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How To Backup Apple Watch? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Backup Apple Watch Top Full Guide 2023

Assuming you own an Apple Watch, you may wonder how to back it up. The process is quite simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

In this article, HereOfamily will show you how to backup Apple Watch so you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.


How Do Backups On The Apple Watch Work?

The new Series 7 should backup the same way as previous models have. Your smartwatch automatically syncs your latest Health, Workout, Activity, and app data whenever it connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The first three bits of information, for example, are synchronized to the Health app, where they’re either encrypted and kept in iCloud or saved as part of your encrypted iPhone backup. Meanwhile, because this apps are extensions of iPhone apps, your app data is packed as part of your iPhone backup.

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How Do Backups On The Apple Watch Work

Note: You are not saving any Health data if you still use a computer to make unencrypted backups of your iPhone. As a result, using an encrypted iTunes backup or syncing your Health data via iCloud is now suggested.

You can also back up your health data via a third-party app, but the process isn’t as seamless (and you’ll lose all of your Activity accomplishments).

How To Back Up The Apple Watch

As long as your iPhone is within range, your smartwatch data will be backed up regularly. When you unpair an Apple Watch, you’ll be prompted to generate a backup. If you pair that watch or a new watch again, you’ll be able to restore the most recent backup.

Step 1: To begin, make sure your device is linked to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Go to Settings iCloud on your iPhone. If the control is turned off, turn it on.

Step 3: Select iCloud > iCloud backup from the menu. If the control is turned off, turn it on.

Step 4: Ensure that the watch is turned on.

Step 5: Return to the previous screen. Now is the time if it hasn’t been backed up in a while or merely do it for the most current data record.

How To Back Up The Apple Watch

What If I Get A New Apple Watch?

When you unpair your device, it will automatically reconnect to your iPhone. That way, if you buy a brand new watch of Apple, you may restore it from a prior backup with only a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Watch app first.

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Step 2: Select Begin Pairing.

Step 3: Select Restore From Backup from the drop-down menu.

You can then complete the procedure by following any of the steps on your screen. Ensure you agree to the terms and use your Apple ID to log in.

What If I Get A New Apple Watch

What If I Get A New iPhone?

It is a device that connects to your iPhone. You should have no trouble restoring your data to your watch if your iPhone has been adequately backed up and is up to date. After refreshing your iPhone from a previous backup, you can connect your smartwatch to the new device using the outlined methods.

How To Backup Apple Watch

Will The Backup Include Everything?

It excludes the following:

  • Bluetooth connections
  • Apple Pay on the watch accepts credit or debit cards.
  • The passcode for the watch
  • Text Messages (if you use iCloud and Messages in iCloud, your iMessages, text, and multimedia messages are stored in iCloud)

Will The Backup Include Everything

The backup includes the following:

  • App data for Mail, Calendar, Stocks, and Weather are all built-in apps.
  • App settings, both built-in and third-party
  • App layout on your home screen
  • Customizations and settings for the clock face
  • Dock configurations
  • System settings in general
  • History of data on health and fitness
  • Settings for notifications
  • Synchronized playlists, albums, and mixes
  • Siri’s voice feedback preferences
  • Any synced photographs in the app under My Watch > Photos > Synced Albums
  • Information on the time zone

How Often Should I Sync My iPhone With My Apple Watch?

It works similarly to services like iCloud Photo Library in that it distributes a continual stream of data between your devices whenever they’re in range.

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Unlike most of iCloud’s services, though, this product can connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so if you’ve gone for a trek in the woods with your watch and iPhone, you can still sync your Activity data even if you don’t have access to a hotspot (assuming the Bluetooth connection is strong enough).

Does My Watch Backup Reside On My iPhone Locally Or In iCloud?

When you sync data between your watch and iPhone for the first time, the information is stored locally on your iPhone.

When you back up your iPhone, some of the information will sync to iCloud (for example, if you have your Health data in iCloud); the remainder will save to either iCloud or iTunes, depending on the backup method you use.

Does My Watch Backup Reside On My iPhone Locally Or In iCloud

As a result, even if you lose your iPhone, you can restore your product with little to no data loss if you’ve recently backed it up and accessed your Apple ID.

Will My Apple Watch Be Able To Save Info Even If It Isn’t Connected To My iPhone?

Yup! Whether you’re going for a run without your iPhone or planning a weekend camping vacation just with your product, you’ll be covered. Until you’re back in range of your iPhone, any activity and health data you create while gone will be saved locally to your product (up to 30 days’ worth of data).

What Is An Apple Watch Backup If It Syncs Data To The iPhone?

When you sync settings data from your smartwatch to your iPhone, it doesn’t just wind up in a random free-floating package of an iPhone backup; instead, iOS places it in a dedicated container.

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As a result, if you ever need to unpair and re-pair or upgrade to a new watch, you’ll be able to return it to its previous state using that data.

What Is An Apple Watch Backup If The Apple Watch Syncs Data To The iPhone

If you want to retrieve your Apple Watch’s information, you’ll need the original iPhone you paired it with (or a new iPhone recovered from your old iPhone’s backup) – you can’t restore directly from iCloud.

Can I Send A Backup Of My Watch To A Friend’s iPhone?

Because your Watch backup is primarily related to your iPhone and its backup, you won’t be able to transfer your Watch data to a friend’s iPhone.

However, there is a method for transferring Watch data from an old iPhone to a new one. You may quickly recover your watch from a backup when you re-pair it if your new iPhone is restored from your previous iPhone’s backup.

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What is the best way to see if my Apple Watch is backed up?

  • Open Settings on your iPhone while the watch is unpaired.
  • Select General.
  • Select iPhone Storage as your option.
  • Scroll down until you locate the watch in what may be a very long list.
  • Look for a list of available backups under the heading Documents & Data.

Should I start over with an Apple Watch or restore from a backup?

Set Up as new product if this is your first one. If not, choose Restore from Backup. Update your smartwatch to the newest version of watchOS if prompted. You may need to update the software on your device before using it.

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FAQs how to backup my apple watch

Is it true that unplugging a watch of Apple erases everything?

Delete all data and settings. It removes all media, data, and settings from your smartwatch but not Activation Lock. Unpair the watch first to remove the Activation Lock. A backup of your watch’s contents is created on your iPhone before wipes.


Now that you know how to back up your Apple Watch, you may be wondering the best way to do it. You have several options, including iCloud, iTunes and Time Machine. There are pros and cons to each, so you can choose the suitable one for your need.

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