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How To Charge Samsung Watch? Top Full Options 2023

How To Charge Samsung Watch Top Full Options 2023

Assuming you would like an introduction to the headline “How to charge Samsung watch, ” there are a few things you should know. First, it is important to check your watch’s manual to see what type of charger is recommended. Once you have the proper charger, connect the watch to the charger and then plug the charger into an outlet. Depending on the model of your watch, it may take a few hours to charge fully.

Can I Charge My Samsung Watch With Any Wireless Charger?

Can I Charge My Samsung Watch With Any Wireless Charger

You can charge your Samsung watch without the charger that came with it, but you can’t charge it without any charger, and you’ll need a wireless charger in particular. The Samsung Galaxy series depends on Qi wireless charging. Therefore there are no physical charging connectors on the watches. Wireless charging is the only alternative because there is no method to connect a USB charger or other charger.

Not all wireless chargers are compatible with Samsung watches, and it’s critical to keep an eye out for excessive heat while using a third-party charger. The Galaxy 4 is guaranteed to operate only with the Galaxy 4 charger and the Samsung Duo. However, certain third-party WPC-compliant Qi chargers do work.

If you’ve misplaced or lost your Galaxy charger, or if you’re traveling and left it at home, you have two choices:

  • Use a Qi charging station: Galaxy watches support the Qi wireless charging standard so that you can charge them with any Qi charging pad or station. Even if they utilize the Qi standard, Third-party chargers are not guaranteed to operate.
  • Use a PowerShare-enabled Galaxy phone: If you have a PowerShare-enabled Galaxy phone, you can charge your Galaxy wirelessly through the phone.
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Other phone manufacturers’ phones are also capable of wireless power-sharing. If you use a non-Samsung phone to charge a Watch, watching the temperature is critical.

How To Charge The Battery For The Samsung Watch?

1. Insert the tiny end of the charger into the wireless charging dock’s charger port and the big end into an electric socket.

1. Insert the tiny end of the charger into the wireless charging dock's charger port and the big end into an electric socket.

2. Insert the Galaxy Watch into the wireless charging station, matching the center of the rear side of your Galaxy with the center of the wireless charging dock.

2. Insert the Galaxy Watch into the wireless charging station

If the Galaxy Watch and the wireless charging station do not make adequate contact, the Galaxy may not charge correctly.

The LED indicator glows red when there is a wireless charging dock fault. Remove the Galaxy from the wireless charging station, wait for the LED indication to stop blinking, and rejoin the two. If the issue happens again, please get in touch with a Samsung Service Center for assistance.

Tips and precautions for battery charging:

  • Before attaching the Galaxy Watch to the charging station, make sure it is totally dry.
  • When the battery is low on power, the battery symbol becomes empty.
  • The Galaxy cannot be switched on if the battery is entirely depleted when the charger is attached. Allow a few minutes for a drained battery to charge before turning on the Galaxy.
  • When you utilize many applications simultaneously, the battery drains fast. Always use these applications after fully charging the battery to prevent losing power during data transmission.
  • Using a power source other than the charger, such as a computer, may slower charging due to lesser electric current.
  • Charging the Galaxy alongside other devices through a multi-charger may take longer.
  • While charging, the Galaxy Watch may be used, although it may take longer to charge the battery completely.
  • The touchscreen may not operate if the Galaxy gets an inconsistent power source during charging. If this occurs, unplug the Galaxy from the wireless charging station.
  • The Galaxy Watch may get warm when charging. This should not impact the Galaxy Watch’s lifetime or performance. If the battery becomes too hot, the charger may cease charging.
  • If your device isn’t charging correctly, take it to a Samsung Service Center.
  • Use a USB cord that is not deformed or broken.
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How To Charge Samsung Watch With My Phone?

Many phones enable Qi wireless charging to accept electricity from a charging station, but only a handful can reverse the process to charge other devices. Samsung’s PowerShare function, available on various Galaxy phones, enables you to charge items from your phone and is intended to work with Galaxy watches. You can charge your Samsung watch without a charger if your phone provides this capability.

PowerShare by Samsung is intended to operate with Galaxy Watches, although the power-sharing function of other phones may also work. If you have a non-Samsung phone with a comparable function, keep an eye on both the phone and the watch for excessive heat and remove it if it becomes too hot.

Here’s how to use your Galaxy Phone to charge your Galaxy:

1. Make sure your phone is at least 30% charged.

1. Make sure your phone is at least 30% charged.

2. Open the quick settings by swiping down on the screen.

2. Open the quick settings by swiping down on the screen.

3. Select Wireless PowerShare.

3. Select Wireless PowerShare.

4. Place your phone on a flat surface, face down.

4. Place your phone on a flat surface, face down.

5. Stick your watch to the back of your phone.

6. Reposition and rotate the watch until it begins to charge.

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How do I charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch without a cradle?

The Galaxy Fit2 is the only Samsung watch with a dedicated charging dock. The Fit2 is not compatible with any other charging method, and there are no replacements available from the Samsung shop. If you misplace your Fit2’s charging cradle, contact Samsung support for assistance.

How long does it take to charge a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Charging time for a completely exhausted battery varies from 3 to 4 hours on older models to 2 hours or less on recent Galaxy watches. You don’t have to wait hours after completely charging the battery to set up the Galaxy 4; you can charge the gadget for 30 minutes and receive 10 hours of battery life.


To charge your Samsung watch, connect the charging cradle that came with your watch to the USB port on your computer or a wall charger. Then, place your watch on the charging cradle and make sure that the charging contacts on the back of your watch are properly aligned with the charging pins on the cradle. Your watch will begin charging automatically.

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