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Things You Can Do With Galaxy Watch 4? Top Full Guide 2023

Things You Can Do With Galaxy Watch 4 Top Full Guide 2023

There are many things you can do with galaxy watch 4. Assuming you would like an introduction to the Samsung Galaxy 4: The Samsung Watch 4 is the latest release in the Watch series.

It is a smartwatch that runs on the Android operating system. The watch has various features that allow users to track their fitness, receive notifications, and control other devices.

Cool Things to Do with Galaxy Watch 4

Cool Things to Do with Galaxy Watch 4


Samsung’s Watch 4 now offers a Walkie Talkie capability, similar to Apple Watches. This function allows two Galaxy 4 users to converse with one another. It’s as if you’re having an immediate discussion on a Walkie Talkie.

This function is not available straight out of the box with the watch. Install Samsung’s official Walkie Talkie app, created just for Galaxy 4 and Watch 4 Classic users, to obtain Walkie Talkie.

It is advised that you link the watch with your smartphone after being installed. After matching, you will be able to invite contacts and others in your immediate vicinity. Tapping on persons nearby initiates the creation of a Walkie Talkie channel. Then it displays a code for you to share with anybody around who wishes to join.

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Overall, a fantastic feature. However, both you and your companion must possess a Watch 4.

Sort Your App Drawer

The app drawer prioritizes Samsung’s applications, but chances are you use other Android apps considerably more often. It is possible to sort the app drawer directly on your wrist. However, it is quite time-consuming. Fortunately, we can change it via the Galaxy Wearable app instead.

  • On your phone, launch the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Select Apps.
  • Tap the Reorder applications button.
  • Hold down on the app you wish to move.

You’ll have to come back and re-do this when new applications are downloaded — and certain app upgrades may cause it to fall back to the bottom of the drawer — but at least you’re not doing it on a 1.2 or 1.4-inch screen.

Optimize Animation Speed

With the power of Wear OS, you can now optimize touchscreen reaction time and make it considerably faster. However, this capability is buried inside the most powerful chamber, developer mode.

Developer mode is similar to a chamber with many intriguing things concealed within. On the other hand, the developer mode is concealed from the user.

Go to Settings > About Watch > Software > Tap numerous times on the Software version to unlock to activate developer mode.
After enabling developer mode, go to Settings > Developer Options > Scroll down to Window Animation Scale, then choose 0.5x Animation Scale.

The 0.5x animation scale is noticeably more responsive than the usual 1x animation scale.

Remapping Keys

The Galaxy 4 has two buttons on the watch’s right side.

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The first is the home button; single touching returns you to the home screen, while double-tapping returns you to the most recently used app. The second key is the back button, which returns to the previous screen.

Well, remapping keys enables you to assign specific tasks of your own. Go to Settings > Advanced features > Customize Keys to add custom tasks.

You may specify custom actions to activate on-button interaction under the customize keys option. You may, for example, access any program shortcut, wake up Bixby, turn off the menu, switch to the previous screen, reveal recent applications, and more.

Gesture Call Operation

Answering and refusing calls from the Galaxy 4 is available, as with prior versions. It is quite useful since it eliminates the effort and saves time answering a phone call during a hectic workday.

Using gestures to manage call activities makes it more convenient. You may answer calls in seconds using hand gestures. Isn’t it cool?

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Gestures > Select ‘Answer Calls’ > Activate to enable Gesture for answering calls. You may now answer calls by shaking your arm twice and bending at the elbow.

Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Gestures > Dismiss notifications and calls > Enable to enable Gesture for rejecting calls. It will now ignore calls or alerts if you rotate your wrist twice.

Install a Wide Variety of Apps

Install a Wide Variety of Apps

Thanks to Google Wear OS, the Watch 4 now has access to a large library of applications on Google Play. With Wear OS compatibility, you can install popular applications like Runkeeper, Google Maps, Spotify, AccuWeather, Google Pay, etc.

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The availability of these applications will encourage you to use your watch more often. Go to Menu > Select Google Playstore > Search for specific apps or explore the top suggestions to install applications.

Enable Qwerty Keyboard

The Galaxy 4 still comes with the standard T9 keyboard. It’s an old-school keyboard that was formerly supported by keypad devices.

Devices with T9 keyboards, on the other hand, have become outdated. We’re not sure why Samsung continues to use the outdated T9 type keypads. I despise this style since it makes typing harder.

Thankfully, Google Play support allows you to replace the old-school keyboard with a qwerty keypad called Gboard. Finally, you may download the Gboard app from the Google Play store.

Go to Settings > General > Input > Keyboard List > to change your default keyboard type. Tap Default keyboard and choose Gboard.

Enable Bixby

Enable Bixby

Even though the Watch 4 comes with Wear OS, Google Assistant is not yet supported. Hopefully, Samsung will provide an update that includes Google Assistant functionality.

Bixby, the official Samsung assistant, is ready to help. Navigate to the menu and launch the Bixby app. Set up a custom button to launch Bixby instead.

By saying “Hi Bixby,” you can send text messages, access a particular app, handle Samsung payments, switch on the flashlight, check the weather, create reminders, etc. Bixby being underappreciated?

On the other hand, Bixby is much more powerful than you realize. If you like working out, you may begin your routine by stating “Start Rowing Machine”; this will start a rowing machine workout.

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Assume you’ve done your rowing machine exercise and are ready to begin arm extensions. Hold the home button and speak “Start Treadmill” to do so. This will stop the current exercise and begin a new one in the same session.

You may integrate your exercises and avoid establishing several sessions this way.

Optimize Vibration Alerts

The default vibration for alerts may not draw your attention to them. You are quite likely to miss notification notifications. Fortunately, you may raise the strength of the vibration.

Go to Settings > Sounds & Vibration > Vibration and change the Vibration Intensity to “Strong.” Keep in mind that this option increases energy usage, particularly while receiving many alerts.

Take Screenshots

The Galaxy 4 allows screenshot capturing in the same way as its predecessor did. Screenshots are useful if you wish to save fitness records as images. This allows you to share the picture with your friends.

To capture screenshots, hold down the home and back buttons simultaneously. It will save to the gallery app on your watch. It’s simple to transfer photographs to your phone: long-press the image and then hit the “send to phone” button. It will complete the task.

Setup Screen Lock

It is critical to safeguard your sensitive information when on the watch. To do so, you must first password secure your Watch. Like smartphones, the Galaxy 4 has three locking options: pattern, PIN, and password.

Go to Settings > Security > Lock > Galaxy Watch to lock it. Choose a Lock Type (pattern, pin, or password)

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Custom Tiles Support – Things You Can Do With Galaxy Watch 4

Don’t Understand What A Tile Is? The widgets on the Galaxy 4 are referred to as tiles. A tile on the Watch 4 is highly handy since it provides many functions.

When you initially set up your Watch, it isn’t set up most helpful for you. As a result, you’ll need to revise it.

Long pressing on any tile will provide an editing option. Tapping on edit enables you to customize that specific tile to your liking. To add new tiles, scroll to the bottom and choose the add tile option. Then, among the available tiles, choose one.

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Is the Galaxy Watch 4 waterproof?

The Samsung Watch, like the Galaxy 4 and other Galaxy wearables, is water-resistant up to 50 meters and 30 minutes. If you expose the Watch to chlorine or salt, Samsung suggests avoiding fast-flowing water and complete cleaning and drying.

How long does Galaxy 4 battery last?

Whereas Android watches only offered 24 hours of battery life, Samsung claimed up to three days! And, with light to moderate usage, lasting two days without charging, those watches were pretty simple, even on the smaller versions with lower-capacity batteries.

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Does the Galaxy Watch 4 have a speaker?

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a speaker, so you can accept calls while wearing it. Callers had no problems when I answered their calls on the watch, and the speaker volume was appropriate when I held it up to my face.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the most popular smartwatches. There are a variety of things that you can do with this watch, including tracking your fitness, keeping up with your notifications, and controlling your music. Thanks for reading!

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