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Best Baby Breathing Monitor: Keep Baby Safe and Sound 2023

Best Baby Breathing Monitor Keep Baby Safe and Sound 2022
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A baby breathing monitor is a device used to track and monitor a baby’s breathing. There are many different types of baby breathing monitors on the market, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some parents use them to track their baby’s breathing during sleep, while others monitor their baby’s breathing during illness or stress. In this article, Hereofamily will explore the different types of breathing monitors, how they are used, and whether or not they are right for you.

What Is The Purpose Of A Baby Breathing Monitor?

Baby breathing monitors detect your child’s respirations using either movement or oxygen levels, depending on the type you choose.

Some are wearable gadgets that attach to diapers or clothing and turn off after a certain amount of time if they don’t detect movement (respirations).

Others wrap their fingers around the baby’s foot to collect information on the amount of oxygen in their blood and their heart rate. Some don’t even make eye contact with your infant and instead use a video monitor to measure movement.

What Is The Purpose Of A Baby Breathing Monitor

More parents are looking for this form of surveillance to provide them more peace of mind in all circumstances. Some people claim that having this information makes them feel more at ease.

On the other hand, others believe that baby sleep breathing monitors are more hassle than they’re worth because of the risk of frightening false alarms. They’re also relatively expensive for an item that you might not need.

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To be sure, take it with a grain of salt.

It’s vital to remember that this at-home technology is still in its infancy. The American Academy of Pediatrics even warns against using home breathing monitors to lower the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), claiming no evidence that they work.

Is A Baby Breathing Monitor Required?

The answer is most likely no if you have a healthy baby born on time. Periodic breathing is very natural, and it usually goes away on its own as your child grows older.

After consulting with your child’s pediatrician, you might consider renting equipment from a local hospital or medical supply store if your infant was delivered prematurely or has sleep apnea or another medical issue requiring further monitoring.

Is A Baby Breathing Monitor Required

If your doctor hasn’t advised this type of equipment, but you still want to keep an eye on your baby’s breathing, a commercial monitor might be worth looking into — make sure you’re aware of the restrictions and potential for false alarms first.

Parents praise the following newborn breathing monitors for their dependability, ease of use, and overall value. To account for individual tastes, we chose various models related to babies in multiple ways.

A price list

  • under $100
  • $100–$200
  • $200–$300
  • over $300

Healthline Parenthood’s Picks Of The Best Baby Breathing Monitors

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

Best baby breathing monitor overall

The Owlet app allows you to monitor your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, sneak a peek into the nursery with encrypted HD video and converse with two-way communication.

A monitor is a sock-like gadget that attaches to the baby’s foot and links to a base station that illuminates green when everything is fine. According to reviewers, the system works great for babies, and the attached camera grows with your child into the toddler years.

Considerations: Parents have reported false alerts with this system due to a lost or poor connection with the base unit. Others dislike the fact that you must keep the app open on your phone at all times to watch the video.

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Best clip-on baby breathing monitor 

The Snuza Hero does not have connections, wires, or sensor pads. Instead, it’s a little clip-on gadget that vibrates after 15 seconds of no stomach movement and alerts after 20 seconds. It’s portable, and parents appreciate that it doesn’t require you to connect it to your smartphone.

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Considerations: Some parents claim that the Snuza is too big to use with a newborn diaper and doesn’t work well when swaddling your baby. The majority of other concerns are about it falling off squirmy babies and causing false alerts (sometimes many).

Nanit’s Total Monitoring System

Best baby breathing monitor with camera

This monitor employs a specially designed swaddling to track breathing using a geometric pattern observed through the camera to display breath motions. Aside from that, you can use the app to track sleep patterns, see and hear your kid, and broadcast anything to your smart devices.

According to parents, the video images are apparent, and the device is simple to set up, even when traveling.

Considerations: Several reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction that the only way to connect to the display is via your phone. This approach may not work for your household if your infant does not like to be swaddled.

The best infant breathing monitor for baby can be worn on the baby’s body.

Wellue BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Monitor

Best wearable baby breathing monitor

The Wellue Baby02 set provides equivalent monitoring to other systems at a fraction of the cost. Using a gadget that wraps around your baby’s foot and leg, you can monitor their oxygen level, heart rate, and movement.

It comes with a free app and computer software in case you need to print or share data with doctors. While not medical quality, parents say that this monitor is quite similar to infant/toddler pulse oximeters at a fraction of the cost.

Considerations: According to reviewers, the warmth of the skin can affect readings. Several parents claim that the monitor would not read correctly if their baby’s feet were cold. Others argue that the device’s connection to the baby causes it to shift and cause false alarms.

Angelcare AC337 Baby Breathing Monitor with Video

Best sensor pad baby breathing monitor

The Angelcare monitor works by inserting breathing sensor pads under the crib mattress of your infant. If no motion is detected in your baby’s cot after 20 seconds, an alert will ring. It also features a camera that measures the room’s temperature.

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Parents appreciate that this device does not cling to the infant and that the parent unit has long battery life. Others claim that the camera’s night vision is excellent.

Some reviewers point out that if your kid wiggles to the crib’s sides, where the baby monitor with breathing sensor isn’t, you’ll get false warnings. Several people have expressed dissatisfaction with the video quality during the day. Others claim that their systems broke down after a few months of use.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Best baby breathing monitor with an app

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor comes with a thorough app to track your baby’s respiration, activity, sleep patterns, and nursery temperature without touching them. You can also download and share files and images with your child and play music for them.

According to the parents, the camera is “top-notch” and offers high-resolution images. Others claim that this monitor is suitable for newborns to older babies and toddlers due to its contactless nature, which means that your child will not outgrow it.

Considerations: A few reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the monitor connection, which is understandable given the price. Another parent expressed concern about the accuracy of the readings (their monitor indicated 14 breaths per minute… but there was no baby in the crib).

MonBaby Baby Breathing, Body Movement & Temperature Monitor

Best budget-friendly baby breathing monitor

The MonBaby is a popular choice among budget-conscious parents, costing roughly $50. The device attaches to your baby’s clothing and provides you with a reading of breathing patterns and notification when your child flips onto their stomach, which triggers an alarm.

According to parents, this monitor is a good value for the money, and it’s convenient and straightforward to use with your smartphone.

Even those who give this monitor great reviews point out that it has a few drawbacks. The battery life, for example, is only about ten days (there is a rechargeable version available for a little additional money), and the Bluetooth connection can be shaky.

Sense-U Breathing & Rollover Monitor

Best Clip-On Baby Breathing Monitor

This monitor pairs with your smartphone to keep track of your baby’s respiration while they are asleep. It has alarms for both shortness of breath and fast breathing. If/when your baby rolls onto their stomach, it will alert you.

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In addition to breathing and rolling, it will keep track of the room’s temperature and humidity levels. This added function will assist you in ensuring that your infant does not become too cold or hot.

The simple clip-on gadget can be worn on sleepwear, onesies, or even the sleep bag. Your smartphone receives the signal via Bluetooth. The tracking app you’ll need is available for Android and iOS for free.

You may retrieve all of your baby’s information from the cloud. This makes it simple to go over the information with your doctor or pediatrician.

You may also quickly share the information with friends and relatives. I know how much my family enjoys receiving any form of baby-related news!

Babysense 7 Video & Baby Movement Monitor

Best for Preemies Baby Breathing Monitor

This simple, very sensitive monitor is meant for parents who want to make sure their kid moves regularly but doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.

It uses two ultra-thin pads underneath the mattress to provide enough coverage. These pads can detect even the tiniest movements from the baby, both abdominal and non-abdominal.

A warning alarm will be transmitted to the control unit if the baby remains still for 20 seconds. This is a handy monitor for parents of premature newborns concerned about SIDS.

There are no loose wires in the crib to be concerned about, and the sensors do not release any harmful radiation.

Snuza Pico 2 Baby Monitor

Best on the Go Baby Breathing Monitor 

The Snuza Pico 2 is the Snuza Hero’s younger sibling. The most significant difference is that the “Hero” lacks the Pico 2’s skin temperature, body posture, and sleep patterns features.

It attaches to the diaper, just like the Hero, and sounds an alarm if the baby does not breathe for 15 or 20 seconds (parents’ choice). A green light means everything is well, whereas an orange light means your baby’s movements are feeble or infrequent.

Remember to clip with caution to avoid false alerts. It’s easy to travel with because of its small size, which allows it to fit into most baggage.

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iBaby Baby Breathing Monitor

Best Affordable Baby Breathing Monitor

This cost-effective baby breathing monitor breathing will save you money. This device employs artificial intelligence to identify your loved one’s face, movement, breathing, and sleeping patterns, unlike other breathing monitors that require wearing a bracelet or band. Alarms for the baby’s direction, room temperature, and humidity are all included.

Free cloud storage of 300 alert photos and 100 video clips is also included with the purchase. As a result, you may be able to save a few extra dollars.

How To Choose A Baby Breathing Monitor

You’ll find a wide range of breathing monitors, each with features and extras. A few things to keep in mind:

Budget. Prices for breathing monitors range from around $50 to $400, depending on the features and technology included.

Reliability. False alarms happen, so keep that in mind when researching which models to choose. The reviews are excellent to spot just how often parents are experiencing false alarms.

Camera quality. If you want a clear view of your child in addition to breathing monitoring, be sure to choose a camera that records in HD and has a nighttime viewing mode.

How To Choose A Baby Breathing Monitor

Apps. Connectivity to your smartphone is another feature that many monitors include. However, some monitors only send data to your phone. If you don’t want to use your phone exclusively to monitor your child all night, you may want to look for a model with a more traditional parent receiver.

Additional features. These include vibration to rouse your baby when no motion is detected, expanded reports that you can share with doctors, tracking sleep patterns for insights on baby’s overall rhythm and photo/video collection for sharing snapshots with family and friends.

When To Seek Help For Irregular Breathing

Whenever you have a question that deals with your baby’s health, you should address it with your pediatrician. Health issues can progress pretty rapidly in a newborn, so it is crucial to seek help quickly if you are worried.

When To Seek Help For Irregular Breathing

While these symptoms are not all-inclusive, they are some of the more prominent signs:

  • Breathing pauses happen more and more often.
  • Your baby has a blue tinge around the lips and mouth.
  • Your baby’s skin is blue in tint, even while breathing at an average rate.
  • You notice lethargy or the baby not responding as usual.
  • Rapid breathing is a common occurrence.
  • Or any other symptom you, as the parent, deem abnormal.
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All of these symptoms can be frightening if your baby is experiencing them. Furthermore, they could signify a more severe issue, such as sleep apnea. Try to keep calm and contact your doctor or 911 center immediately.


What are the benefits of baby breathing monitors for babies?

These monitors don’t protect babies from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). There is no evidence to support this claim. If you use a breathing monitor, be sure to turn it off when your baby is out of the crib.

Are baby oxygen monitors worth the cost?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents not use any baby oxygen monitor. Research has shown that even high-end hospital-grade devices are ineffective against sudden infant deaths syndrome (SIDS).

best baby breathing monitors

Are baby monitors vital for safety?

Audio monitors can be helpful, but it is even more helpful if your baby can hear you crying and see what’s going on. You can see your baby through video monitors to check if they are sleeping, crying, or acting restless. These devices can help you be a more present parent.

At what age should you stop using a baby monitor?

Experts recommend that baby monitor should be stopped by the age of four. There are two main reasons for this: First, they know they are being watched. They are now able to sleep in their beds.


As mentioned earlier, choosing the right monitor can be a little overwhelming. There are so many different monitors on the market, but they all have one thing: they do what they are supposed to do. Most monitors are safe and effective, so the only thing you need to do is decide which monitor best fits your needs.

There are many things to consider when picking a monitor. Your budget, how often you plan to use the monitor, and how much noise they can tolerate are critical factors in determining which monitor will be best for you.

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