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What is Hasso Plattner Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, And More 

What is Hasso Plattner Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, And More

Hasso Plattner’s name rings a bell in the corridors of tech innovation and business empires. This German entrepreneur, who co-founded SAP SE, has sculpted a fortune that resonates with his stature in the global software industry.

The curiosity surrounding Hasso Plattner net worth is as intriguing as his journey from a tech aficionado to a billionaire.

As of 2023, the figures marking his net worth are nothing short of impressive, standing at a whopping $15.3 billion. This narrative isn’t just about numbers, it’s a tale of perseverance, innovation, and a relentless quest for excellence in the tech realm.

Quick Facts

Real NameHasso Plattner
Popular NameHasso Plattner
Birth DateJanuary 21, 1944
ParentsHorst Plattner
SiblingsNot disclosed
BirthplaceBerlin, Germany
EducationUniversity of Karlsruhe
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseSabine Plattner
Net Worth$15.3 billion (2023)
Source of WealthCo-founder of SAP SE, Majority owner of the San Jose Sharks ice hockey team
HeightNot disclosed
WeightNot disclosed
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What is Net Worth Of Hasso Plattner 2023?

The ascendancy of Hasso Plattner’s net worth to $15.3 billion in 2023 underscores his adeptness not just in spawning technological solutions, but in sculpting a fortune that’s as enduring as his legacy in the software domain.

This figure isn’t just a testament to Plattner’s business acumen but a narration of the robust trajectory of SAP SE under his stewardship.

What is Net Worth Of Hasso Plattner 2023?

Hasso Plattner Full Overview and Wiki

Early Life

Embarking on his journey in the quaint city of Berlin, young Hasso Plattner’s penchant for tech innovation was evident early on. His educational voyage led him to the University of Karlsruhe, a foundation stone for his illustrious career that lay ahead.

Career Journey

The tech maestro’s legacy began when he co-founded SAP SE, steering it to become the behemoth it is today in the enterprise application software realm. This venture didn’t just etch his name in the tech annals but catapulted his financial worth to the tune of billions.

His ventures beyond SAP SE are equally notable. Donning the hat of a sports enthusiast, Plattner’s acquisition of the San Jose Sharks not only diversified his portfolio but brought a dash of vigor to the ice hockey scene.

The academe too has had a taste of Plattner’s brilliance. His cavalcade of academic honors from revered institutions like the University of Saarbrücken and the University of Potsdam reflect his cerebral mettle.

His pedagogical journey didn’t halt at accolades; he’s an honorary professor and a fervent advocate for tech education, seen through the lens of his non-profit, the Hasso Plattner Institute.

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Hasso Plattner Career


Recognition trailed Plattner’s strides; the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award and the 2016 Prize for Understanding and Tolerance, among others, are testaments to his indelible imprint both in and outside the tech sphere.

His narrative isn’t just of commercial triumphs; it’s embroidered with altruism. His philanthropic endeavors stretch from education to the arts. Plattner’s donation towards the restoration of Stadtschloss Potsdam and his establishment of the Museum Barberini echo his deep-seated appreciation for cultural heritage.

All about Hasso Plattner news 2023

As 2023 unfolds, Plattner’s financial graph isn’t the only thing climbing; his engagement in diverse ventures continues unabated. With an eye on the expiration of his mandate at SAP SE post the 2024 AGM, the tech mogul’s narrative is far from over.

  •  Hasso Plattner’s term as Chairman of the Supervisory Board at SAP is set to expire in May 2024

  •  Renjen would become the designated successor to Hasso Plattner as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Hasso Plattner Celebrates 80th Birthday

  • Hasso Plattner Foundation has disbursed approximately 420 million Euros for philanthropic initiatives over the last five years, excluding art purchases

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Social Media Account

Despite his towering profile, Plattner keeps a low digital footprint. However, the buzz surrounding his ventures continues to reverberate across the social media landscape.

FAQs About Hasso Plattner

FAQs about Hasso Plattner

What is the cornerstone of Hasso Plattner’s wealth?

The cornerstone of Hasso Plattner’s wealth is his co-founding role at SAP SE, the world’s premier provider of enterprise application software.

Where did Hasso Plattner receive his education?

Hasso Plattner received his education from the University of Karlsruhe, which laid the foundation for his tech entrepreneurial ventures.

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How does Hasso Plattner contribute to academia?

Hasso Plattner contributes to academia through numerous academic honors, honorary professorships, and the establishment of the Hasso Plattner Institute which focuses on IT systems engineering education and research.

What sports team does Hasso Plattner own?

Hasso Plattner is the majority owner of the San Jose Sharks, a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League.

What notable philanthropic endeavors has Hasso Plattner engaged in?

His philanthropic endeavors include significant donations for the restoration of the Stadtschloss Potsdam and the establishment of the Museum Barberini.

How many children does Hasso Plattner have?

Hasso Plattner has two children.

Where does Hasso Plattner reside?

Hasso Plattner resides in Heidelberg, Germany.

What awards has Hasso Plattner received over the years?

Over the years, Plattner has been honored with numerous awards like the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award, the 2015 GABA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2016 Prize for Understanding and Tolerance among others.

How has Hasso Plattner contributed to the arts?

Hasso Plattner has contributed to the arts by co-founding the Wildenstein Plattner Institute and establishing the Museum Barberini to house his extensive collection of modern and Impressionist art.

What’s on the horizon for Hasso Plattner post-2023?

Post-2023, Hasso Plattner is anticipated to continue his philanthropic and business ventures, especially as his mandate at SAP SE supervisory board concludes post the 2024 AGM.

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Hasso Plattner’s net worth of $15.3 billion in 2023 is a testament to his remarkable journey in the tech and business landscape. It reflects not just financial acumen but a legacy etched in the annals of the enterprise software industry.

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His story is inspiring for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts alike, showcasing a blend of innovation, strategic foresight, and a keen sense of giving back to the community. As Plattner’s tale unfolds, it continues to spark intrigue and admiration, cementing his position as a stalwart in the global tech arena.

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