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What is Cal Worthington Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Cal Worthington Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Cal Worthington stands as a legendary figure in America’s automobile industry. But how did this dynamic personality, known for his unconventional advertisements, manage to amass his wealth? Dive in to unravel the captivating story of Cal Worthington net worth and the empire he built against all odds.

What is the Net Worth of Cal Worthington in 2023?

Cal Worthington, an unforgettable figure in the American automobile industry, had a net worth of $100 million in 2023. His vast wealth primarily stemmed from his expansive empire of car dealerships.

What is the Net Worth of Cal Worthington in 2023?

Cal Worthington: An In-depth Overview and Wiki

Quick Facts

Feature Detail
Real Name Calvin Coolidge Worthington
Popular Name Cal Worthington
Gender Male
Birth Date November 27, 1920
Age Died at 92 (in 2013)
Nationality American
Education Dropped out in early teens
Marital Status Married and divorced four times
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children Three sons, three daughters
Net Worth $100 Million (as of 2023)
Source of Wealth Car Dealerships
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Early Life

Starting from humble beginnings, Cal Worthington’s journey in the automobile industry is nothing short of legendary. Born in Bly, Oklahoma in 1920, Cal faced the challenges of poverty. Seeking a way out, he joined the Army Air Corps in his early teens.

Showing his diverse talents, he later trained some of the very first astronauts. After the war, Cal tried his luck in Texas, selling used cars. His ambition and unique business acumen soon took him to California, where he inaugurated his first Hudson Motor car dealership.

Cal Worthington Biography Overview


Worthington’s creative advertising strategies set him apart from his peers. Imagine turning on the TV during late-night movies and seeing car commercials featuring a variety of animals!

From penguins to tigers, Cal’s dog named Spot was a star in his own right. This innovation, among others, saw him build a mammoth empire, with 27 dealerships selling over a million cars. With a staggering 29 locations, his dealerships grossed a cool $300 million annually at their zenith.

However, Cal’s genius wasn’t limited to cars. Diversifying his portfolio, he owned three shopping centers and an office tower, which collectively brought in $600 million a year by 2002.

Yet, in a twist of irony, Cal Worthington, the car mogul, never personally owned a car. Instead, he’d borrow cars from his own dealership! In a candid revelation in 2007, he confessed that he wasn’t fond of selling cars but felt stuck in the industry post-war due to a lack of alternatives.

Personal Life

On the personal front, Cal married four times but unfortunately, each marriage ended in divorce. His legacy lives on through his three sons, three daughters, and notably, his grandson, Nick Worthington, who took the reins of the Worthington automobile empire after Cal’s demise in 2013.

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The Latest on Cal Worthington in 2023

Cal Worthington’s influence is still palpable today. Even a decade after his passing, his legacy remains indelible in the automobile industry.

His novel approach to advertising raised the bar for car dealerships globally. And while 2023 witnessed the sale of the last standing Worthington dealership, Cal’s spirit endures, with the empire thriving under Nick Worthington’s stewardship.

FAQs About Cal Worthington

FAQs about Cal Worthington

Who is Cal Worthington?

An iconic American car dealer and businessman.

When was he born?

November 27, 1920.

Where did he start his car business?

He began in Texas, later moving to California.

What made his advertisements stand out?

His unique use of various animals, including a dog named Spot.

How many dealerships did he own?

At its peak, he owned 29 dealerships.

Did he personally own a car?

No, he would borrow cars from his dealerships.

How many times was he married?

He was married and divorced four times.

Who manages the Worthington empire now?

His grandson, Nick Worthington.

What happened to the last Worthington dealership in 2023?

It was sold, and its name was changed to BP Ford by the new owners.

Where did Cal Worthington pass away?

He passed away at his ranch in Orland, California, in 2013.

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From a humble start in Bly, Oklahoma to becoming an auto industry titan, Cal Worthington’s net worth is a testament to his tenacity, innovation, and business acumen.

His legacy, both in terms of wealth and impact on the car-selling world, continues to inspire many, proving that with determination and a bit of flair, dreams can indeed become reality.

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