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What Kind of Memory Card Does a GoPro 10 Use: Top Full Guide 2023

What Kind of Memory Card Does a GoPro 10 Use Top Full Guide 2023

You will need an additional SD card if you are eager to take your GoPro 10 on your upcoming journey. There are many different types of SD cards on the market nowadays. You can be confused by this and find it challenging to decide which one is best for your action camera. Today, we will guide you on what kind of memory card does a GoPro 10 use.

What To Look For When Buying SD Card for GoPro

What To Look For When Buying SD Card for GoPro

Card size

When purchasing an SD card, it is essential to make sure that it is the same size as the cards that can fit in your device. Different devices utilize different SD card sizes.

The GoPro Hero 10 only has one microSD card slot, so the SD card being used needs to be quick enough to handle the high bitrate that HERO 10 offers.

You won’t receive any extra benefits if you use a UHS-II card in the HERO10 because it only supports the UHS-I host specification. Although the rewind method would make it operate flawlessly.

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MicroSD cards are used by the GoPro HERO10 camera. Therefore, you should purchase cards in that size.

SD Card Write Speed 

The speed at which an SD card can load data into its memory is known as the SD card write speed. The camera must take, edit, and store hundreds or even thousands of photos per minute in order to record video.

Your video may start to look choppy or low resolution when the camera makes compromises to attempt and maintain the information inside the write speed restrictions if an SD card’s write speed can’t keep up with the camera’s information output.

In compared to most low- and mid-end cameras, the HERO10 camera offers video writing bitrates of up to 100 Mb per second, which is quite robust.

If you wish to use the burst photo or ultra-high definition modes, which benefit from the faster write speeds, you’ll need an SD card that supports at least 100 Mbps write speeds.

Video Speed Class 

Video Speed Class and UHS Speed Class are the two primary write speed expressions. In order to work with UHS-rated cards, the HERO10 camera employs Video Speed Class and has a UHS-I native interface.

The standard speed measurement for all SD cards is called Speed Class. There are five speed classes: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. (10 being the fastest and 2 being the slowest). It provides you with the card’s bare-bones data transmission rate.

For the best performance with the GoPro HERO 10, Class 10 microSD cards with a V30 or UHS-3 rating are advised.

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SD Card Storage Space 

SD Card Storage Space

You should also think about how much room your SD card has. Video in ultra-high definition requires a lot of storage space.

Lossless video can be produced by shooting in RAW video formats, however it will require a lot of storage. While a 32 GB SD card may have sufficed for your outdated digital camera on family vacations, you’ll quickly run out of room while using lossless video.

Difference Between Domestic Regular and Overseas Packaged Products

When browsing for an SD card, don’t you notice that the prices vary greatly even though they have the same standard and capacity? The product is essentially the same, but the “distribution route” is different.

SD cards are extremely cheap in other countries, thus firms and individuals import and sell them. Because it is less expensive, it is far more popular than the standard product. Of course, there are additional distinctions outside the price, which I will briefly summarize.

Domestic Regular Product

  • Expensive
  • There is an official manufacturer’s warranty.
  • False goods are never sold.
  • Obtain assistance if you fail.
  • Products distributed in the United States through “regular distribution channels.”

Overseas Package Product

  • Inexpensive
  • Businesses and individuals buy, import, and sell things sold in other countries 
  • No support
  • Could be a fake or a replica
  • There is no manufacturer’s warranty (although a dealer’s warranty is available).

SD Cards That Work With GoPro Cameras

SD Cards That Work With GoPro Cameras


On the official website, a Sandisk microSD card has been confirmed to work. If you’re not sure which one to get, go with this micro SD card.

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If you mostly shoot in 4K, don’t be afraid to use this. There is no inaccuracy and the speed is swift, so there is no worry. The durability is also excellent, so you may use it with confidence even with a hot GoPro!

Strongest Cost Performance SD Card

Although not officially suggested, Transcend’s microSD card is inexpensive and highly recommended. This card is primarily used as a backup card. In any case, many GoPro aficionados utilize it because it is inexpensive. The price is low, but the reading speed is fast, and there are no inaccuracies between GoProHERO3 and GoProHERO8.

It is also compatible with digital cameras and video cameras other than GoPro, therefore those who use it with other cameras should get this.

Large Storage With Maximum Transfer Speed

We recommend this SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II Card for those who primarily shoot 4K, HERO10, GoProMax, and Fusion, as it has the largest capacity and the fastest transfer speed.

With transfer speeds of up to 275MB/s, this card provides lightning-fast data transfers. With a storage capacity of 128GB, you may keep a large number of 4K or 360-degree recordings.

FAQs about What Kind of Memory Card Does a GoPro 10 Use

FAQs about What Kind of Memory Card Does a GoPro 10 Use

Is 256GB enough for GoPro Hero 10?

Yes, the most practical sizes for the HERO10/9 Black are probably the 128GB-256GB sizes.

Can you use a 1TB SD card in GoPro 10?

Yes, you can use 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, 512GB, and even 1TB microSD cards in the new GoPro cameras.

How long will a 256GB SD card record in a GoPro?

For the capacities you’ve specified, a 256GB card should last roughly 8 hours and 24 minutes and a 512GB card should last about 16 hours and 48 minutes.

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With this knowledge, you can now confidently choose an SD card that is compatible with your GoPro 10. Make sure to do your research, compare features and prices, so you can select the best one for your camera. Start capturing your next adventure with a reliable and high-performance SD card!

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