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Best Samsung Smartwatch 2023: Top Full Guide

Best Samsung Smartwatch 2023 Top Full Guide

There is a lot of best Samsung smartwatch on the market, but which is the best Samsung galaxy smartwatch? We’ve put together a list of great Samsung smartwatches based on our own experience and expert reviews. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a smartwatch with a great design, a long battery life, or a watch that can do it all.

What Is The Best Samsung Watch Right Now?

What Is The Best Samsung Watch Right Now

The greatest Samsung watch is the most recent Samsung watch, the Galaxy Watch 4. The Galaxy Watch 4 was released this year and had a varied design with a sporty-looking variant beginning at $249.99 and an upgraded ‘Classic’ edition starting at $349.99. It caters to people who own the finest Samsung phones by providing special tools such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring in countries where such capabilities are permitted.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which debuted last year, is another of the greatest Samsung watches. It is still one of the most fashionable smartwatches on the market, and it is available in LTE varieties, allowing you to leave your Android smartphone at home.

It runs Tizen rather than Google’s new Wear OS, although long-time Galaxy Watch owners may prefer the company’s original software over Google’s updated version.

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Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still one of the finest affordable smartwatches available. Yes, it’s two years old, but the classic athletic style and dependable software make it a steal. These firms create long-lasting smartwatches. We’ve included the original Samsung Galaxy Watch and the first Samsung Galaxy Watch Active on our list.

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Top Rated 6 Best Samsung Watch Today

Top Rated 6 Best Samsung Watch Today

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


  • Fun watch faces and a slim design
  • Wear OS software has been improved.
  • Analyze your body composition


  • Battery life might be variable.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the greatest. It is notable as it is available in two distinct designs (and pricing) to meet a broader range of customer requirements. The basic Galaxy Watch 4 looks more like previous Galaxy Watch Active devices and is the company’s flagship, with prices beginning at $249. The ‘Classic’ version, which starts at $349, maintains the opulent features like the actual rotating bezel.

The Galaxy Watch 4 tracks heart rate, takes ECGs and detects body composition thanks to a 3-in-1 health sensor. However, certain capabilities are only accessible on Samsung phones, such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, if you live in a country where it is available. Otherwise, the one Galaxy Watch 4 drawback is inconsistency in battery life. Still, if you don’t mind a daily charge, you’ll benefit from on-board GPS, an always-on display, superb sleep monitoring, etc.

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Tracking Your Fitness

Pros include larger sizes, health and fitness monitoring capabilities, and lower pricing.

Who should buy: Customers looking for a smartwatch that provides excellent health and fitness monitoring while still looking stylish.

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Samsung’s 2019 portfolio is exclusively geared at clients who lead an active lifestyle. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 outperformed its predecessor in a variety of ways. It was available in various sizes with enhanced battery capacity and fitness monitoring functions. In addition, Samsung increased the accuracy of the sensors used to measure fitness data.

A digital rotating bezel was also added with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. It gave customers a one-of-a-kind method to navigate the UI of their wristwatch. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was the first to have ECG and blood pressure monitoring features. It is still a feasible choice for individuals who want a wristwatch solely for fitness monitoring. Prices begin at $249.

Samsung has extended many of the new features of the Galaxy Watch 3 to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 through a recent software update.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


  • The physical rotating bezel is fantastic.
  • ECG readings that are FDA-approved


  • Battery life might be improved.
  • Galaxy Watch 4 has taken its position.

Despite being a year older than the Galaxy Watch 4, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is still available for purchase and remains one of the most fashionable smartwatches. It comes in two sizes and LTE models, allowing you to leave your smartphone at home. The rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch 3 makes navigating the watch’s interface simple, and its availability to thousands of watch faces allows you to modify the display to your desire.

Although the Galaxy Watch 3 has a 2-day battery life, it adds greater music storage, FDA-approved ECG monitoring, and trip detection to the original Samsung Galaxy Watch. Of course, you’ll get Samsung Pay for contactless purchases and some useful fitness features. If you’re not sure whether to acquire this or the latest model, check out our comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 3.

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Galaxy Watch Active


Pros: Smaller size, fitness monitoring, and often available for less than the retail price owing to reductions.

Who should buy: Those who like smaller watches and want to monitor their fitness without breaking the wallet.

The Galaxy Watch Active, released in early 2019, joins our list of the best Samsung smartwatches because it currently provides excellent value for money. Those who want a tiny smartwatch should choose it since it is only available in the smaller 40mm size and is very light.

While it lacks the sophisticated monitoring functions of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, it can track the same amount of exercises as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and can also track sleep. Although Samsung eventually enabled the digital bezel, it lacked a physical spinning bezel with a software upgrade. Prices begin at $199.

Samsung Galaxy Watch


  • Elegant style
  • Battery life is extended.
  • Excellent fitness feature


  • Many years old

When the initial Samsung Galaxy Watch was released, it demonstrated that smartwatches had a legitimate place in the world. The greatest Samsung smartwatch was ushering its Gear smartwatches into real Apple Watch competitors. What’s the greatest part? It had an incredible four-day battery life, which blew the competitors out of the water in terms of endurance.

If you want a wearable that runs Tizen and can stay up with you for a few days, you can still get this Samsung Galaxy Watch online. In terms of specifications, it’s still rather competent, with heart rate tracking, GPS, music storage, and the option for LTE connection.

It lacks ECG, blood pressure readings, and body composition analyses that the later Galaxy watch models feature, yet no newer watch has outlasted the original in terms of battery life. Still, unless you find a price you can’t pass up, we’d go with one of the selections above.

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Samsung Gear Sport


  • Elegant style
  • Software that works


  • The tracking of exercise is limited.
  • GPS signals might be inconsistent.

On paper, the Samsung Gear Sport doesn’t seem to be all that different from the Galaxy Watch, but if you compare the two watches, you’ll find a significant difference.

The firm smoothed out many flaws with the Gear Sport, but you may be happy with them, given how much the Gear Sport is currently reduced.

A lot of what you get on the newer version is here, along with the most recent Tizen OS, to access all of the applications seen on items like the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The screen on the watch is big and simple to use. When you’re jogging, the watch can monitor your position, and you can transfer music to it and listen to it with Bluetooth headphones; there’s a lot to like here.

If there’s a major drawback, the overall aesthetic design isn’t as well-executed. It’s still a nice-looking watch that you may want to carry on your wrist if you want one of the finest Samsung watches but don’t want to pay much money.

How To Choose The Best Samsung Watch For You

Choosing the finest Samsung watch for you does not have to be difficult. In most circumstances, the newest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be the only options.

If you possess a Samsung smartphone and want a wristwatch with the ambitious Wear OS software and the most comprehensive health monitoring functions, we suggest acquiring the Galaxy Watch 4. However, if you can locate the Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Watch Active 2 at a significant discount, they’re also appealing choices that may be easier on your pocket.

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If you’re still unsure about whether the Samsung watch is best or if a Galaxy Watch is the ideal smartwatch for you, check out our smartwatch purchasing guide. It covers several Galaxy Watch and fitness tracker comparisons to help you decide if one of the best Fitbit devices or top Garmin watches is a better match for your requirements.

How We Test The Best Samsung Watches

Samsung smartwatches are tested in the same manner as all smartwatches: by wearing them for several days to evaluate how they hold up in various ordinary trials. We look at how well the watches fit on our wrists and how simple the screens are to navigate and see, particularly in direct sunshine. We also evaluate the sensors on the watches, such as GPS and heart rate monitors, depending on their capabilities.

Other factors influencing our scores include the smartwatch’s software and app library, how effectively it communicates with our smartphone, and battery life. All of this is done while keeping the smartwatch’s price in mind.

The lower the watch price, the more freedom we’re willing to give it. In the case of the best Samsung watches, we also consider how each new Galaxy Watch compares to its predecessor and how successfully (or poorly) the business continues to push the frontiers of wearable technology.

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Which Galaxy watch can make calls?

If the Bluetooth connection between your phone and the watch is lost, you may make calls remotely via Wi-Fi using a Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch4, or Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Can I leave my phone at home and use my Samsung watch?

Keep in Touch – No Matter Where Your Day Takes You

Users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch may now enjoy a complete solo experience with an LTE connection. They can accept calls, reply to text messages, utilize GPS navigation, stream music, and do other things all from their wrist without going into their pockets for a smartphone.

How far can the Samsung watch be from the phone?

About 25 feet

The watch may be placed around 25 feet away from your phone and will receive calls and texts. When you are too far away or out of range of your phone, the Galaxy Watch will vibrate to alert you.

What is the battery life of a Samsung Galaxy watch?

Whereas Android watches only offered 24 hours of battery life, Samsung claimed up to three days! And, with light to moderate usage, lasting two days without charging, those watches were pretty simple, even on the smaller versions with lower-capacity batteries.


There are a lot of different smartwatches on the market, but the Samsung smartwatch is one of the best. It has many features that other smartwatches don’t have, and it’s very user-friendly. Thanks for reading!

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