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How to take overhead shot with tripod? Top Full Guide 2023

How to take overhead shot with tripod Top Full Guide 2023

Understanding how to get that ideal overhead shot is essential knowledge for your creative toolkit, whether you’re making a cooking video, a product review, or simply want to film your subject from an interesting perspective. So, how to take overhead shot with tripod?

Why Use an Overhead Angle?

Why Use an Overhead Angle

The overhead shot is taken when the camera is placed about 90 degrees above the subject and frequently not very high. It provides a viewpoint that is so similar to the reality of a scene.

An entire scene can be captured and presented from a fresh angle with the help of an overhead shot.

This kind of camera angle, in contrast to the conventional eye level or high angle shot, can emphasize how tall things are and make large spaces appear smaller.

A drawback of using an overhead camera angle is that you might lose some detail in the image due to the reduced depth of field.

One of the least used and appreciated shots in a filmmaker’s arsenal is the overhead shot. It can be used to show events from an original angle or to set the scene for what is being shown on screen.

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What To Consider When Choosing a Setup

What To Consider When Choosing a Setup

Given the variety of approaches to recording overhead footage, there are a few factors you should take into account before choosing a certain configuration.


Choose the type of camera you’ll use before you start filming. Will you be using a DSLR, a point-and-shoot camera, or a smartphone to record the video? What size and weight does your camera have?

Some of the DIY setups might not be able to hold the weight of a heavier camera, such a DSLR, if you want to shoot with one. Additionally, you must confirm that the phone or camera you plan to use for filming is compatible with your setup.


You must also be aware of the kind of lens your camera will be equipped with when you take the photo. You must select a setting that allows your camera to be placed sufficiently close to your subject if you only have access to a wide lens yet want to shoot a close-up photo.

Choose a sort of rig that places your camera farther away from your subject if you plan to use a close-up lens.


Who or what are you going to shoot? Will your subject move while being photographed, or will it be stationary?

The equipment you would select to film a cooking tutorial will probably differ from the equipment you would require to shoot a human subject from above. Choose a rig based on how easy you’ll need to be able to move it.


Consider your budget while selecting an overhead shooting arrangement to try. Even if you’d prefer a nice setup made especially for overhead photography, if your budget won’t allow it, it might not be instantly justified or necessary.

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Use a less expensive method to capture your films. You can always upgrade later if you still want or desire more sophisticated equipment.

Start With The Right Camera and Lens

Start With The Right Camera and Lens

When trying to set up your top-down photo, your camera setup, especially your lens, is a crucial factor to consider. You will have to position your camera quite close to your subject if you want a close-up angle but only have a wide-angle lens.

However, this may affect how hard you have to work and how much you have to manipulate the material you’re filming.

You probably don’t want to have a camera right up against a mixing bowl in a cooking tutorial, for instance. It’s a dreadful time, things can spill, and you’ll feel crowded.

In most cases, having a telephoto lens is ideal. This will enable you to position the camera higher above the subject while still getting a close-up view of the scene. As always, your creative vision and the subject matter will determine this choice.

How to Take Overhead Shot With Tripod Arm

How to Take Overhead Shot With Tripod Arm

The tripod’s top is attached to this metal bar with screws. You extend the bar across the set while fastening your tripod head to one end. Put your camera in a position where it is looking down at your set.

Your camera will remain in place while maintaining the same view of your set if it is linked to the arm. This enables you to maintain the same camera position while adjusting subjects on the set and saving time. You won’t always have the same camera position when hand holding and hunching over.

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Make sure you are using a sturdy tripod that can support the weight of the camera, bar, and tripod head when shooting with a tripod arm.

You might need to add a counter weight to the other end of the bar if your camera, lens, and tripod head are all heavy. Before you begin working, make sure your camera is firmly in place and won’t fall over.

Using Flexible Camera Tripod

Using Flexible Camera Tripod

Flexible tripods can be wrapped around and secured to almost any object. They are reasonably priced and really helpful for taking video while on the go. Due to their versatility, they are useful for holding cameras in unconventional positions, such as face down for overhead shots.

A tall item on your counter, such as a lamp, a curtain rod fastened to the wall, or anything you have on hand, would be good places to mount your flexible tripod. Have fun with it and be creative!

Get Creative With Mic Stands

Get Creative With Mic Stands

A tripod boom microphone stand is an excellent option for getting overhead angles if you need more space to work and don’t want a camera or stand to get in the way.

It comprises a horizontal pole that extends forth and hovers over your subject, while a vertical pole is utilized to adjust the height and sit comfortably to the side of the subject.

It makes a lot of room for you to move around and operate in without getting in the way of the photo or you. To make the base of the stand more stable, anchor it with something like sandbags. You definitely don’t want your costly camera to fall on the ground.

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You can get a scissor arm stand or a suspension stand if you want to be more inventive. However, they essentially resemble the adjustable clamping microphone stands that are popular for podcasting and live streaming.

Similar to the boom stand we just discussed, microphones are the main application for these. But you can also attach a little camera on them.

Budget Solutions For Overhead Angles

Budget Solutions For Overhead Angles

Friction magic arms are a different option for clamping. These are considerably less expensive and smaller. In order to obtain the ideal angle, you can clamp them onto something you already own that is high above your subject (a floor lamp, a shelf, etc.).

This is another ready-to-use option that may either be moved about or securely clamped in place. By using the magic arm as the horizontal pole to assist keep the tripod out of the way, you can even utilize these to convert your tripod into a boom arm stand.

Since they are so adaptable and portable, these have truly been essential to me. They certainly fulfill the definition of “magic.”

FAQs about how to take overhead shot with tripod

FAQs about how to take overhead shot with tripod

How to shoot overhead video with phone without tripod? How to take overhead photos with Iphone?

The simplest method to accomplish this without a costly tripod is to get an overhead phone rig. These are affordable and simple to use. The phone won’t move because of an integrated counterweight system with springs.

How to film from above without a tripod?

There are many ways of filming overhead without the need of a tripod. You can use an inexpensive camera clamps that can attach to object that are high above your subject.

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Now that you know how to take an overhead shot with a tripod, put your new skills to the test and see what interesting perspectives you can create!

HereOfamily hope that you learned something useful from this article. Thank you for reading.

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