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What is Gordon Moore Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Height & More 

What is Gordon Moore Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Height & More

When the name Gordon Moore pops up, the co-founder of Intel Corporation, it’s hard not to marvel at the legacy he’s crafted in the tech domain.
Our focus here narrows down to Gordon Moore net worth in 2023, a reflection of decades of unparalleled innovation and business acumen. This glimpse into Moore’s financial stature not only unravels figures but also tales of dedication that changed the digital world.

What is Net Worth Of Gordon Moore 2023?

Gordon Moore’s net worth in 2023, standing at a staggering $6.8 billion, embodies his monumental success and enduring influence in the tech sector. This valuation, a testament to his business acumen and the soaring legacy of Intel, paints a vivid picture of Moore’s pivotal role in steering the digital era.
What is Net Worth Of Gordon Moore 2023?

Gordon Moore Full Overview and Wiki

Quick Facts

Attribute Detail
Real Name Gordon Earle Moore
Popular Name Gordon Moore
Gender Male
Birth Date January 3, 1929
Age 94 (as of his death in March 2023)
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Birth Place San Francisco, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Education PhD in Chemistry and Physics from Caltech
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Betty Moore
Children Unknown
Net Worth $6.8 billion (as of 2023)
Source of Wealth Co-founder of Intel Corporation, Entrepreneurship
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
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Career Journey

Embarking on his career with a robust academic background, Gordon Moore earned his PhD in chemistry and physics from Caltech. He emerged as a defiant figure in 1957, joining the traitorous eight that distanced themselves from Nobel laureate Bill Shockley’s firm to create Fairchild Semiconductor.
The saga didn’t end there; Moore, along with his peers, established Intel Corporation in 1968, propelling it to the zenith of silicon microchip manufacturing worldwide.
Moore’s tenure as Intel’s CEO (1975-1987) and Chairman (1979-1997) marked a period of exponential growth and innovation.
His 1965 prediction, famously coined as Moore’s Law, posited that the transistor count on computer chips would double annually, a prophecy that guided digital technology towards remarkable advancements in component size, cost, density, and speed.
His illustrious career garnered him accolades including the esteemed National Medal of Technology in 1990, a nod to his instrumental role in the digital age’s ascension.
Gordon Moore Career

Personal Life

On a personal front, Moore’s benevolence shone through his philanthropic endeavors. In 2000, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation came into existence, fueled by a generous $5 billion donation.
The foundation’s essence lies in nurturing environmental conservation, scientific exploration, and uplifting the San Francisco Bay Area. Their philanthropic vision extended to significant projects within the Andes–Amazon Basin and the University of California.


Moore’s demise in March 2023 at 94, though a loss, left behind a technological legacy that still reverberates through the global tech landscape.

All about Gordon Moore news 2023

The narrative of Gordon Moore’s net worth hitting $6.8 billion in 2023 unfolded amidst mixed reports, yet this figure eloquently reflects his indelible imprint on the tech industry. His passing marked a poignant end of an era, yet his brainchild, Intel, and his groundbreaking Moore’s Law continue to be the torchbearers of technological innovation.

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Social Media Account

Information regarding Gordon Moore’s social media accounts is not publicly available, reflecting his private nature.

FAQs About FAQs about Gordon Moore

Who is Gordon Moore?

Co-founder of Intel Corporation, known for Moore’s Law.

What is Gordon Moore’s Net Worth in 2023?

$6.8 billion.

What is Moore’s Law and why is it significant?

Prediction of transistor count doubling annually on chips, driving digital tech advancement.

How did Gordon Moore contribute to the tech industry?

Co-founded Intel, formulated Moore’s Law, pioneered semiconductor technology.

What is the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation?

Philanthropic foundation focusing on environmental conservation, science, and local community support.

How did Gordon Moore start his career?

With a PhD from Caltech, joined traitorous eight to form Fairchild Semiconductor, later co-founded Intel.

What awards did Gordon Moore receive?

Notably, the National Medal of Technology in 1990.

Who were the traitorous eight?

Group of eight engineers who left Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory to form Fairchild Semiconductor.

How long did Gordon Moore serve as Intel’s CEO?

Served as CEO from 1975 to 1987.

What legacy does Gordon Moore leave behind in the tech industry?

Moore’s Law, Intel’s growth, and a philanthropic foundation fostering scientific and environmental advancements.
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Gordon Moore’s net worth in 2023 is more than just a testament to his financial acumen; it’s a narrative of a visionary who helped shape the technological landscape.
As Hereofamily sifts through the digits, we also celebrate the enduring impact of Moore’s Law, his philanthropic endeavors, and a journey that continues to inspire the tech-enthusiast in all of us.
The tale of Gordon Moore’s financial journey isn’t merely about the wealth amassed, but the indelible marks of innovation he etched into the tech world.
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