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What is Henry Samueli Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Facts & More 

What is Henry Samueli Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Facts & More

Ever wondered about the wealth of the technology titans who’ve shaped our world? Let’s explore one such figure – Henry Samueli. He’s a big name in the technology sector, and in 2023, Henry Samueli net worth and salary have drawn much attention.

But what makes him so noteworthy? And how much wealth has he amassed? Keep reading to discover the fascinating financial details of this tech billionaire.

What is Net Worth Of Henry Samueli 2023?

Henry Samueli’s financial stature, amassing a net worth of $10.3 billion as of 2023, is a testament to his industrious nature and entrepreneurial acumen. His wealth burgeoned primarily through his semiconductor venture, Broadcom Corporation, and sports franchise ownership, notably the Anaheim Ducks.

What is Net Worth Of Henry Samueli 2023?

Henry Samueli Full Overview and Wiki

Quick Facts

Attribute Information
Real Name Henry Samueli
Popular Name Henry Samueli
Gender Male
Birth Date September 20, 1954
Age 69
Parents Jewish immigrant parents
Siblings Not specified
Birth Place Buffalo, New York
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish
Education BA/Science, MS, PhD from University of California, Los Angeles
Marital Status Married
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife/Spouse Susan Samueli
Children Leslie, Jillian, Erin
Net Worth $10.3 billion (2023)
Source of Wealth Semiconductors, Sports Franchise
Height Not specified
Weight Not specified
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Early Life

Diving deeper into Samueli’s life unveils a narrative intertwined with technological advancements, sports enthusiastism, and philanthropic undertakings.

Born to Jewish immigrant parents, Samueli’s journey commenced in the heart of Buffalo, New York, later relocating to California where he pursued his academic aspirations at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Career Journey

His career’s hallmark is indubitably the co-founding of Broadcom Corporation, a semiconductor haven that propelled the high-speed communication technology frontier.

With over 75 patents to his name, Samueli’s innovative prowess was instrumental in elevating engineering efficiency, teamwork, and productivity. The pinnacle of this venture was the acquisition by Avago Technologies in 2016, a $37 billion watershed moment.

Besides the technological sphere, Samueli’s sports aficionado facet shone through the acquisition of the Anaheim Ducks, a National Hockey League team, alongside his wife Susan in 2005. A $70 million investment that has burgeoned to a staggering $480 million valuation, showcasing a prudent investment acumen.

Henry Samueli Personal Life and Philanthropy


Samueli’s accolades are a mirror to his substantial contributions to the engineering domain. Prestigious recognitions such as the Presidential Medal from the University of California, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Industrial Pioneer Award, and the Marconi Prize and Fellowship in 2012, embellish his illustrious career.

However, Samueli’s odyssey doesn’t end at personal achievements. His philanthropic essence, alongside his wife, has funneled over $800 million towards STEM education, underserved youth, and integrative health initiatives.

Noteworthy is their magnanimous $200 million donation to the University of California, Irvine, a historic gesture that resonates through the academic corridors.

All about Henry Samueli news 2023

The year 2023 continues to spotlight Samueli’s technological contributions and philanthropic gestures, further entrenching his status amongst the wealthiest tech moguls, with his net worth hitting the $10.3 billion mark.

  • January 2023: Samueli receives the IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Award, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of engineering.
  • February 2023: Samueli and his wife, Susan, donate $25 million to Israel’s Beilinson Medical Center to create a holistic cancer treatment institute.
  • April 2023: Samueli is inducted into the Orange County Business Hall of Fame.
  • June 2023: Samueli and Susan donate $50 million to the University of California
  • October 2023: The U.S. Department of Energy awards UCI’s Penghui Cao $1 million to lead research on the behavior of additively manufactured complex systems in extreme circumstances
  • October 2023: The Department of Energy is funding three UCI engineering professors nearly $3 million for research in clean hydrogen and advanced geothermal systems through the Earthshot Prize
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Social Media Account

Though there isn’t explicit information on Samueli’s social media handles, his impact resonates far and wide, transcending digital platforms.

FAQs About Henry Samueli

FAQs about Henry Samueli

How did Henry Samueli amass his wealth?

Henry Samueli accumulated his wealth primarily through co-founding Broadcom Corporation, a semiconductor giant, and owning the Anaheim Ducks, an NHL team. His wise investments and technological innovations significantly contributed to his financial standing.

What is the story behind Broadcom Corporation?

Broadcom Corporation was co-founded by Samueli in 1991, which grew to become a global leader in providing semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, eventually getting acquired by Avago Technologies in 2016 for $37 billion.

How involved is Samueli in the sports world?

Samueli, along with his wife, purchased the Anaheim Ducks NHL team in 2005 for $70 million. His involvement reflects his love for sports and his acumen in diversifying his investment portfolio.

How has Samueli’s Jewish heritage influenced his journey?

Born to Jewish immigrant parents, Samueli’s heritage likely instilled in him a strong work ethic and a sense of community, which is reflected in his extensive philanthropic endeavors and his journey to success.

What are some of the awards and honors Samueli has received?

Samueli has received numerous awards including the Presidential Medal from the University of California, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Industrial Pioneer Award, and the Marconi Prize and Fellowship in 2012.

Who are the members of Samueli’s family?

Samueli is married to Susan Samueli, and they have three children together – Leslie, Jillian, and Erin.

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What was the impact of the Avago Technologies acquisition?

The acquisition by Avago Technologies in 2016 for $37 billion marked a significant milestone, endorsing the value and impact of Broadcom in the semiconductor industry.

What academic institutions has Samueli been associated with?

Samueli is an alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. He has also made significant donations to UCLA and UC Irvine’s engineering schools.

What’s the current valuation of the Anaheim Ducks, and how does it reflect on Samueli’s investment foresight?

The Anaheim Ducks’ valuation has soared to $480 million from the initial $70 million purchase price, showcasing Samueli’s prudent investment strategy and his ability to significantly increase the value of his assets over time.

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Unraveling the wealth of tech billionaires like Henry Samueli provides a fascinating insight into the world of technology and entrepreneurship. We’ve just scratched the surface of Samueli’s impressive career and contributions.

There are countless other influential figures in the tech world, each with unique journeys and success stories. So why stop here? Dive deeper into technology and entrepreneurship with more articles on Hereofamily.

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