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What is Eco-Drive? How Does Citizen Eco Drive Work? [2022]

What is Eco-Drive How Does Citizen Eco Drive Work [2022]

Citizen Eco-Drive is a unique technology that powers a watch by converting light into electrical energy. It is an environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient way to keep time, with no batteries or regular winding.

So how does Citizen Eco Drive work?

What is Eco-Drive?

Citizen watches use Eco-Drive technology to harness energy from any light source. It works with both artificial and natural light. The energy is stored in a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged continually and used for years. These watches can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Citizen claims that the Eco-Drive watch has prevented the need to dispose of more than 10 million batteries in North America. This is a big step forward in reducing pollution and good news for the environment.

What is Eco-Drive

Eco-Drive Watches: A Brief History

These watches were first introduced to the public in 1996. They featured many technological advancements compared to other solar-powered watches at the time. These watches were made without large power cells and featured sleek, elegant designs.

These watches were created using the Eco-Drive calibre 77878 movements. It was the first-ever of its kind. This enabled solar cells to be placed under the dial.

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Because the dial is transparent enough, light can pass through it to charge the battery and power the movement. The battery can last up to 180 days without recharging by light exposure.

Some models may hibernate if they are not exposed to light for long periods. The watch’s hands will then stop moving. The internal quartz movement will still keep the time accurate, however. The hands will adjust to the correct position and resume regular timekeeping when exposed to light.

These watches are straightforward to maintain. It is possible to leave your Eco-Drive watch in a drawer for three months. Then, take it out and bring it to the light. The watch will immediately show the correct time.

How Does Citizen Eco-Drive Work?

Citizen’s Eco-Drive converts any light source into energy. You can use any light source, including a lamp, sun or computer screen. The faster the watch charges, the more efficient it is. It stores everything it picks up in electrical power cells, the capacitor.

It will only run the watch if there is enough light. It will store energy in the capacitor if the light source is insufficient.

How Does Citizen Eco-Drive Work

These are the general guidelines for charging your watch.

The Eco-Drive can store 1 day’s usage in just 40 minutes at a distance of 20 cm (8 inches) from a light source with 3,000 lux. This is equivalent to being in an office or near a window. After 130 hours, the watch will be fully charged.

It can store one day of use for every 10,000 lux. After 40 hours, the watch will be fully charged.

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Outdoors, sunny days at 100,000 Lux (the equivalent of direct sunlight on a summer day) will produce 1 day’s use in 2 minutes. It will fully charge in 11 hours.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches can last at least six months in total darkness. You can easily toss your watch in the drawer and pick it up half a year later. I don’t know of anything more remarkable than this.

Two unique features are available on Eco-Drive watches: A light-level power indicator and a power-saving function. The watch’s power-saving function helps to conserve energy. The watch stops moving when it senses darkness. The watch will quickly return to the correct time once the light hits it. The light-level power indicator shows how much your watch is charging.

Are Citizen Watches Worth It?

Citizen watches are high-quality, modern watches for the price. These watches are well worth the price. Citizen watches offer a lot of value for the money. The technology allows you to save money on replacing batteries every two years. The watches also have excellent reliability.

The quality of a Citizen watch should not be an issue if you are looking at it. There are many worthy alternatives. Seiko is a brand that performs well and has an excellent reputation in diving watches.

Citizen includes a warning feature that will alert you if your watch runs low on power. Many watches die, and you’ll need to take them to a jeweler. Citizen’s Eco-Drive is easy to use. Place your watch in a light, and it will begin charging.

How Long Does A Citizen Eco-Drive Last?

Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology is designed to last more than 10 years. The capacitor is expected last at least 20 years.

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Quartz watches, which are quartz watches that run on the current through a mineral called quartz crystals, can last for 20 years. Modern quartz watches are even more durable. Watches made of quartz and Citizen are designed to last for approximately the owner’s life.

How Long Does A Citizen Eco-Drive Last

Citizen’s Eco-Drive’s longevity is also affected by how well you care for it. Watches used in extreme activities like snowboarding, scuba diving or hot tubs will wear faster. If the watch is well maintained and taken care of, it will last as long as other quartz watches.

Many factors affect how long the watch will stay in good condition. The watch’s case will eventually wear out if used in harsh conditions or if the owner isn’t careful. This technology power cell (not the capacitor) will last for up to 40years. Over time, the charge capacity will decrease. The cells can still be rated at 80% even after 20 years.

Do Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Need New Batteries?

These watches don’t require a battery. They don’t have batteries, which is a common misconception. They do have capacitors which are where energy is stored. The watch is powered by the capacitor only when it is not lit. It uses the watch’s light source to operate the capacitor.

You might need to take the Eco-Drive’s capacitor to be replaced. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology will not work with a regular quartz watch battery. The special connector must be inserted into the watch. This connector allows Eco-Drive to charge the capacitor.

Is Citizen Eco-Drive Water Resistant?

The rating determines the watch’s water resistance. The rating is often indicated in BAR or ATM. Water resistance rating determines the activities that your watch can perform. Here is a table that outlines the water-resistance rating for watches.

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Is Citizen Eco-Drive Water Resistant

Watches that are intended for daily use should have water resistance. Watches marked with water-resistance of 5 or less should not be placed in direct contact with water. Watches with a water resistance rating of 3 ATMs can withstand light rain and splashes. They should not be placed near water.

Why is Your Eco-Drive Watch Broken?

An Eco-Drive watch will stop if it is completely depleted of energy. It might indicate that it needs to be serviced if it runs slowly.

The reserve power decreases if the watch’s second-hand jumps by 2 seconds or 1/3 of an hour on seconds hands. It would help if you exposed the power cell to strong light sources.

You might have to reset your watch if it moves for more than 2 seconds. It is usually done by adjusting the crown until it is correct. After that, you can return the crown to its closed position and set the time.

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How can you verify the charge on your citizen eco drive watch?

Verify the watch’s charge level. The watch’s rechargeable battery can be charged by simply exposing it to sunlight. To charge the watch, expose the dial to sunlight regularly. See pages 13-17 for more information about the setting.

FAQ How Does Citizen Eco Drive Work

Are Citizen EcoDrive watches in need of service?

Despite not having a battery, we have learned that Eco-Drive watches may need periodic servicing, whether the watch is running out of power, needing to be replaced, or its solar cells finally failing to work correctly.

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Is it possible to overcharge an eco-drive watch?

The two-hand watch will run for approximately 5 months after being fully charged. The three-hand model can run for 2 months without any additional charging. The watch must be charged before it stops. This watch is safe from overcharging. (Overcharge prevention feature is available.)



These watches are a good option for people who want to be environmentally friendly and want a straightforward way to monitor their energy consumption.

It has an excellent design, and the fact that it is fully automatic makes it a good choice for anybody. HereOfamily hopes you liked this article on how does Citizen Eco-Drive smartwatch works. Please like and share.

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