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Can You Use Wireless Headphones On A Plane: Top Full Guide 2023

Can You Use Wireless Headphones On A Plane Top Full Guide 2023

Most people believe that Bluetooth gadgets are strictly prohibited on airplanes. This is because airlines need you to set your devices to Airplane Mode during the trip in order to avoid interfering with the aircraft’s communication systems. That leads to many people wondering “can you use wireless headphones on a plane?”.

Are Wireless Headphones Allowed on Airplanes?

Are Wireless Headphones Allowed on Airplanes

Bluetooth is actually quite safe, it turns out. Though generally safe, it can present a risk to older aircraft models, which is why some airlines continue to control Bluetooth devices. All more recent airplanes have been designed to use Bluetooth technology.

With the exception of the security briefing, takeoff, landing, and any turbulence, you’ll often be able to use Bluetooth headphones and other Bluetooth devices during the trip.

But different airlines have quite different rules. Only Air France and Air Canada (on flights without WiFi) forbid using Bluetooth devices during flights among the well-known airlines.

While some do not directly mention it in their regulations, most American airlines have nothing against letting customers use Bluetooth devices throughout a flight.

International Rules

Airlines from other nations and those operating internationally follow different regulations. For example, British Airways permits passengers to use Bluetooth devices while in flight but not while the aircraft is in takeoff, landing, or taxiing.

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Air Canada, on the other hand, only permits wireless headphones if the battery is detachable and the jet has climbed over 10,000 feet. Passengers are not at all permitted to use wireless computer mouse.

German airline Lufthansa allows its customers to use their wireless headphones throughout the whole flight, including during takeoff and landing.

Airlines have banned wireless headphones primarily for safety reasons. In particular, they wish to prevent situations where travelers are helpless and caught in potentially hazardous circumstances.

For instance, several airlines forbid the use of noise-canceling headphones since the wearer may be unable to hear instructions that could save their lives in an emergency.

Turn your Bluetooth off during taxiing, takeoff, and landing if you want to be extra safe with most airlines. Additionally, during the entire trip, the device you are connecting with needs to be in flight mode.

Therefore, even in flight mode, the device you’re using to pair with your wireless headphones should be able to do so.

What About Airpods?

can you use wireless headphones on a plane What About Airpods

You can utilize your AirPods while flying, yes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advised airlines in 2013 that they might expand the use of “Portable Electronic Devices” (PEDs) by passengers during all flight phases. The majority of airlines today allow the use of AirPods from gate to gate because they fall under the PED category.

The FAA is the regulatory organization in charge of advising on and approving the use of electronics on aircraft. But ultimately, the choice of which devices to accept or disallow rests with each individual airline.

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Why Can’t Headphones Be Worn During Take-Off and Landing?

Why Can’t Headphones Be Worn During Take-Off and Landing

Headphones can be a useful accessory while traveling, but they are not allowed to be worn during the most critical phases of a flight – take-off and landing. This is because they obstruct access to the aisle, and any device that transmits or receives communications must be switched off for the duration of the flight.

In addition, headphones do not protect against pressure changes, so it is important for passengers to be able to hear announcements or directions made by the crew in case of emergency. This can also be a safety issue, as headset cables could create an obstruction in case of an evacuation.

For these reasons, it is important to make sure you are aware of the regulations regarding headphone use on planes, and to respect them in order to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

How To Use Wireless Headphones On A Plane

How To Use Wireless Headphones On A Plane

The issue with most airlines is that they only occasionally update their planes, and as a result, the equipment you’ll find onboard is probably 10 to 40 years old.

Additionally, every airline has a unique fleet of planes, and every airline has a unique approach to designing its entertainment systems.

Instead of the traditional, single-pin, 3.5mm audio jack, the majority of modern airplane entertainment systems use a 2-prong audio jack (or even a 3-prong on a few, rare occasions), and thus are incompatible with Bluetooth devices.

There is, however, a solution to this. To use your Bluetooth headphones with the in-built entertainment systems, you can purchase a universal headphone Bluetooth adaptor.

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Use the Sudio Flyg Bluetooth Transmitter, for instance, which accepts connections from 1- and 2-prong audio jacks (which covers most aircraft models today). It only requires that you plug it in, pair your Bluetooth headphones with it, and then you can start enjoying the built-in entertainment systems.

FAQs about Can You Use Wireless Headphones on a Plane

FAQs about Can You Use Wireless Headphones on a Plane

How do you connect wireless headphones on a plane?

A 3.5mm headphone jack is often located in the armrest of in-flight entertainment systems. You must attach a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone jack and link it with your headphones in order to use Bluetooth headphones. These are offered on Amazon and other online retailers of gadgets.

Can I use AirPods on a plane?

The good news is that AirPods work on airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration has agreed to allow the use of Bluetooth accessories, such as AirPods, on airplanes, just like any other wireless headphones.

What kind of headphones can I use on an airplane?

On airplanes, Bluetooth earbuds and headphones are permitted. This is what? During takeoff and landing, you’ll probably need to switch them off. It’s recommended to keep a pair of wired headphones on hand just in case, as some airlines do not permit wireless headphones during these hours.


The answer is yes, you can use wireless headphones on a plane. As long as your device is set to Airplane Mode and you are not transmitting any data while in flight, you should be able to enjoy your music or podcast without any hassle.

So don’t let the fear of breaking the rules keep you from enjoying your trip – grab a pair of wireless headphones and start streaming your favorite tunes today!

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