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Is Among Us Safe For Kids? Top Full Answer Here! [2022]

Is Among Us Safe For Kids Top Full Answer Here! [2022]

Is among us safe for kids? As parents, we are always concerned about the safety of our children. We want to know if the world is safe for them to grow up in. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

Our children face many dangers every day, and it can be not easy to protect them from all of them. However, we can take steps to help keep our children safe, and we should do everything we can to ensure their safety.

What is Among Us?

What is Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth in which players collaborate to repair their collapsing spacecraft while determining who the imposters are. It’s a social deduction game, which implies the action revolves around a struggle between two groups: the knowledgeable minority and the misinformed majority. While this may seem to be a difficult notion, it is rather easy.

At the outset of each game, you are allocated the role of either the evil man (a.k.a. Imposter) or the good person (a.k.a. Crewmate). The Imposters know what role each player was allocated (i.e., who the other bad guys are), but the Crewmates have no idea.

Imposters must murder all Crewmates without being discovered to win. If the Crewmates wish to win, they must either figure out who the Imposters are and vote them off the ship, or they must complete fixing the ship by completing little jobs (which appear as easy mini-games) before the Imposters can murder everyone.

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The only catch is that players are only permitted to communicate with one another during emergency meetings, which occur only if the corpse of a dead Crewmate is discovered and reported, or when someone pushes the emergency meeting button (each player can only press the button once per game, depending on your settings).

During a meeting, players examine what they’ve observed and decide whether to eliminate a suspect individual or proceed without an elimination. On the other hand, Imposters will do all they can to persuade the other players that they are one of the good guys. Thus players must use reasoning to see through the deceit and make the proper decisions. Doesn’t it seem like fun?

There are three distinct areas to explore, and each game lasts just around 10-15 minutes, so even if you die or are voted out, you won’t have to wait long to play again.

Is Among Us violent?

Is Among Us violent

When you hear “murder” and “kill,” you may decide that this game isn’t fit for your children. However, the great bulk of this game is quite easy. There is no visible blood in the game, and when a player discovers another player’s “dead body,” the cartoony visual style makes it appear more like a colorful honey-baked ham than a corpse.

The fairly disturbing death animations that occur when you are slain by one of the Imposters are worth mentioning. These depict rather severe scenarios, such as your character being stabbed with a knife or a sharp alien tongue, having their neck snapped, and being shot with a pistol. While they are rather gory, each scene only lasts around two seconds on screen and isn’t aired very frequently.

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The death animations are only shown on screen for the Crewmate who is being killed. Therefore even if you’re a Crewmate most of the time, you’ll only see the animation once every game (if at all).

If you’re an imposter, you won’t witness any of the death animations. Instead, when you make a kill—which is easier said than done depending on your skill level—the victim’s character becomes that “honey-baked ham” and falls to the floor.

Should Kids Play Among Us?

Among Us is a fun and engaging social game that may help youngsters connect with their peers. Because of the uncommon cartoonish violence and frightening themes, the Apple Store recommends Among Us for children aged nine and above. This, however, ignores the reality that the game is built on themes of deceit and that playing with strangers has inherent hazards.

Lying and employing manipulation to win is an important component of the game. Children must be of sufficient age to realize that it is just a game and that lying is not something they should do in real life.

Another significant aspect of the game is player interaction, which occurs in a text chat. When playing in public with strangers, player names are often incorrect, and the conversation is unmoderated, which means it may include hate speech or cyberbullying.

The text chat has a language filter by default to eliminate improper language. However, this feature may be turned off based on the player’s preferences whose game you join. Many players also utilize Discord or other audio and video services to add live voice communication to the game, which might provide an additional danger for children.

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How To Make Among Us Safer For Kids

The most secure approach to the game is to ensure that the chat filter is on and that your child understands how to set up the game to play with friends and family. To play with your buddies, all you have to do is set up the Lobby.

When you create the Lobby, it defaults to “private,” which means you may share the room code with anyone you trust, and they can join. If you want to invite outsiders to join, change the button in the bottom right corner of the page to “public.”

As the host of a Lobby, you have the authority to boot out players who are misbehaving. If you want to try playing along with your children, you may assist regulate the game as you go. Click on the “boot” symbol (literally a little picture of a boot) in the chat next to a player’s name, and then choose whether to kick or ban them.

InnerSloth, the game’s makers, has recently been fighting a hacker who has been flooding the game text chat with political messages and threatening to hack players who do not subscribe to their YouTube channel. While the creators work on code to safeguard the game against this kind of conduct, they recommend playing in private Lobbies with individuals you trust.

Is Among Us Right For Your Family?

Among Us contains cartoonish violence and themes that may be unsuitable for younger children. Still, it also allows children to interact with their friends and family via an accessible and engaging online game.

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Like any other site where strangers may contact youngsters, the game has certain concerns. Understanding the game settings and how to play can help you determine whether or not Among Us is suited for you and your family.

Also, if you’re seeking kid-friendly methods to communicate with your family online, try the Kinzoo app. It’s completely free to download and has many entertaining features that you can enjoy with your children!

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There is no doubt that the world is a scary place. With all of the violence and other dangers that exist, it’s natural to worry about whether or not it is safe for our children. While we can’t protect them from everything, there are things we can do to help keep them safe. Thanks for reading and learning more about how to keep your kids safe.

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