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How To Change Band On Smartwatch: Step By Step Guide 2023

How To Change Band On Smartwatch: Step By Step Guide 2023
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If you’re using a smartwatch, there’s a good chance you’ll want to change the band at some point. Maybe you want to switch to a different color or style, or you need to replace a worn-out band.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to switch the band on most smartwatches. In this article, HereOfamily will show you how to change band on smartwatch.

Check to See if Your Smartwatch Is Compatible With All Bands

Changing the wristband is one of the most valuable adjustments available on any smartwatch. This is especially beneficial because specific smartwatch models come with an inconvenient strap. Because the stock Pebble band is constructed of a plastic-like substance, many people dislike it.

The watch tends to gather oil and filth and retain moisture when worn. Because everyone sweats, the strap collects water between the space where the band and the watch face meet, which can be a severe problem. Furthermore, many people prefer a leather or metal strap for their gadgets.

Any wrist band will work with devices like the Pebble or the Pebble Steel as long as they are the correct size. Because the Pebble is compatible with 22mm wristbands, you can buy them anywhere and replace the stock band – as long as they’re 22mm. This is especially beneficial because you can

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Check to See if Your Smartwatch Is Compatible With All Bands

The bands can be purchased at any watch store, retailer, or even Amazon.

As a result, we will provide you with simple instructions on replacing the wristband on your device. If your smartwatch supports universal bands, the method is relatively straightforward.

It’s worth mentioning that some models, such as the Qualcomm Toq, aren’t capable of doing so. For example, with the Toq, you must size a proprietary band to your wrist by cutting it down to the correct length and then permanently sealing the link.

In other words, the wristband cannot be changed, and if the device is sold or given away, the new owner will have difficulty resizing the band. Some smartwatches utilize a proprietary band that is not compatible with other bands on the market in this regard.

Throughout this post, we’ll use the Pebble as an example because it’s one of the most well-known smartwatches on the market – and it also happens to support versatile bands.

If you didn’t know, the new Pebble Steel model comes with both a leather and a metal strap that you may switch between. You’ll need to know the steps outlined below to swap out the two bands with the watch.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Here are all of the materials you’ll need to replace your smartwatch’s wristband:

  • To give a cushion for the watch face, use a soft towel.
  • A tool with a spring bar or equivalent pointy tip
  • A new wristband is available.

What You'll Need to Get Started how to replace a smartwatch band

You’ll need a new set of spring bars if you want to replace the spring bars, but that’s self-explanatory.

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If a spring bar tool isn’t available, anything thin enough to fit between the bar and the strap will suffice. Removing a strap will take a little more effort if you don’t have the right tool, but it’s still achievable.

When removing the strap, the spring bar device captures the little bar and allows you to squeeze it in or expand it as needed. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work yourself, you may always go to a local jeweler, who would most likely do everything for you for a reasonable price.

If you need a spring bar tool, you can pick one up for roughly $7 on Amazon.

How To Replace A Watch Band

Likely, you’ve never put a watchband on before and have no idea how. We’re here to assist you! We’ll walk you through the procedure step by step below, so follow along, and you’ll have your new band up and running in no time.

How To Replace A Watch Band

  1. Fold the soft fabric in half and set it in front of you as a safe location to place the watch face.
  2. Place the watch face on the cloth, ensuring it is protected, so it does not get scratched.
  3. Push the spring bar tool – or whatever you’re replacing it with – between the strap and the watch clamps (where the band attaches to the watch face).
  4. If you have a spring bar tool, press down on it and move the bar toward the strap’s center. If you have a different device, wedge it between the bar and the watch face and pull it inward.
  5. You should be able to safely remove the spring bar and the old wrist strap at this point. Off to the side, put them both.
  6. Remove the second side of the band in the same manner, and set it aside with the other spring bar.
  7. Take one of the spring bars and the replacement watch strap. Place the bar on one side of the strap in the little positioning space.
  8. Make sure both sides of the spring bar protrude through the new strap. Please place it in the watch face by sliding it in. You may need to use your tool to depress one side of the bar. Make sure the shorter of the two straps is on the same side as the 12 o’clock time.
  9. Carry on with the other side of the wrist strap in the same manner.
  10. Clamp the bar back into place with the spring bar tool. Press it down on top of the bar and pull slightly outwards toward the edge of the watch face and strap until you hear a clicking sound.
  11. Once both straps appear to be correctly linked to the watch, gently tug on them to ensure they are secure.
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Where Can I Find New Watch Bands?

Now that you know how to replace the band on your smartwatch, it’s only natural to want to see where you can purchase a replacement. They can be found in a variety of locations. Watchbands will be available in the jewelry area of significant merchants such as Wal-Mart or similar department stores.

You might also go to a local jewelry store or retailer that offers timepieces, such as Relic, Fossil, or similar establishments. One of the most convenient ways to locate and purchase a bespoke watchband is to go online to an etailer like Amazon. Depending on the size watchband you require, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of various alternatives.

Where Can I Find New Watch Bands

Aside from the size restriction, there are no restrictions on the type of wristband you can use. For example, if you wanted to replace a fabric band with a leather band or a leather band with a metal band, you could do so.

Of course, depending on the material, it can be more expensive — a metal watch band will always be more costly than a colorful cotton one. If you discover an inexpensive watch with a bracelet that you like, you may sometimes remove the band from the watch and attach it to your smartwatch.

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What is the best way to remove a wristband?

  • Making Use Of A Plastic Bag
  • Put your hand into the plastic bag with the bracelet on.
  • Take the bag’s handles and thread them through the gap between your wrist and the bracelet.
  • Grab both handles and pull them as hard as you can towards your fingers.
  • The bracelet should start rolling out over your hand, and there you have it!
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How To Change Band On Smartwatch

Is it true that all watch bands may be swapped out?

Interchangeable band watches will be labeled as such on their product pages. If your timepiece has an interchangeable watchband, the “Watch Straps” page lists all suitable bands for your watch model/size.

How do you take off a wristband with plastic buttons?

Insert your wristbanded hand into the bag’s bottom, then work the bag underneath the wristband to wrap your arm. With as much effort as you can muster, pull both handles back over the hand in the bag.

FAQs how to replace smart watch band

What tool is used to remove a watch’s back?

A case wrench will unscrew the case back using small pins that are fastened snugly to the back, and a watch case holder can help hold the watch safely while you turn the tool. Other watch tools, such as the crystal or case press, will fit watch crystals and press on friction watch backs in the same way.

how do i change my watch band

Is it simple to swap out watch straps?

Changing a watch strap is a simple way to replace a broken band while also changing the watch’s appearance. It’s simple to do at home with the right tools and a steady hand.

It includes preparing a work area, removing the old strap, inserting the replacement strap, and cleaning the watch of any smudges or debris.


Here we’ve shown you how to change the band on your smartwatch in detail. This can be a quick and easy process, but it’s also essential that you know how the band on most smartwatches is installed.

If you have any questions about this or any other topic, join us in the comment section below.

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