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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2: Top Full Guide

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Vs Active 2 Top Full Guide

There are a few key differences between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2. The Watch 3 is larger and has a more robust design, while the Active 2 is sleeker and more lightweight. Both have touchscreens, but the Watch 3’s is slightly larger. The Watch 3 also has an LTE option, while the Active two does not. Finally, the Watch 3 has a speaker, while the Active two does not.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2: The Biggest Upgrades You’ll Get

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2 The Biggest Upgrades You'll Get


We believe it is safe to assume that these two watches will appear considerably different on your wrist. Let’s start with case sizes, with the Watch Active 2 available in 40mm and 44mm.

The Samsung Watch 3 is available in 41mm and 45mm.

So, those case sizes are much closer than they were for earlier Active and Watch iterations, which we believe is positive. The Watch Active 2’s size seems about right, and it’s encouraging to see Samsung follow suit with the Galaxy 3.

These watches feature touchscreen displays with two physical buttons for accessing watch software. However, the Watch Active 2’s buttons flatter against the casing for a more streamlined design.

When it comes to touchscreen displays, as we’ve previously said, Samsung produces some of the greatest smartwatch screens in the industry. These watches have a 360 x 360 resolution display to anticipate crisp, bright, and colorful surroundings.

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Samsung has evened things out across the board regarding screen size, so the larger Galaxy 3 and Watch Active two models have 1.4-inch displays, while the smaller variants have 1.2-inch displays.

We can’t forget about rotating bezels, which have become a hallmark physical feature of Samsung’s smartwatches.

After removing it from the Galaxy Watch Active, it was reintroduced in the Watch Active 2. However, it was replaced with a touch-sensitive version that didn’t truly move.

The Watch 3 does include a real rotating bezel, but it is now more discrete in appearance than the one on the previous Galaxy Watch.

If you worry about thickness and having a lightweight watch, the Watch Active 2 is the one to look at. The Watch Active 2 is also available in stainless steel and aluminum. However, the Watch 3 is only available in stainless steel for now.

A lot is going on in terms of colors and models here. Particularly for the Active 2. For the Bluetooth and LTE models, you may choose from silver, black, or gold in both size choices. If you choose the aluminum Bluetooth option, you may choose between silver, black, or gold.

The 45mm Watch 3 is available in black or silver, while the 41mm variant is available in bronze and silver. All of these watches are also compatible with changing bands. The Watch Active 2 has 20mm bands, which match the 41mm Watch 3. 22m straps are used on the bigger 45mm Watch 3.

To add to the confusion, Samsung sells the Active 2 in various distinct variants. A golf model with a different strap, additional golf-specific software, and an Under Armour edition. This provides a comparable experience by including some of Under Armour’s watch faces and pre-loaded workout applications.

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These watches have a 5ATM water certification, making them appropriate for swimming at depths of up to 50 meters. Swim tracking is also included.

Finally, if you want a true rotating bezel and a somewhat bigger design, go with the Watch 3. Choose Active 2 if you desire something lighter and smaller on your wrist with a more streamlined appearance.

Prices, models, and sizes

The Samsung Watch Active 2 is available in 40mm and 44mm. Both are available with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi alone or LTE connection from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variants of the Watch Active 2 are available in Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold, while the LTE models are available in black, gold, and silver.

The Watch Active 2 is priced at $279 for the 40mm aluminum Bluetooth variant and $299 for the bigger 44mm model. The price of a stainless steel alternative begins at $379. If you want cellular access, you’ll have to pay a premium: $429. For running fanatics, there’s also an Under Armour special edition variant that costs $279 for the 40mm size and $299 for the 44mm size.

The 41mm variant is available in Mystic Silver or Mystic Bronze for $399, which is the starting pricing for the Galaxy 3. (The latter is Samsung’s current trademark hue and corresponds to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.)

The 45mm model costs $429 and is available in Mystic Black or Mystic Silver. It’s also available in titanium, however, at a higher price. In addition, if you want a Samsung 3 with LTE so it can make phone calls and reply to messages while your smartphone is out of Bluetooth range, the price will double.

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Specs and sensors

The Watch 3 runs the most recent version of Samsung’s Tizen OS on the software front so that you can anticipate the normal fitness and sleep monitoring capabilities, controls, and notification system.

However, in terms of sensors and extra specifications, it is quite similar to the Active 2. The Active two was also updated to provide advanced running stats, on-demand VO2 monitoring, and trip recognition.

The Samsung Watch 3, like the Watch Active 2, has GPS, a heart rate sensor, an ECG sensor, and a blood pressure monitor. However, the last two are not FDA-approved and may only be used in South Korea.

Another minor benefit that the Watch 3 will most likely have over the Watch Active 2 is twice the storage space. This is great news for individuals who like listening to Spotify when offline.

Health and fitness features

Health and fitness features

The Active 2’s main selling point is that it’s a better match for monitoring your fitness, and with its smaller, lighter body, we’ve liked jogging, swimming, and wearing it for HIIT workouts. With the Galaxy Watch 3 being a comparable size, we expect it to be a suitable fit, especially because it has almost all of the same features and more.

Both watches have heart rate monitors, GPS, and accelerometers for indoor monitoring. There are features such as 24/7 fitness tracking, stress monitoring, guided breathing, and some very great incentive tools to keep you going.

When you’re ready to go beyond steps and sleep, there’s automated activity identification and specific modes for activities like running, swimming, and cycling. Those features have been consistently strong for us on the Active 2, and we anticipate more of the same with the Galaxy 3.

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Samsung promises several new capabilities for its newer Watch 3, such as better running analytics and the ability to track workouts that utilize the integrated heart rate sensor to send live data. Aside from that, it seems that these two will have similar sports and fitness monitoring capabilities.

Samsung has made a huge effort towards health monitoring, which began with the Active and the promise of blood pressure monitoring. The Active two and Watch 3 both have an ECG sensor to aid in detecting significant cardiac diseases.

Both watches can also capture blood pressure data after calibrating with a cuff-style monitor. The Galaxy Watch 3 will also be able to assess blood oxygen levels.

Following in Apple’s footsteps, you may anticipate a new fall detection option similar to the functionality seen on the newest Apple Watch.

These features, including the ECG and blood pressure features, have not been activated in countries other than Korea. In the event of serious health monitoring capabilities, it will need to get the required clearance before consumers can begin using them.

Battery life

When we initially evaluated the Galaxy Watch, we believed it was worth it because of the 4-day battery life. So we were a little shocked when Samsung reduced the stamina of the Watch Active series to 24-60 hours, depending on exercise tracking and display settings.

However, with its 18-hour battery life limit, the Apple Watch has lowered our ordinary smartwatch battery life expectations. The Samsung Galaxy 3 is touted for two days of battery life, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it lives up to that in testing.

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What is the difference between the watch 2 and 3?

They also include typical training functions for active users, heart rate monitoring, and GPS tracking. The Samsung Galaxy 3, on the other hand, takes a step further with features like an ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, as you’d anticipate considering that it’s a little more expensive than the Samsung Active 2.

Is Galaxy watch three worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is one of the most adaptable smartwatches. It’s attractive, athletic, and comes with a slew of smartwatch functions and new health sensors that will improve the watch over time. That’s a lot of money to pay for a smartwatch, regardless of its amazing.

Can Galaxy Watch 3 make calls?

If the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the watch is lost, you may make calls remotely via Wi-Fi using a Galaxy Watch Active 2, Watch 3, Watch 4, or Watch 4 Classic.


When it comes to choosing a smartwatch, there are many options on the market. However, two of the most popular options are the Samsung Galaxy 3 and the Active 2. Both of these watches offer a variety of features that make them appealing to consumers. Here is a comparison of the two watches to help you decide which one is right for you.

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