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Romesh T Wadhwani Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Kids, And More 

Romesh T. Wadhwani Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Kids, And More

Have you ever wondered about the financial side of tech industry leaders? Let’s take a closer look at one such individual: Romesh T. Wadhwani, the man at the helm of Symphony Technology Group.

In this article, we delve into Romesh T Wadhwani net worth in 2023, offering you a glimpse of the financial reality behind his remarkable tech journey.

What is Romesh T Wadhwani Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Romesh T Wadhwani Net Worth and Salary

Birth Date1947
Age76 years old
Birth PlacePalo Alto, California
NationalityUnited States
Net Worth$2.5 Billion
Source of WealthSoftware, Self Made

According to Forbes, Romesh T. Wadhwani boasts a staggering net worth of $2.5 billion, marking him as an American billionaire. His wealth is a testament to his successful entrepreneurial journey, including becoming the founder and chairman of Symphony AI and the Wadhwani Foundation.

Despite his immense wealth, Dr. Wadhwani’s salary remains undisclosed, reflecting his private nature.

Why is Romesh T Wadhwani Famous?

Romesh T. Wadhwani’s fame and reputation stem from his entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding tech contributions.

With him leading, Symphony Technology Group has become a helpful partner for many businesses, providing many software and technology services.

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However, his fame extends beyond his business prowess. Wadhwani is famous for his philanthropic endeavors, particularly through the Wadhwani Foundation. The foundation’s primary objective is to accelerate economic development in developing nations.

His mix of successful business work and meaningful charity has made him one of the most important people in technology.

Romesh T Wadhwani’s Overview

Early Life

Romesh T. Wadhwani was born in 1947 in Karachi, British India, now part of Pakistan. After India gained independence in 1947, his family moved to India. Wadhwani is of Sindhi origin and faced significant challenges early in life, contracting polio at age two.

This health setback made it difficult for him to gain admission into school. Even though he faced challenges, he didn’t give up and worked hard to pursue higher education.

He worked hard and achieved a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. Afterward, he moved to the United States and pursued higher education. He obtained a master’s and a PhD in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


Romesh T. Wadhwani Career

At the start of his career, for ten years, Wadhwani started and led two companies: American Robot Corporation and Compu-Guard Corporation.

The former specialized in software and solutions for computer-integrated manufacturing, while the latter focused on technology-enabled energy management.

In 1991, he started a company called Aspect Development, Inc. He was the boss and top leader of the company until another company called i2 Technologies bought it in 1999. They paid a lot for it, using stocks worth $9.3 billion.

This marked an important milestone in his career, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess and strategic leadership.

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During the early 2000s, Wadhwani continued his philanthropic efforts and established the Wadhwani Foundation in the year 2000. The foundation, aimed at economic development in emerging economies, initially focused on India.

Since then, the Wadhwani Foundation has extended its positive impact to numerous countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Wadhwani continued his business adventure by starting Symphony Technology Group (STG). This company invests in other companies focusing on software, internet, and technology services.

He grew STG from a small new company to a big one with $2.5 billion in sales and $10 billion in enterprise value. This helped prove that he’s a successful business starter and top boss.

In 2012, he inaugurated a new research center in Bangalore at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). He named the center after his mother, Shanta Wadhwani.

In 2013, he got the India Abroad Award for Lifetime Achievement. His amazing work in business and charity earned him this award.

In 2017, Wadhwani founded Symphony AI, an enterprise AI firm with retail, financial services, and manufacturing operations.

By 2023, he became the founder and chairman of Symphony Teleca Corporation, MSC Software Inc, Symphony Health Solutions Inc, and Shopzilla Inc. He also had a role on the board of Information Resources Inc.

Personal Life

Romesh Wadhwani is married to Kathleen Kathy Wadhwani. The couple resides in Palo Alto, California, known for its high-tech influence and academic scene. Their family includes one daughter, Melina, who tied the knot with Patrick Carey in 2011.

Patrick Carey has an important job as the Head of Sales Operations at Symphony Talent. This demonstrates the family’s ongoing active involvement in the technology field.

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In 2000, he started the Wadhwani Foundation. This charity aims to speed up economic development in developing regions such as India, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

In the last two decades, Wadhwani has turned the foundation into a respected group that helps create jobs in developing countries. He has committed to donating at least 80% of his wealth to charitable causes throughout his lifetime.

The foundation has already invested approximately $25 million in various projects in India. These include a skills development project and two major biosciences and biotechnology research centers.

Wadhwani doesn’t just give money; he also spends considerable time working for the foundation. He spends at least a quarter of his time on his charitable work, which shows how committed he is to helping improve the economy in developing countries.

FAQs about Romesh T. Wadhwani

FAQs about Romesh T. Wadhwani

How old is Romesh T. Wadhwani?

Romesh T Wadhwani age is 76 years old.

How tall is Romesh T. Wadhwani?

Romesh T Wadhwani height is unknown.

What is the mission of Wadhwani?

The Wadhwani Foundation’s primary aim is to accelerate the growth of economies in developing countries. They strive to create numerous job opportunities by supporting entrepreneurship, encouraging innovation, and fostering the development of essential skills.

Is SymphonyAI a good company?

SymphonyAI has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. The highest-rated category is Salary & Benefits, which scored a 4.0.


Romesh T. Wadhwani’s journey vividly depicts entrepreneurial success, philanthropic contributions, and significant wealth accumulation. His story is a powerful example of how one person can substantially impact both business and society.

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