Meet the hereO Family

The world’s smallest connected tracking device and an app for the whole family that Press around the globe is talking about

Child GPS Watch

The hereO watch is the smallest GPS-tracking device available, engineered to fit a child’s wrist and comes in a variety of stylish colorful designs


Family Location App

With the hereO Family app, view entire family's whereabouts (watch and smartphone) and communicate in one app


The hereO Family

A comprehensive solution to keep the whole family connected and safe: real-time location, safezone alerts, check-in, broadcast messages and more


hereO Child GPS Watch

Fun for kids, essential for parents

We have developed the smallest, cellular-connected GPS tracking device in the world with a ground up approach. With over three years of development and numerous design prototypes, we created a design kids love. This trendy watch is comfortable and water resistant and designed for daily wear for children aged 3 and up with up to 50 hours of usage between charges. The watch features a built-in accelerometer that sends an alert when shaken horizontally 5 times. Time is displayed on a beautiful e-ink display.


GSM Connectivity

GPS Receiver

Water Resistant

Tamper Alert

Panic Alert

48 Hours Battery

hereO Family Location App

One app for the whole family enabling sharing of locations & communications

The app works with the hereO GPS Watch installed on family members’ mobile devices – smartphones, tables (iOS, Android) and desktops

Location Sharing

Family members share locations by simply running the app or broadcasting a check-in into a specific location

Places Alert

Parents create virtual fences around any area they want such as home, school or work and are notified when a specific family member arrive or leave that place

Family Message

Simultaneously send a broadcast message to all family members

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hereO’s Technology

Innovative hardware evolution enables device revolution

Utilizing advanced technologies, materials and production hereO has overcome the challenges of GPS tracking device size/wearability, reliability, accuracy and battery-life

Hardware Revolution


We developed the smallest GPS tracker in the world by leveraging state-of-the-art materials and revolutionary technology breakthroughs enabling optimal size, weight, efficiency and long battery life.



Designed For Kids

With over hundreds of man hours of development and numerous prototypes; we created a durable, high-quality, great looking, water resistant GPS watch specifically designed to safely and comfortably fit a child's wrist - and kids love it too!

App for the entire family


A location-based app for smartphones/tablets (iOS & Android) and desktops that provides real-time information on the locations of all family members and loved ones with the app. It's innovative tools provide location history, live-updates, panic alerts, safe-zone definition, and more...


The hereO Team

We are a diverse team with a unique idea

Over 80 professionals worldwide with broad business and technical expertise are joining forces for a single purpose: to create technologies that bring families closer together.
This innovative enterprise is being led by


Daniel Ivesha

Entrepreneur and investor with successful track record in the Hotel & Restaurant industry. Experienced in building international enterprises with innovative concepts & creative strategies that deliver premium results.


Gill Mendelson

Entrepreneur, strategist and business development professional focused on breakthrough products and services in multiple international industries.


Allon Gladstone

Experienced Business Development, Operations & Finance executive with international background in Telecom, IT and Finance.


Eli Shemesh

Broad expertise in SW, server and database development and deployment with a specialty in location-based platforms, service-oriented architectures for the mobile and IT industries.


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