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Can You Put A GPS Tracker On Your Child? Top Full Guide 2023

Can You Put A GPS Tracker On Your Child Top Full Guide 2023
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In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for parents to want to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. GPS tracking devices can help provide peace of mind by allowing parents to see where their children are. But can you put a GPS tracker on your child? Let’s explore the answer with HereOfamily now.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Trackers for Children?

A GPS tracker for kids can come in various shapes and sizes, and it can use a variety of technologies. Some rely on Bluetooth, which means they’ll only work if you’re close to a Bluetooth-enabled device. In certain circumstances, this is acceptable, but in others, it is ineffective.

The range is usually no more than 100 feet, although it might be as little as 50 feet. Devices that use a standard data plan, such as a phone, have a more excellent range and can be used in more settings.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Trackers for Children

Trackers can also come in a variety of styles. Some are simple clip-on devices that you may attach to your child’s clothes. Walkie-talkies, smartphone-like gadgets with limited functionality, and wearables such as children’s smartwatches are other alternatives.

These gadgets allow you to check on your child’s whereabouts, whether you want to make sure they arrived at school safely, walk-off at an outdoor event, or any other reason.

GPS gadgets allow you to keep track of your children without placing a smartphone in their hands too early. Instead of looking at a screen for hours, your youngster may play and socialize with friends. It also safeguards them against potentially harmful online contact with strangers.

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Are GPS Trackers For Children The Same As Smartwatches For Children?

There are disparities among GPS trackers for kids, even among those in the same category. Smartwatches for kids come in a variety of styles and functions. Most do not allow parents to follow their children’s whereabouts.

Are GPS Trackers For Children The Same As Smartwatches For Children

Through simple software, the SmartWatch gives you this capacity, allowing you to pick up your phone and see where your child is. You can also create boundary alerts so that you’ll know right away if your youngster wanders too far. You can then use their smartwatch to contact them and find out what’s happening.

Can You Put a Tracking Chip In Your Child?

The topic of whether you can GPS chip your child, similar to how pets are chipped, arises from time to time, and the answer is no. To begin with, it would not be practical or beneficial – a tracking chip, which is merely a barcode with basic information about the pet, would not allow you to see the exact location of your child.

Can You Put a Tracking Chip in Your Child

The chip must be scanned; therefore, implanting one in your child would only be helpful if the child was misplaced and taken to a police station to be checked.

GPS trackers allow you to see where your youngster is in real-time. This technology necessitates using a GPS receiver and a battery, both of which cannot be placed beneath a child’s skin.

The ideal way to track your child is to utilize a gadget that provides continuous tracking updates throughout the day and includes non-removable wearing choices to keep it on your youngster. This leads us to the next point.

Should You Use GPS Tracking?

Separate from whether or not it is legal, the question of whether or not someone should use a GPS Tracker for Kids is a heated topic.

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Whether or not you agree with GPS tracking for regular children, everyone should agree that children with special needs who require additional safeguards are an exception. When you consider that 50 percent of autistic children are at risk of wandering (also known as eloping), it’s easy to see why parents use GPS to keep their children safe.

Most parents of typical children do not have to be concerned about this, though in some circumstances, such as when these youngsters have trouble with sleepwalking, a tracking device could give additional security. It’s also common for parents to be concerned about their children walking to and from school on their own and to want the assurance that they arrived safely.

Should You Use GPS Tracking

We shake our heads and wish they understood that their reality is not the reality of so many parents who desperately need help keeping their children safe when we see comments on social media from parents of typical children or who don’t even have children at all, saying how wrong it is to track your child.

Unfortunately, parents with children with autism or other special needs do not have the luxury of assuming that their children are safe when they are out in the world. It’s impossible to imagine the fear and concern of sending their particular children to school.

When a child is prone to escaping, roaming, running, or eloping, the risks are multiplied tenfold. When your child can’t communicate, has meltdowns, is bullied, or doesn’t have the slightest idea about safety awareness, even something as simple as taking the bus to school can be a tremendous concern.

Parents who do not have to deal with the significant safety concerns that so many others experience daily will never wholly appreciate the importance of using this gadget.

Is It Permissible To Use A GPS Tracker In Schools?

Thousands of schools across the country allow its extensive safety features to be used. Some schools have even started purchasing the device for families to comply with laws requiring additional safety measures to keep special needs children safe.

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We’ve come across schools that don’t comprehend the benefits of a device and first tell parents that their child can’t wear it at school. Typically, a doctor’s note saying that it is necessary for the child’s safety resolves the issue.

The voice communication features, mainly the listen-in capability, can be problematic. Most schools alter their minds and allow AngelSense to be worn by special needs children when we explain how the voice safety features function – that they can’t record; they only have 60 minutes of use per month. They aren’t designed or feasible for eavesdropping.

Is It Permissible To Use A GPS Tracker In Schools

If the problem persists, we’ve developed a mechanism that would automatically disable one or both of our voice services during school hours, allowing us to comply with stringent school privacy rules completely.

Our School Liaisons have worked with schools and parents to resolve school-related issues, and they are available to assist you with ensuring that it complies with the school’s rules and regulations, speaking with school and district administration, providing forms, and even having a sample doctor’s note to assist you if an issue arises with your school.

Why Should Schools Use GPS Trackers?

The use of a GPS tracker has been shown to save lives. Children with special needs who have a propensity to wander, especially while they are away from home, require extra safety.

Every day, we hear from parents about dangerous situations their children were in and how GPS trackers aided them – children who were put on the bus but never arrived at school, children who wandered off school grounds, children who were put on the wrong school bus after school or left behind, children dropped off at the wrong location, and so on.

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Why Should Schools Use GPS Trackers

Many wandering occurrences result in physical harm, mental and emotional degeneration, and terrible outcomes.

With our 2-way voice capability, a parent has been able to console a youngster who was experiencing a meltdown in numerous instances. It’s priceless to communicate with your child when they need you the most. Even parents have been successful in preventing and rescuing their children from bullying.

For schools to authorize GPS Tracker use, the peace of mind it affords children, parents, and instructors should be sufficient.

How Does a GPS Tracker Comply with School Rules?

One of the main reasons GPS Tracker was invented was to allow parents to protect their children at school. As autistic parents, we recognize the need to have safety measures to protect our children, so we provide School Guardians with special permissions and a School Dashboard.

Select instructors and staff can see your child’s location and tracking history, receive elopement alarms, disable voice functions, and update school days and hours during defined days and hours. You have complete control over who has access and may tailor access for each guardian.

How Does a GPS Tracker Comply with School Rules

You or the school guardian can disable the 1-Way and 2-Way Speakerphone during school hours if voice features are an issue. It will turn off at the start of the school day and come back on at the end, allowing you to use the feature while they are riding the school bus before and after school. In an emergency, the disabled setting can be overridden, and in extreme instances, voice functionality can be permanently silenced.

We are dedicated to assisting parents in using GPS Tracker at school, and we have selected customer service School Liaisons that have gone through the approval procedure. They are pleased to meet with school or district administration to assist in obtaining approval, obtaining doctor’s recommendations, and training school guardians, among other things.

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What Methods Does It Use to Keep Children Safe?

What Methods Does It Use to Keep Children Safe

It’s a cutting-edge GPS tracking device with increased safety features built exclusively for special-needs children.The personal GPS location gadget provides a complete safety solution, including:

  • Real-Time Location Map – Know where your child is at all times of the day with the only GPS device that provides continuous, nonstop surveillance even in well-known locations.
  • Auto-Answering Speakerphone – Talk to your youngster, Calm them down, Give them directions, Engage in conversation with other people in the area.
  • Get notified when your child needs you with a call request or an SOS button.
  • Smart Alerts – Automatically detects when your child is not where they should be and sends you an alert.
  • Preventing Emergencies Through Proactive Notifications – Know when they are in an unfamiliar or unexpected location when they enter or depart secure zones.
  • Arrival and Departure Announcements –If something isn’t quite right with your child’s schedule, you’ll notice it immediately away.
  • Monitoring of the Transit ‘School Bus’ – See where they are on a detailed route map, their highest speed, ETA, and if there is a detour or stop, you’ll be notified.
  • Wearing Alternatives that are Durable, Secure, and Comfortable — We provide several wearing options that are durable, secure, and comfortable.
  • Customer Service Team that Understands – All of our customer service representatives are parents who have children with special needs.
  • Private Facebook Group – where parents can support each other and share their experiences.

This is only a tiny portion of what the GPS Tracking Device can do. There is no other gadget that offers the same safety, security, and care as we do. We understand what it takes to be a special needs parent, and our goal is to keep our kids as secure as possible while giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

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Kids’ GPS Trackers Can Call 911

Parents occasionally buy phones for their children who aren’t old enough because they want them to be able to dial 911 in an emergency. Of course, this is critical—in many instances, your child may not have access to a landline, and you may not be able to reach them immediately if something goes wrong.

However, letting your youngster access the internet via a smartphone might sometimes increase the probability of an emergency occurring. Unfortunately, many people online could hurt your child, and children aged 5 to 11 aren’t yet old enough to manage these situations independently. This age group should only use the internet when supervised by a parent or trusted adult.

Strangers with a standard smartphone can also call your child. Consider how many calls you receive from scammers or robocall factories. Would you want them to call your children if you don’t want to talk to them?

can you put a gps tracker in your child

You can regulate who can call your child with a kids smartwatch, and the internet is prohibited. That implies your children will not join social media until they are ready. In an emergency, though, this GPS tracker will still allow them to dial 911, so the technology offers the best of both worlds.

Add your emergency contact information to the device while you’re setting it up so you can get a call if your child engages in the “SOS” option. This activates automated voice recording, allowing you to listen to what’s going on.


GPS trackers can be helpful tools for parents who have teenagers who like to roam. However, you must understand what is and is not legal before purchasing a GPS tracker in today’s world. Now that you have read through this article, hopefully, you can better understand the available devices on the market and what is and is not legal.

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