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Headphones JBL vs Sony: Which One Is Better – Top Full Guide 2023

Headphones JBL vs Sony Which One Is Better - Top Full Guide 2023

Anyone who has a phone, plays video games, or enjoys listening to high-quality music should have headphones. Nowadays, wireless headphones are taking the place of wired headphones. In this Article, we will take a deep comparison between two of the most famous brand headphones JBL vs Sony.

Overview of JBL vs Sony Headphones

Overview of JBL vs Sony Headphones (1)

Main Advantages of JBL Headphones

Budget-friendly: The cheapest wired headphones only cost about $40.

Design: Thorough examinations of the high-level aesthetics of equipment. Even the most affordable headsets are stylish.

The adaptability of technology: Headphones may be used with players, computers, and phones without any issues.

Main Advantages of Sony Headphones

High quality: Because the Japanese are conscious of their reputation, their products are consistently well-made and reliable.

Utilization of advanced technologies: Sony is producing more and more Bluetooth headphones with creative features.

Design: The appearance of things is solidified by restrained colors devoid of vibrant accessories.


For more than 60 years, JBL and Sony have manufactured premium electronics and acoustics. These businesses prioritize excellent sound, wireless technologies, and maximum noise suppression while designing headphones.

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Different versions vary in terms of their functionality, size (portable and full-sized devices differ), the presence or absence of a microphone, and noise-canceling features.

There are many types that come in both wired and wireless variations. Some full-size models come with a handy folding feature that makes moving the device much easier.

JBL headphones have an edge over Sony headphones when considering price and availability. Sony makes headsets for PlayStation consoles, improved studio headphones, and headsets with clearer sound.

Sony is superior overall, but if a customer must choose between JBL and Sony headphones based solely on pricing, JBL comes out on top.

JBL wireless headphones promise continuous audio playback for 4 to 16 hours. Simultaneously, Sony models support 9 to 15 hours of audio playback.

The volume and clarity of both brands’ audio will please the typical listener, although bass enthusiasts will notice that JBL models are distinguished by their preponderance. Most JBL headphones fall short of expectations for a well-balanced, pleasant sound.

The wide variety of headphones available from Sony is another benefit. In parallel, the producer develops and produces models while taking into account the needs of specific user groups.

For running or participating in sports, Sony now makes Bluetooth headphones with additional moisture protection in the case.

Their high-end studio headphones offer an extended frequency response and can reproduce music in crystal clear detail.

Sony headphones are unquestionably the best, according to the majority of casual users. But others who don’t use such “expensive” headsets at work will be put off by their price.

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JBL vs Sony – Bluetooth Headphones

JBL vs Sony - Bluetooth Headphones


For owners of smartphones, laptops, and players with a Bluetooth connection feature, wireless gadgets with a compact charging case integrated are a real possibility.

The most popular headphones of this type are JBL’s Tune 120TWS and Sony’s WF-XB700.

Sony is considerably superior to the rival in terms of performance. They have a more recent Bluetooth version, last longer, and even weigh a little less.

According to reports, the Sony WF-XB700 has greater sound quality but also costs almost twice as much. They are also perspiration and moisture resistant.

If you listen to music for a long time and in bad weather, you should pick a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones. JBL’s headphones are sufficient for folks who only listen to music on their commutes to and from work.

Although both models have advantages, they also have drawbacks. Owners of the JBL Tune 120 complain about the device’s subpar sound quality and antiquated Micro-USB interface, whereas the Sony slightly boosts the microphone.

With Control Unit

Due to their nearly identical price tags, JBL and Sony’s superior sports headphones in this category are no longer so clear-cut.

This comparison is between the JBL T205BT and Sony WI-XB400, the most popular models.

JBL has the advantages of being a little lighter and charging more quickly. When compared to Sony, which only provides black and white models, JBL is a better choice for those who want vibrant hues because of the T205BT’s 7 color selections.

In terms of autonomy, Sony WI-XB400 is undoubtedly superior because they can operate for 2.5 times as long. Again, the Japanese excel at Bluetooth, where connection speed is crucial. Both models have nearly comparable prices.

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Concerning the drawbacks, JBL is criticized for having poor sound insulation and a shoddy structure. Uncomfortable wires that are overly long and poorly fitted are a problem for Sony.

Both models’ lack of moisture protection is a drawback because sweat on the control unit might be dangerous.

Full-size Wireless Headphone

An overhead headset won’t be as practical due to its size as the two other options, but it does have two benefits: sound quality and autonomy.

Sony headphones range from $35 to $300, while JBL headphones cost $35 to $200.

People who frequently use headphones will be drawn to JBL’s features. They recharge very quickly; a full charge takes only two hours, and by giving the device five minutes to recharge, the owner can listen to music for an hour. The diameter of the membrane is 2 mm greater on the JBL, which is another benefit.

One advantage Sony has is a larger battery (even though the headphones are lighter). They are able to work for practically two days. ideal for lengthy journeys.

Historically, Sony has had greater Bluetooth performance; this is standard 5.0.

On the down side, the JBL Tune 500BT is unpleasant for persons with big heads and makes considerable background noise when in standby mode. The microphone on the Sony WH-CH510 is too sensitive and occasionally causes sound disruptions.

JBL vs Sony – Wired Headphones

JBL vs Sony - Wired Headphones

When evaluating wired choices, it is also difficult to say which headphones are superior to JBL or Sony.

Better gadgets are available from Sony, but they are pricey. If you examine possibilities from different brands in the same price range, each will have advantages.

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Compact Earbuds

The most often used kind of headphones. Although they are not as easy to use as wireless, they have the advantage of not needing to be recharged.

We used the well-liked JBL T110 and Sony MDR-EX155 for comparison.

JBL offers excellent audio quality with its trademark bass. You cannot hear any friction from the cord because it is sufficiently thick.

With the exception of a little higher sensitivity, a cable that is nearly 4 inches longer, and a kit that includes four ear pads at once, Sony is practically identical in terms of attributes.

In terms of color options, Sony triumphs as well; there are eight MDR-EX155 variations available as opposed to just four for JBL. But since they are essentially weightless, weight is the main benefit.

There are no significant issues with any model’s performance. JBL is unhappy with the design, and Sony is unhappy with the cable’s flimsiness.

Full-size Wired Headphones

Without wired overhead alternatives, a comparison of JBL or Sony headphones cannot be considered complete.

These headphones are particularly intriguing for video game enthusiasts since they completely immerse the user in the audio of the virtual environment.

The JBL Quantum 400 boasts excellent bass and outstanding sensitivity. It is more affordable than the Sony MDR1AM2.

Another benefit of the design is that you may transport the headphones in a small package thanks to the swivel mechanism.

Sony offers many benefits. They weigh just 193 g, feature a 40 mm membrane diameter, and provide excellent sound. The headphones are brilliant light green elements in the mix in addition to the primary gray hue.

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JBL’s biggest drawback is that their excessive pressure on the head can be uncomfortable when used for extended periods of time. The primary flaw with Sony is the absence of a foldable design.

FAQs about Headphones JBL vs Sony

FAQs about Headphones JBL vs Sony

Are JBL headphones better than Bose?

The Bose over-ear fit is superior to the JBL’s in terms of comfort and isolation in noisy environments. They also feature a better default sound that works with most genres and a longer battery life, but you can’t EQ them like the JBL. Because of this, the JBL is a little more adaptable than the Bose.

Is JBL the best sound system?

JBL creates lightweight Bluetooth speakers with a reliable construction and neutral sound quality. However, the sound profiles of their older models aren’t very customizable. The majority of them are also not voice assistant speakers.

Why Sony sound is good?

Sony makes soundbars that are reliable and well-made. They usually do a good job of reproducing dialogue, but if you want a little bit extra bass or treble in your mix, their lack of sound augmentation tools could be a problem. Sony offers soundbars at various price points, therefore their features can vary.


Wireless headphones are a great way to enjoy your favorite music, videos, and games without the hassle of cords. After reading this article, you may have noticed that there are distinct differences between JBL and Sony headphones.

While both offer superior sound quality, JBL offers more bass and a longer battery life than Sony. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure of enjoying an optimal listening experience.

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