CEO
Allon Gladstone Allon Gladstone
Allon Gladstone
Founder & COO
Heriberto Diarte Heriberto Diarte
Heriberto Diarte
Founder, CEO Americas
Jonathan Meister Jonathan Meister
Jonathan Meister
Eli Shemesh Eli Shemesh
Eli Shemesh
Charlie Even Charlie Even
Charlie Even
Head of Online Marketing.
Marjorie Weinstein Marjorie Weinstein
Marjorie Weinstein
Customer Relations Manager
Elad Sommer Elad Sommer
Elad Sommer
iOS Developer
Shay Dubrovsky Shay Dubrovsky
Shay Dubrovsky
Android Developer
Garrett Hausman Garrett Hausman
Garrett Hausman
Customer Support Manager
Tom Harnoy Tom Harnoy
Tom Harnoy
Graphic Designer
Kate Chan Kate Chan
Kate Chan
VP Branding and Communications
Yogev Ozeri Yogev Ozeri
Yogev Ozeri
QA Team Leader
Robert Schneider Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider
QA Tester
Tali Sade Tali Sade
Tali Sade
Executive Assistant
Nir Ladani Nir Ladani
Nir Ladani
Electrical Engineer
Salvatore D’Angelo Salvatore D’Angelo
Salvatore D’Angelo
Channel Marketing Manager
Sefi Hatuka Sefi Hatuka
Sefi Hatuka