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Does Galaxy 4 Watch Measure Blood Pressure? Top Full Answer 2023

Does Galaxy 4 Watch Measure Blood Pressure Top Full Answer 2023

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can do more than tell the time, you may be wondering: Does Galaxy 4 watch measure blood pressure? The answer is yes! This smartwatch is equipped with sensors to track your heart rate and blood pressure.

Does Galaxy 4 Watch Measure Blood Pressure? Installing the modded Samsung Health Monitor app

Installing the modded Samsung Health Monitor app

It is pretty easy to install the hacked Samsung Health Monitor software. All required is a certain program, an Android phone, and the altered APKs.

The fundamental procedure is to install the hacked phone app first, then the modded watch software. After that, you should be able to launch Samsung Health Monitor and get everything up and running.

Check out the discussion post for the complete instructions, including troubleshooting procedures and download links.

Features & Limitations

Because this is an unauthorized version of the Samsung Health Monitor app, don’t expect it to be fully bug-free. It was not feasible to sync pressure readings between your watch and the Samsung Health app on your phone when the developer initially published this tweak last month.

However, due to a tip from XDA Member pavanmaverick, the developer was able to remedy the issue. I assisted the developer in figuring out how to enable the “set feature” button to appear in version 6.18 of the Samsung Health app, which is required for BP data sync to operate, so you won’t have to downgrade the Samsung Health app to sync BP data.

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If you encounter any problems when using this mod, keep in mind that the creator, XDA Senior Member Dante63, is a volunteer working on it in his free time. As a result, you may be unable to depend on this mod in the future if the creator discontinues active work (assuming no one else takes up the mantle).

Use the ECG and Blood Monitoring features of the Galaxy Watch 4 with non-Samsung phones.

It’s fantastic to see a mod that unlocks Samsung Health Monitor for (nearly) everyone. While you shouldn’t use the Galaxy Watch 4’s ECG or pressure reader for anything medical (even with the limitations), they are a helpful measurement for fitness comparisons.

If you already have a Galaxy Watch 4 and haven’t been able to set up Samsung Health Monitor, give this tweak ago.

Why Blood Pressure Tracking Doesn’t Work In The U.S.

Why Blood Pressure Tracking Doesn't Work In The U.S.

The reason for the lack of functioning is due to US government rules. To provide blood monitoring in the United States, a wristwatch must first be certified by the Food and Drug Administration (better known as the FDA).

Because the FDA clearance wasn’t ready when the Galaxy Watch 4 was released, it lacks the blood pressure function in the United States while being available in other countries. It’s aggravating, but it’s something that every smartwatch has to deal with.

That raises a crucial question: When will the Galaxy Watch 4 be able to detect blood pressure in the United States? That’s a tough thing to say. Galaxy Watches have theoretically been capable of doing so for a few years. Nonetheless, the FDA does not hurry to approve it any time soon.

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And it may stay that way for a while. There is already some worry about the accuracy of smartwatches for heart rate and ECG monitoring. Attempting to monitor pressure precisely is much more challenging, and as a result, the FDA is taking its time. As a result of all this, users of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can only wait for the FDA to (eventually) reach a judgment on the blood function.

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This is a question that many people have been asking lately. With the Galaxy 4 Watch release, many people are wondering if it can measure blood. While the watch does have some health-related features, it cannot currently measure blood pressure. However, Samsung is always improving its products so that this feature may be added in the future. Thanks for reading!

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