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What is Fu Liquan Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Family, And More 

What is Fu Liquan Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Family, And More

When delving into the sphere of surveillance technology in China, one name that prominently resonates is Fu Liquan. Known for co-founding Zhejiang Dahua Technology, Fu Liquan’s financial narrative is as riveting as his technological ventures.

As of 2023, Fu Liquan net worth stands at a robust $4 billion, marking him as a notable figure in the business realm. The intertwining of Fu’s business acumen with Dahua Technology’s ascending trajectory paints a vivid picture of success, innovation, and relentless pursuit in the surveillance industry.

Quick Facts

Real Name Fu Liquan
Popular Name Fu Liquan
Gender Male
Birth Date January 1, 1967
Age 56 years old
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Birthplace Hangzhou, China
Nationality Chinese
Ethnicity Asian
Education BA/Science, Zhejiang Shuren University; EMBA, Zhejiang University
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Chen Ailing
Children One
Dating N/A
Net Worth $4 Billion (2023)
Source of Wealth Surveillance equipment, Self Made
Height Information not available
Weight Information not available
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What is Net Worth Of Fu Liquan 2023?

With a net worth soaring at $4 billion, Fu Liquan is a shining beacon in the surveillance industry. His financial ascent is intertwined with the success of Zhejiang Dahua Technology, a company he co-founded, which has grown exponentially over the years.

The soaring shares of the company have played a pivotal role in fattening Fu’s purse, making him one of the notable billionaires in China.

What is Net Worth Of Fu Liquan 2023?

Fu Liquan Full Overview and Wiki


Fu Liquan’s narrative begins in a small electrical equipment factory but his ambitions were far from small. Armed with a degree in radio engineering from Zhejiang Shuren University, Fu embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 1993 by establishing his own equipment plant.

The year 2001 marked a monumental chapter in Fu’s career when he co-founded Zhejiang Dahua Technology, which snowballed into one of China’s surveillance titans.

Career Journey

Fu’s business acumen and strategic foresight have been the cornerstone of Dahua Technology’s success. Under his leadership, the company metamorphosed into a global provider of video surveillance products and solutions.

Fu’s emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction propelled Dahua to a venerated position in the surveillance market. The company’s stock price more than doubled over the past year, significantly contributing to Fu’s wealth and solidifying his status as a self-made billionaire.

He has been recognized for his significant contributions to China’s security landscape, and his name features among the top 10 business people from Zhejiang. Despite the accolades, Fu’s journey hasn’t been without its share of bumps.

The blacklisting of Zhejiang Dahua Technology by the US in 2022 for human rights abuses was a dark cloud in Fu’s otherwise silver-lined sky. Yet, alongside his partner Zhu Jiangming, Fu navigated through the storm, continuing to amass wealth and recognition.

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Fu Liquan Career

Personal Life

On the personal front, Fu’s life is enriched by his marriage to Chen Ailing, who also holds a significant position on Dahua’s board of directors. Their professional camaraderie transcends into their personal life, forming a formidable partnership that has been instrumental in Dahua’s success story.

Adhering to Chinese tradition, they retained their respective family names post marriage and are proud parents of one child.

Fu’s interests are not just confined to the boardroom. An avid golf player, he enjoys the leisure and challenge the sport offers.

All about Fu Liquan news 2023

In 2023, Fu Liquan’s financial stature was spotlighted as he was listed as #878 on Forbes’ Billionaires list and #129 on the China Rich List (2020). Despite the previous year’s blacklisting debacle, Fu and his partner Zhu Jiangming continue to thrive in the video-surveillance sector, showcasing resilience and strategic prowess.

Social Media Account

Information regarding Fu Liquan’s social media presence is not publicly available as of now. Being a private individual, Fu keeps a low profile away from the social media limelight.

FAQs About Fu Liquan

FAQs about Fu Liquan

What is Fu Liquan’s net worth as of 2023?

Fu Liquan’s net worth is estimated to be $4 billion as of 2023.

Who is Fu Liquan?

Fu Liquan is a prominent Chinese businessman and the co-founder of Zhejiang Dahua Technology, a leading company in the surveillance equipment industry.

What is Zhejiang Dahua Technology?

Zhejiang Dahua Technology is a well-renowned company specializing in providing video surveillance products and solutions worldwide.

When was Zhejiang Dahua Technology founded?

Zhejiang Dahua Technology was co-founded by Fu Liquan in 2001.

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Who is Fu Liquan’s spouse?

Fu Liquan is married to Chen Ailing, who also serves on Dahua’s board of directors.

Do Fu Liquan and Chen Ailing have children?

Yes, Fu Liquan and Chen Ailing have one child together.

Where did Fu Liquan receive his education?

Fu Liquan holds a Bachelor of Arts/Science degree from Zhejiang Shuren University and an EMBA from Zhejiang University.

Where does Fu Liquan reside?

Fu Liquan resides in Hangzhou, China.

What kind of recognition has Fu Liquan received?

Fu Liquan has been listed as one of the 30 people who greatly impacted China’s security during its 30 years of becoming more open and was named one of the top 10 business people from Zhejiang.

How did Fu Liquan start his career?

Fu Liquan began his career at a small electrical equipment factory and later established his own equipment plant in 1993 before co-founding Zhejiang Dahua Technology in 2001.


Fu Liquan’s journey from the rudimentary echelons of an electrical equipment factory to a surveillance industry titan is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With a net worth that speaks volumes about his business ventures, Fu Liquan has not just accumulated wealth but has significantly contributed to China’s surveillance technology landscape.

His story is a blend of entrepreneurial zest, strategic foresight, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. As Zhejiang Dahua Technology continues to burgeon, so does Fu Liquan’s financial stature, cementing his place among China’s business elites.

His tale is a motivating illustration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to where vision coupled with perseverance can lead.

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