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What is Bradley S Jacobs Net Worth 2023: Wiki,Height, Family, And More

What is Bradley S Jacobs Net Worth 2023 Wiki,Height, Family, And More

Bradley S Jacobs is a well-known business executive with an impressive ​net worth. He has made a name for ⁢himself⁢ in the corporate world and has achieved ‌great⁤ success throughout his career. In this article, we will take a closer look at Bradley S Jacobs Net Worth and delve into the details of his life and accomplishments.

Quick Facts

Attribute Details
Real Name Bradley S Jacobs
Popular Name Brad Jacobs
Gender Male
Birth Date August 3, 1956
Age 67 (as of 2023)
Parents Charlotte Sybil (née Bander) and Albert Jordan Jacobs
Siblings Not Available
Birth Place Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Northfield Mount Hermon School, Bennington College, Brown University
Marital Status Not Available
Sexual Orientation Not Available
Wife/Spouse Lamia Jacobs
Children 4
Dating Not Available
Net Worth $3.7 billion USD (2023)
Source of Wealth XPO Logistics Inc., and other business ventures
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
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What ​is Bradley S Jacobs Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Bradley S Jacobs Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to Forbes, Brad Jacobs is worth around $3.7 billion. Most of his money comes from XPO Logistics, a company he’s involved with. XPO Logistics is a commercial trucking company that transports goods to warehouses and distribution centers.

Why is Bradley S Jacobs Famous?

Brad Jacobs is well-known for his remarkable business success, especially in logistics. He has founded several companies worth billions of dollars, such as XPO Logistics, GXO Logistics, United Rentals, and United Waste Systems. People admire his skill in generating value for shareholders and providing substantial returns for investors.

Biography Overview

Bradley S Jacobs Biography Overview

Early Life

Brad Jacobs was born on August 3, 1956, in Providence, Rhode Island. His parents are Albert Jordan Jacobs and Charlotte Sybil Jacobs. His dad’s job was importing fashion jewelry.


Jacobs went to Northfield Mount Hermon School, and then he went on to study music and mathematics at Bennington College and Brown University. However, in 1976, he decided to drop out and become an oil trader instead.


Steering the helm of XPO Logistics since its inception in 2011, Bradley S Jacobs has intricately woven a narrative of success and business acumen.

This commercial trucking giant, under Jacobs’ stewardship, is on a trajectory towards breaching the $5 billion revenue mark in the coming trio of years.

His fortune, presently pegged at a staggering $3.7 billion, is chiefly tethered to the over 1,688,117 units of XPO Inc stock he holds, mirroring the monumental success XPO Logistics has witnessed under his aegis.

The year 2022 saw Jacobs rekindling his love for professional curling by aligning with Team Carruthers for the remainder of the season’s Slams, showcasing a nuanced side of his persona beyond the boardroom.

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Personal Life

Despite the veil of privacy shrouding much of Jacobs’ personal life, his professional milestones narrate the tale of his unyielding dedication and business prowess. His leadership footprint on XPO Logistics not only sky-rocketed the company’s valuation but also padded his personal financial vaults.

Social Media Accounts

Brad Jacobs have social media accounts that were known to the public. Many business publications and media sources acknowledge his significant impact on the logistics industry.

FAQs about Bradley S Jacobs

FAQs about Bradley S Jacobs

What is Bradley S Jacobs’ net worth?

$3.7 billion as of 2023.

Who is Bradley S Jacobs’ wife?

Lamia Jacobs.

Does Bradley S Jacobs have a house?

He has a 50-acre Greenwich estate with a 17,000-square-foot.

Does Bradley S Jacobs have a daughter?

Jacobs has 4 children.

What is Bradley S Jacobs’ top rank or position?

He is the Executive Chairman of XPO, Inc.

Where did Bradley S Jacobs study?

Northfield Mount Hermon School, Bennington College, and Brown University.

Where is Bradley S Jacobs from?

Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.

When was Bradley S Jacobs born?

August 3, 1956.

What are some of the companies Bradley S Jacobs has founded?

XPO Logistics Inc., United Rentals, and United Waste Systems among others.

When did Bradley S Jacobs step down as the CEO of XPO Logistics?

In August 2022, but he remains as the Executive Chairman.

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Brad Jacobs has had an amazing journey in the business world, showing great vision and hard work. As the CEO of XPO Logistics, he has made a big impact on the logistics and transportation industry. For more inspiring stories about successful people, check out Hereofamily.

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