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Steadicam vs Gimbal: Which one is better? Top Full Guide 2023

Steadicam vs Gimbal Which one is better Top Full Guide 2023

We can all agree that one of the most essential elements of any film is camera movement. But there shouldn’t be any shaking in the lovely motion you capture with your camera. Your camera shots will be shake-free thanks to the Steadicam or Gimbal. They accomplish this in a variety of methods, each has a different price.

Let’s examine the distinctions between Steadicam vs Gimbal.

What is a Steadicam

What is a Steadicam

The mechanical camera stabilization method known as the “Steadicam” was created in 1975 and is still in use today. The Steadicam is an inertia-based device, so in order to produce a smooth motion, it needs a substantial weight. Its sled can support the monitor and batteries in addition to the camera.

You must put on a vest that distributes the weight on your shoulders and hips in order to utilize a Steadicam. Additionally, the vest links the camera to an arm that has a number of springs to separate your movement from the camera.

All of these factors working together will give you a steady image despite your frequent movement.

The Function of the Steadicam

The Steadicam has few functions and controls despite being straightforward and very simple to use. These tools demand their users to exert the most physical effort. They provide effects similar to the Gimbal but use more energy.

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You might not have the proper Steadicam for every camera, which could cause compatibility issues with your camera. You can still use it for your camera despite this. You will have to manually adjust your stabilizer in these circumstances.

They are made to function with professional cameras, including those used for professional filming and photography. Heavy and unwieldy cameras can be operated with these tools.

Although you will need to modify your camera, some stabilizers can be utilized with portable cameras.

Steadicam Adjustments

To make significant alterations with your Steadicam, you can buy a range of accessories. Because they are so hefty, managing these items will need extra work on your part. Your entire body will be affected, not just your hands and arms.

It takes some effort to mount a Steadicam stabilizer to your camera. It is best to practice because you can’t put them up properly the first time.

This device requires manual operation and lacks any software. There is no risk of the battery failing or needing significant maintenance because the motors and batteries are not in operation.

What Is a Gimbal

What is a gimbal

Gimbal, as opposed to Steadicam, is an electrical tool for reducing camera shake. Following its first application in helicopter mounts and crane arms, the technology was initially utilized by Movi as a mobile camera stabilizer in 2013.

The electronic mechanism of a gimbal is made to measure the camera’s location hundreds of times per second. The motors are charged to move in the opposite direction when there is a movement to balance out the trembling.

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Technicalities of the Gimbals

Gimbals cannot be utilized similarly to a Steadicam. A motor in them manages stabilization. This does not negate the need for balance, though. While you still need to balance them for the best videography, doing so is much simpler than adjusting the Steadicam.

The Gimbals’ motors will need to be charged every day. Due of this, you require a battery. Due to battery and charging difficulties, this item needs extra care.

Simply keep the charger with you at all times. Because you don’t need a lot of knowledge or years of practice to use them, this is considerably simpler than the Steadicam.

Which One Should You Choose As A Beginner?

Which One Should You Choose As A Beginner

Beginners will find it challenging to control these balances. We advise you to start out with a simple gimbal so you can improve your skills. But keep in mind that your selections will also influence how your decision turns out.

Don’t thus accept our word for it at face value. By practicing with the auto stabilizer first, then using the manual, you can learn how to operate the Steadicam. This will aid in your comprehension of the instrument.

Advantages of using Steadicams

  • They enable more accurate adjustments.
  • ideal for vertical angles and translations
  • One person can operate and control a Steadicam.
  • It is an extremely reliable technique. The electronics in your Steadicam won’t break down while you’re shooting. You can keep recording videos without interruption.
  • You are ready to accelerate. An expert operator can balance this tool in a matter of seconds.
  • This is appropriate for large, heavy cameras.
  • The majority of production companies continue to use them when making videos.
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Advantages of using Gimbals

  • When utilized to capture high-altitude scenes, they are dependable and adaptable. This system is compatible with bicycles, rollerblades, and horses.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of practice or experience to manage a gimbal.
  • They are offered at several pricing points, including pricey, reasonable, and inexpensive. You can select a price based on your needs and financial situation.
  • Simple to use and intuitive

Which One Is Better?

Which One Is Better

There is never a definite response as to one is superior to the other. One may be a better choice than the other in a variety of circumstances. Like, professional-grade Steadicam is not appropriate for your project if you’re just doing straightforward YouTube vlog videos. The little cameras cannot be held by that bulky apparatus.

A gimbal is not a suitable choice for your setup if it necessitates a lot of accessories. The gimbal is appropriate for smaller projects like real estate photography, weddings, short music videos, vlogging, concerts, and events, among others.

Gimbal vs Glidecam

Gimbal vs Glidecam

Glidecam is a brand, but it has come to be associated with Steadicam-like camera stabilizers that employ weights to balance cameras rather than electronics.

A glidecam balances the camera on a short pole around a central axis using counterweights.

More weights are added to the bottom to keep it stable the heavier the camera and lens setup you want to balance on top. In order to keep the camera steady while moving, the center pole’s length in respect to the handle is also modified.

Glidecams rely entirely on gravity and the motion of the operator for a smooth shot; they don’t require any electronic components. It requires considerable practice to get it right because of this.

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Glidecam Advantages

The advantages of glidecam-style stabilizers are numerous. They don’t have any electronic components, for instance. So that you won’t find yourself unexpectedly stranded with a non-working motor.

Additionally, they don’t require batteries or recharge. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about the battery dying unexpectedly mid-shoot.

FAQs about Steadicam vs Gimbal

FAQs about steadicam vs gimbal

Is a gimbal better than IBIS?

Yes, the gimbal is way better than the built-in IBIS.

What is the difference between Steadicam vs handheld?

The difference between walking and flying is a simple analogy to describe how a handheld camera differs from a Steadicam. The motion of the Steadicam is constant no matter what the surface underneath. This constancy makes a Steadicam ideal for fluid, graceful movements.

How much is the Steadicam price?

For larger cameras, a complete Steadicam gear might cost between $25,000 and $30,000. A complete system for DSLR and tiny cameras can cost between $2,500 and $3,000.


If you’re looking to stabilize your camera shots, you’ll need to decide between a Steadicam or Gimbal. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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