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What is Kwon Hyuk-Bin Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Kids & More

What is Kwon Hyuk-Bin Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Kids & More

The real-world fortunes of game creators can be astonishing, bringing the magic of these virtual realms into stark perspective. Among these titans, one name stands out – Kwon Hyuk-Bin

As the brain behind the gaming giant Smilegate, Kwon’s prosperity in 2023 has hit astonishing levels. But what exactly is Kwon Hyuk-Bin net worth this year? Keep reading to uncover Kwon Hyuk-Bin’s treasure chest scale in 2023.

Quick Facts

Real Name Kwon Hyuk Bin
Popular Name Kwon Hyuk Bin
Gender Male
Birth Date 1974
Age 49 (as of 2023)
Birthplace South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Education Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Sogang University
Marital Status Separated
Sexual Orientation Straight
Children 2
Net Worth $5 billion USD (2023)
Source of Wealth Gaming Industry
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
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What is Net Worth Of Kwon Hyuk Bin 2023?What is Net Worth Of Kwon Hyuk Bin 2023?

Kwon Hyuk Bin’s net worth is a dazzling $5 billion as of 2023, a testament to his indomitable spirit and vision that propelled Smilegate to become a household name in the gaming realm.

Kwon Hyuk Bin Full Overview and Wiki

Embarking on his journey in 1999 as a fresh graduate from Sogang University, Kwon Hyuk Bin’s first endeavor in the business world, an educational software company, faced an untimely demise. However, the ashes of this initial failure sowed the seeds for what was to become South Korea’s third-largest gaming giant – Smilegate.

Founded in 2002, Smilegate swiftly became synonymous with gaming excellence, with its flagship game, Crossfire, captivating the hearts of gamers in over 80 countries.

Kwon Hyuk-Bin Career

The partnership with Chinese titan Tencent in 2008 skyrocketed its fortune, and by 2022, Smilegate’s assets burgeoned to a whopping 978.7 billion South Korean won, marking a phenomenal growth of 227.6 percent since 2012.

With Kwon at the helm owning a solid 100% of Smilegate Holdings, his influence extended to being one of the substantial shareholders of the Korean mobile game developer SundayToz.

His entrepreneurial prowess coupled with a strategic mind has not only amassed a fortune but also positioned him as a revered figure in the gaming industry.

Not just a business magnate, Kwon’s heart beats for the community. His Smilegate Foundation is a beacon of hope in China and Vietnam, where it has been instrumental in setting up schools, offering IT and other educational resources to the underprivileged.

Despite the towering success, Kwon remains grounded. His story is a blend of relentless perseverance, a knack for seizing the right opportunities, and an unyielding commitment to giving back. Truly, a tale of inspiration embroidered with lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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All about Kwon Hyuk Bin news 2023

Come January 21, 2023, Kwon Hyuk Bin clinched the title of the wealthiest individual in South Korea, with his net worth soaring at $5 billion, overshadowing other business magnates like Jay Y. Lee and Seo Jung-jin.

His gaming empire continues to flourish, with Crossfire’s global fandom amplifying. His philanthropic endeavors through Smilegate Foundation further cement his status as a notable figure in the South Korean business landscape.

Social Media Account

Despite his colossal success, Kwon maintains a low profile, with scant information about his social media presence.

Faqs About Kwon Hyuk Bin

FAQs about Kwon Hyuk Bin

When was Kwon Hyuk Bin born?


What is the source of Kwon Hyuk Bin’s wealth?

Gaming Industry

Which university did Kwon Hyuk Bin attend?

Sogang University

How tall is Kwon Hyuk Bin?

1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

What is the name of Kwon Hyuk Bin’s company?


Which popular game was developed by Smilegate?


When did Smilegate partner with Tencent?


What is the estimated net worth of Kwon Hyuk Bin in 2023?

$5 billion

How many children does Kwon Hyuk Bin have?


What philanthropic activities is Kwon Hyuk Bin involved in?

Establishing schools in China and Vietnam through the Smilegate Foundation.

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Diving deep into the lives of such game industry magnates like Kwon Hyuk-Bin gives us a new perspective on their journey and success. His staggering net worth and global fame testify to his exceptional talent and business acumen.

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