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Best Alternative to Tripod DIY: Top Full Guide 2023

Best Alternative to Tripod DIY Top Full Guide 2023

You can shoot almost anything if you have a camera and a tripod. A tripod is an essential component of filmmaking equipment. Without them, it’s nearly difficult to capture a great photograph. But what if you forget your tripod or don’t have one?

In this article, we will show you ways that alternative to tripod to achieve the stability you desire.

Why do you use an alternative to tripod?

Why do you use an alternative to tripod

It’s sometimes necessary to keep your camera very still when taking pictures. This is particularly true if you’re shooting inside or at night, when you need to slow down your shutter speed to make up for the lack of light from the sun.

A tripod is frequently used by photographers in these situations. However, not everyone enjoys carrying them around, and investing in a durable one can be expensive.

Either way, there are alternative to tripod ways that you could use to stabilize your camera.

A Pile of Books

A Pile of Books

This inexpensive DIY tripod substitute works well and is practical for taking steady photos. Especially if you’re filming indoors, you can easily locate the stack of books.

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Both the height and the distance are simply adjustable, you only need to add or remove books to adjust the height to your satisfaction. Though the drawback is that this trick is not always available when you are outside.

Using Your Body

Using Your Body

Your body can also work as a stable tripod if you know how to hold your camera and have a good stand. Make sure to provide a stable platform by placing your left hand underneath the camera body or around the base of the lens barrel.

Keep your elbows tucked in and your feet at least shoulder width apart.

Breathe in, then exhale. Now, shoot. By leaning against a wall, fence, tree, or any other sturdy structure, you can add even more stability.

A Water Bottle

A Water Bottle

The most portable DIY tripod substitute is definitely a water bottle. There is essentially no chance of being without a water bottle, whether inside or outside. Which camera you can use depends on the surface of the bottle cap.

If you have your little yet fantastic GoPro with you, a bottle with a small cap surface could work. For other digital cameras, you can use a bottle with a bigger cap surface.

Make sure your bottle is at least 50% full of water to provide stability and prevent it from falling over in the wind; otherwise, you risk breaking your expensive camera!



For filming any fast-paced action or sporting event, a monopod is simply ideal. You may have observed Olympic photographers using monopods frequently to photograph athletes.

One-legged camera supports, or monopods, can occasionally be even more helpful than conventional tripods. It’s less cumbersome than a tripod, sets up faster, and has multiple sections that you can easily fold down to make it even more portable, making it easier to carry.

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They are also less expensive. A monopod may be very helpful for you whether you are a sports photographer, wildlife photographer, or even a journalist.

The only disadvantage of using a monopod is that you might have to hold them throughout the photo shoot because they can’t stand up on their own.



This tripod alternative must be in your bag if you’re a professional photographer.

Super clamps are essential for supplying support and are inexpensive, adaptable, and portable. Almost no excuse exists for not owning one.

The super clamp can be made to grab almost anything and give your camera the stability it needs. Different clamps are available with various load capacities and jaw sizes. To increase versatility, some have articulating heads or movable arms.

Pocket Tripods

Pocket Tripods

These are miniature versions of the big tripods that were used originally. It is unnecessary to lug along a big, bulky three-leg stand since pocket tripods are lightweight, less costly, and easier to handle.

Each model has a different load capacity. One may be easily found on Amazon or any other internet store.



Particularly tables provide a sturdy base for a tripod. Users can get the same structural stability from tables that a traditional tripod provides. It is therefore the safest option for you. Additionally, since there are tables everywhere, you won’t have to search very far for one.

However, most tables have a fixed height, so unless you are using a standing desk that is adjustable, you are limited by the height of the table you already have.

Plastic Cup as makeshift tripod for you Phone

Plastic Cup as makeshift tripod for you Phone

Here are some tools you can use if you’re taking pictures with your smartphone:

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Make a tripod out of a disposable cup. Create two parallel, wide cuts at the cup’s sides. Just cut the slits through the bottom 1/4 of the cup, not all the way through. To prevent the cup from tipping over when you mount your smartphone, fill it with rice, stones, or sand.

After everything is set up, slide your smartphone between the slits to start taking pictures and you have an alternative to tripod for your phone.

Utilize the Environment

Utilize the Environment

On the other hand, any object with a flat surface, such a stack of bricks, a tree stump, a bench, etc., is simple to find. By securing the camera’s strap over your arm or hand, you may also utilize it.

When you are taking pictures with a moderately slow shutter speed, this strategy works well. The surroundings may be used in place of a tripod and is just as effective. To prevent damage, be careful to lay a soft cloth below your camera.

FAQs about Alternative to Tripod

FAQs about Alternative to Tripod

How can I stabilize my phone without a tripod?

You can utilize objects around your house to stabilize your phone such as binder clips or hair clips. You can also use a disposable cup as an alternative to tripod for your phone.

What is tripod alternatives at home?

Indoors, you can take advantage of a stack of books, your table or even your bean bags to stabilize your camera for the best picture quality.

How can I shoot in low light without a tripod?

To shoot in low light without a tripod, there are some tips you can follow:

  • Raise the ISO
  • Use Mirror Lock-Up and Live View Mode
  • Use High-Speed Burst Mode
  • Find a Ledge or Wall
  • Use Your Bag
  • Train Yourself
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How do you take pictures with your hands still?

Pulling your elbows into your body and fully exhaling before pressing the shutter is the first simple technique you can use to steady your hands-on photos.


There are many ways to achieve stability without a tripod. With a little creativity, you can shoot great photos and videos without one. Thank you for taking the time to read the HereOfamily article. Hope you enjoy it.

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