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What is Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Family, And More

What is Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Family, And More

Barbara Corcoran is a renowned American businesswoman, author, and television personality.⁢ She gained⁢ widespread ⁢recognition for her appearance on the hit TV show Shark‌ Tank, where she serves as one of the esteemed panelists.

With her quick wit, sharp business acumen, and engaging personality, ⁢Corcoran has ⁣become a ⁤favorite ​among viewers.

Apart from‌ her successful television career, she has also made a name for herself as a real estate mogul. Let’s delve into Barbara Corcoran Net Worth, accomplishments, ⁤and the reasons behind her fame.

Quick Facts

Full NameBarbara Ann Corcoran
Popular NameBarbara Corcoran
Birth DateMarch 10, 1949
ParentsFlorence Corcoran (Mother)
SiblingsEdith Corcoran (Sister)
Birth PlaceEdgewater, New Jersey, United States
EducationSt. Thomas Aquinas College, St. John’s University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseBill Higgins
ChildrenTwo sons,⁤ one daughter
Net⁢ Worth$100 million
Source of WealthReal Estate, Television, Investments
Height165 cm
Weight145 lbs (66 kg)

What​ is Barbara Corcoran Net Worth and Salary ​in 2023?

What is Barbara Corcoran Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to Celebritynetworth, Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is $100 million. She has accumulated wealth through various sources, including her successful real estate career, investments, and television appearances.

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Barbara Corcoran earns $500,000 per episode for her role as a Shark on the TV show Shark Tank. Additionally, she receives annual income of $24 million and business royalties of $15 million.

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Why is Barbara Corcoran Famous?

Barbara Corcoran gained fame by appearing on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where she serves as one of the original Shark investors. She has made over 130 deals on the show, with her largest investment being $350,000 for 40% of Coverplay.

Barbara Corcoran is also known for her successful real estate career, having founded The Corcoran Group, a real estate brokerage in New York City. She sold the company for $66 million in 2001. Additionally, she is a syndicated columnist, author, and motivational speaker.

Biography Overview

Barbara Corcoran Biography Overview

Early Life

Barbara Corcoran was ⁣born‌ on March 10, 1949, in Edgewater, New Jersey. She grew up ‍in ⁣a⁣ working-class Irish-American family alongside her sister Edith. Corcoran developed a strong ⁤work ethic from an early‍ age despite financial hardships. This drove her ambition to pursue a business career.


Corcoran ⁢attended St.‍ Thomas Aquinas​ College for a⁢ short period before​ transferring to St.‌ John’s University. ⁣She graduated‍ with a degree in Education. While‌ her educational background may not directly align with her‍ success in ⁢the real estate and business industry, it ⁤provided her with invaluable knowledge and skills contributing to her entrepreneurial journey.

Career and Awards

After‌ a brief teaching stint,​ Corcoran borrowed $1,000 from ‍her then-boyfriend​ to start her real estate venture, The Corcoran Group, in 1973.‍

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With perseverance and determination, she grew the company into one ​of New York City’s largest and most successful real estate firms. In 2001, Corcoran sold the company for a reported $66 million.

Throughout her career, Corcoran has​ received several accolades for her business ⁣acumen and contributions. She has been featured in various publications,⁢ received prestigious awards, and gained recognition for‍ her philanthropic efforts.

Her appearances on Shark Tank have earned her a dedicated⁣ following and solidified her status⁢ as an influential entrepreneur figure.

Personal Life

Barbara Corcoran is married to Bill Higgins, a retired Navy captain and former FBI agent. They have one son, who was born via in vitro fertilization, and one adopted daughter. Barbara Corcoran is known for her vibrant personality and positive outlook on life. She enjoys skiing, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

Social Media Accounts

Barbara Corcoran has a significant following on social media platforms. She engages with millions of followers each week through her accounts. She is on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

FAQs about Barbara Corcoran

FAQs about Barbara Corcoran

What did Barbara Corcoran do before Shark Tank?

Prior to Shark Tank, Corcoran built a successful​ real ⁣estate empire with her ⁤firm, The Corcoran Group.

Is Barbara Corcoran still investing in businesses?

Yes, she continues ⁣to invest in promising startups and ⁣entrepreneurs through her appearances on Shark ⁣Tank and her ventures.

Has Barbara Corcoran written any books?

Yes,‍ Corcoran has authored ‍multiple books, including Shark Tales and Use ‌What You’ve Got, and ​Other Business Lessons⁢ I Learned from My Mom.

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What philanthropic causes does Barbara Corcoran support?

Corcoran is⁢ actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, focusing on‍ education and empowering young entrepreneurs.


Barbara Corcoran’s journey from building a successful real estate empire to becoming a beloved investor on Shark Tank showcases her determination and entrepreneurial prowess.

Her accomplishments in business and entertainment have made her an inspiration to many. To learn more about Barbara Corcoran’s life and career, visit Hereofamily.

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