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What is Joe Gebbia Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Kids, And More 

What is Joe Gebbia Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Kids, And More

Ever wondered how much wealth Joe Gebbia,the Chief Product Officer at Airbnb? In this article, we deeply dive into Joe Gebbia net worth as of 2023. We’ll unravel how his creative thinking and entrepreneurial prowess have led to an impressive net worth.

Quick Facts

Feature Details
Real Name Joseph Gebbia Jr.
Popular Name Joe Gebbia
Gender Male
Birth Date August 21, 1981
Age 42
Parents Eileen and Joe Gebbia
Siblings Kimberly
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian ancestry
Education Rhode Island School of Design
Net Worth $7.9 billion (2023)
Source of Wealth Co-founder of Airbnb

What is the Net Worth of Joe Gebbia in 2023?

As of 2023, Joe Gebbia boasts a net worth of $7.9 billion, predominantly accumulated from his groundbreaking venture, Airbnb. His ownership of a substantial portion of Airbnb shares underscores his colossal financial stature, placing him amongst the global high net worth individuals.

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What is the Net Worth of Joe Gebbia in 2023?

Joe Gebbia: An Odyssey of Innovation

Career Journey

The genesis of Joe Gebbia’s entrepreneurial voyage can be traced back to 2008 when he, along with Brian Chesky, breathed life into Airbnb.

What commenced as a modest notion of renting air mattresses morphed into a global rental accommodation behemoth. Today, Airbnb epitomizes a platform where millions seek and list rental spaces across the globe.

Gebbia’s avant-garde business approach didn’t just create a fortune; it etched his name amongst the world’s affluent. According to Forbes, his substantial ownership of 53 million Airbnb shares propels him to the 286th position on the global rich list.

A pivotal moment came in July 2022 when Gebbia transitioned to an advisory role at Airbnb while also adorning a seat on Tesla Inc.’s board of directors, broadening his horizons in the tech ecosystem.

Even with a step back from the daily operations, Gebbia’s allegiance to Airbnb remains unfazed. He helms, the philanthropic wing of Airbnb, thereby accentuating his resolve towards social causes.

Personal Life

Gebbia’s privacy veils much of his personal life; however, his professional endeavors mirror his indomitable spirit and passion for nurturing ideas to fruition. His move from a full-time role didn’t spell an end to his stint with Airbnb, rather it showcased his enduring commitment to its triumph.

His philanthropic journey too is laudable. A testament to this is his munificent donation of $25 million to The Ocean Cleanup initiative in February 2023, reflecting his concern for environmental predicaments and a willingness to employ his wealth for a greater good.

Joe Gebbia Career

2023: A Year of Headlines for Joe Gebbia

In 2023, the news spotlight beamed on Gebbia as he liquidated over $1 billion of his Airbnb shares. Despite this hefty divestment, his essence in Airbnb remains intact, evident from his board membership and stewardship of its nonprofit sector.

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His unrelenting engagement with Airbnb, alongside his newfound position at Tesla and philanthropic strides, ensures Gebbia’s undiminished stature in the tech arena.

Social Media Presence

Joe Gebbia maintains a relatively low-profile on social media; however, his LinkedIn profile illuminates his professional journey, exemplifying his penchant for innovation and entrepreneurship.

FAQs about Joe Gebbia

FAQs about Joe Gebbia

What is Joe Gebbia’s net worth in 2023?

$7.9 billion.

How old is Joe Gebbia?

42 years old.

Who is Joe Gebbia’s wife?

Information not available.

Does Joe Gebbia have any children?

Information not available.

Where does Joe Gebbia reside?

Information not available.

What is the foundation of Joe Gebbia’s wealth?

Co-founding Airbnb.

When did Joe Gebbia step down from his operational role at Airbnb?

July 2022.

What notable donation did Joe Gebbia make in 2023?

A $25 million donation to The Ocean Cleanup.

When did Joe Gebbia join Tesla’s board?

September 2022.

How many shares of Airbnb does Joe Gebbia own?

53 million shares.


Joe Gebbia’s story demonstrates how a unique idea and a drive to succeed can result in unimaginable success.

If Gebbia’s journey inspires you and want to learn about more influential people, remember to check out our other articles on Hereofamily. You’ll find many stories about success, innovation, and more.

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