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Can You Use Apple Watch With Android? Top Full Guide 2023

Can You Use Apple Watch With Android Top Full Guide 2023

If you’re an Android user, you may be wondering if can you use Apple Watch with Android?

The short answer is yes! You can pair an Apple Watch with an Android device, but there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

Set Up a Cellular Apple Watch With iPhone

Because the Apple Watch isn’t Android-compatible, you’ll have to use it as a standalone wristwatch.

Make sure you get the cellular version of the wearable; otherwise, you’ll be severely limiting its capabilities. Then you’ll need to use an iPhone to set up your new Apple Watch. An Android phone or even an iPad cannot be used to set up the watch.

Because the Apple Watch will use the Apple ID connected with the device, you must use your own iPhone, any old iPhone will work as long as Apple still supports it. This implies you won’t be able to set up the watch on your friend’s iPhone.

Make sure your Android phone is turned off while setting up the cellular connection on your watch. Insert your primary SIM into your iPhone during this step for the most outstanding results.

After you’ve linked and set up your Apple Watch, you can begin installing all of your crucial and favorite apps.

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Set Up a Cellular Apple Watch With iPhone

The good news is that you can download new apps from the App Store directly to your Apple Watch over a cellular connection no need for your iPhone. You’ll also get notifications from numerous apps that don’t require an iPhone to function, such as iMessage.

Many watchOS apps, on the other hand, are not standalone, requiring the watch to be connected to the iPhone to function. This is also why you shouldn’t use a GPS-only Apple Watch, as you won’t be able to utilize or receive notifications from most of the watch’s apps.

A cellular connection will also help the wristwatch acquire faster GPS locks, which will come in handy for tracking outside activities. It’s worth noting that, depending on your mobile provider, you might have to pay extra for the watch’s cellular connection.

In the case you want to backup the Apple watch, see this guide: How To Backup Apple Watch?

Can you use an Apple Watch with an Android phone?

In essence, no. It simply does not work when you try to pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone; it simply does not work. The Apple Watch will only operate with iPhones, which is unlikely to change shortly.

An iPhone with the Watch software installed is required to activate an Apple Watch. Even if your device supports Bluetooth communication, there’s no substitute for this on Android.

Can you use an Apple Watch with an Android phone

There’s no reason why you can’t utilize both devices at the same time. You can use all three devices simultaneously if you have an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and an Android phone.

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You could theoretically track your daily activities with your Apple Watch while leaving your iPhone at home. If you have an Apple Watch with LTE, you can also use standalone apps. This will impact the Apple Watch’s battery, but it’s conceivable.

Do I have any Other Options?

Yes. There is a way to utilize an Apple Watch LTE model with an Android phone, but it is pretty limited. You will, however, require an iPhone to start the procedure.

It would help if you first paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Place a test call on your iPhone to determine if the SIM card is active once everything is finished.

After that, switch your iPhone to Airplane Mode. Check to see if your Apple Watch is still linked to the internet. If that’s the case, turn off your Apple Watch.

Move your iPhone’s SIM card to an Android phone and turn on the Apple Watch.

can i use apple watch with android

On both smartphones, this tiny technique should allow you to make and receive calls and use restricted voice controls. Bluetooth doesn’t connect the two devices, but they share the same SIM card information. This means you’ll be missing out on a bevy of Apple-only services, such as health data synchronization and Apple’s app store.

This is a rather stupid way to utilize an Apple Watch, mainly because you’ll need an iPhone to set it up. Using LTE on the Apple Watch all of the time, especially if it isn’t paired with an iPhone, is a quick method to deplete the battery fully.

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If you’re an Android user seeking to buy an Apple Watch, you’ll almost certainly need an iPhone. However, if you already own an Android phone, plenty of Android-compatible smartwatches are available. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, Garmin Venu 2 series, and Fitbit Sense and Versa lines are great examples.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 compatible with an iPhone?

No. You can’t use the Galaxy Watch 4 or Classic model with an iPhone because it’s a Wear OS 3 wearable.

Is there an Android version of the Apple Watch?

No, not at all. There are no Android devices that can exactly replicate the Apple Watch experience, but there are plenty of options. For those who want a more comprehensive app experience, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is an excellent option.

The Garmin Venu 2, particularly the Plus model, achieves the ideal smartwatch and fitness watch functionality blend. Are you still having trouble? Please read the rest of our Apple Watch alternatives guide here.

FAQs Can You Use Apple Watch With Android

Will an Apple Watch function without the use of a phone?

Yes, it certainly will. You can do a lot with an Apple Watch even if you don’t have an iPhone connected to it. For example, you can use Bluetooth headphones with your watch to stream Spotify music or download and listen to podcasts without needing an iPhone.



Your Apple Watch is an excellent accessory. If you want to use it with your Android phone, you need to pair it with your phone. Your iPhone will prompt you to let the watch sync with it. The process is pretty straightforward. HereOfamily hopes it helps.

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