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How To Fix Scratched Camera Lens: Top Full Guide 2023

How To Fix Scratched Camera Lens Top Full Guide 2023

Every photographer is aware of the high cost of cameras and lenses. They always handle or use them with extra caution as a result. No matter how carefully you treat your digital camera, the lens is still prone to damage. Today, we will look into how to fix scratched camera lens.

Do camera lens scratches matter?

Do camera lens scratches matter

Because they may have an impact on how images are captured, camera lens scratches are a huge problem to photographers. What kind of effect the scratch will have will depend on where on the lens it is located, how big it is, and how deep it is.

For instance, it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile to bother with fixing a small, surface-level scratch that was discovered on the outside of the lens because it would probably have very little impact on photographs.

On the other side, larger scratches may result in image distortion and blurring and may even impair the camera’s ability to focus. These scratches have a higher likelihood of becoming deeper as well, which can change how the light scatters.

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Although often not a problem, it can increase the chances of picking up lens flares, changing contrast, and even accumulating dust and grit inside them.

Since scratches often only cause a small portion of your image to become blurry when utilizing narrow apertures, the scratch would blend in with the rest of the image. In reality, you might not even see the flaws until you reach larger apertures, where more of the image is in focus.

Can camera lens scratches be repaired?

Can camera lens scratches be repaired

If your camera lens can be repaired or not depends on how badly it has been scratched. However, if your lens is beyond repair due to a severe scratch, purchasing a new lens isn’t always your only choice.

Alternatively, you could decide to swap out the lens’ front element. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this might be pricey and isn’t always covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s worth first confirming whether it is and how much it will cost.

Most of the time, it is not necessary to replace the front piece; you may simply live with the scratch. However, there are a few various options you can take to try and fix the scratch if you find yourself in need of a repair but replacing the front part is either not worth it or too pricey.

How To Fix Scratched Camera Lens

How To Fix a Scratched Camera Lens

Use a Camera Lens Repair Kit

You can always utilize a scratch repair kit instead of attempting a DIY fix or taking your camera to a repair shop. Today’s market offers a variety of brands and businesses selling camera lens repair kits.

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These scratch or camera lens repair kits come with a variety of tools and fixes. With the use of these tools, you can quickly fix many additional camera parts, including the lenses. This option only works well if you are a skilled photographer who is familiar with cameras.

The Rubbing Alcohol Treatment

This is one of the techniques that is most frequently suggested for eliminating scratches from lenses. Even though it is widely available and very good at removing scratches, rubbing alcohol can damage lenses. So be careful not to use it directly on the lens.

How to apply this method for scratch removal is as follows:

  1. Clean your camera’s lens first. Use a lens brush or a lens blower to do this. Utilize a lens-cleaning wipe or tissue and a few drops of lens cleaning solution.
  2. Scrub the lens in circular motions. Avoid wiping the lens with your fingers. Before continuing, you should check to make sure that your lens is totally free of dust.
  3. Rubber alcohol diluted with water to a concentration of 3.5% is used. 20 parts water to 1 part alcohol would be the ratio for this dilution.
  4. This diluted alcohol solution should be used to dampen a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure not to apply the solution to the fabric in excess.
  5. Gently rub it across the lens to remove any scratches.
  6. Finally, use a different clean microfiber cloth to dry it off.

Repair the Camera Lens Scratch with Vaseline

Repair the Camera Lens Scratch with Vaseline

Vaseline is another DIY technique. The verdict is still out on whether this is the ideal solution for your scratched glass camera lens, despite the fact that it has been demonstrated to work pretty well on scratched plastic displays like those found on computers.

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The lens must first be cleaned as usual with a lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Once it has dried, use a clean finger to dab a little Vaseline onto the scratch. Next, remove the extra with a fresh, clean microfiber cloth.

As the Vaseline wears off over time, this treatment, which essentially makes the scratch disappear, must be performed on a semi-regular basis.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the oiliness of the Vaseline may have an impact on your photography. The good news is that it can all be undone if it doesn’t work out for you.

Glass Windscreen Polish

This is one of the most contemporary methods for polishing lens scratches. Now that it works amazingly well, many emerging photographers are advising it.

It provides an additional layer of lens coating in addition to being a solution that can be used safely on camera lenses. For their cars, many people have glass windscreen polishers at home. You can still easily purchase one from the store even if you don’t have one.

On photography internet forums, there are a few stories of individuals using this technique, and it seems to be effective. One account describes how they applied it to a vintage camera lens that had already lost its lens coating and discovered that it restored it to its former beauty and even provided a new lens coating!

Use a Pencil Eraser

Use a Pencil Eraser

Although this approach is relatively traditional, it nevertheless has a lot of power. Since pencil erasers are readily available to everyone, this strategy is also highly helpful.

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A soft pencil eraser is also practically risk-free to use on your camera’s lens. Simply check to make sure the eraser is brand-new, spotless, and not harsh or abrasive.

The following describes how to use a pencil eraser to remove scratches from your lens:

  • Make sure your camera lens is entirely dust-free by cleaning it.
  • Use a soft pencil eraser to gently rub the lens scratch in the long direction.
  • Continue doing this until the scrape comes off.
  • Finally, clean the lens with a soft microfiber cloth.

The Baking Soda and Banana Method

The renowned baking soda and banana method must be mentioned in any article on removing scratches from a camera lens. It is a practical and safe solution. But you might end up with a banana-scented lens.

To start, ensure your camera lens is completely dust- and dirt-free. One banana should be peeled and divided into three equal pieces. The banana’s central piece should be taken and coated with baking soda.

Next, repeatedly brush the banana over the scratch on the lens. Make sure to clean your hands together for at least two minutes. Once any part of the baking soda has worn off, reverse the orientation of the banana. Use a delicate microfiber cloth to clean the lens after the scratch has been removed.

FAQs about How To Fix Scratched Camera Lens

FAQs about How To Fix Scratched Camera Lens

What to do if lens front element scratch repair?

If you have a scratch on the front element of your camera lens, the first thing you should do is try to remove it with a soft cloth. If the scratch is still visible, you can try using a lens cleaning solution and a soft cloth to gently buff it out.

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How to fix scratched front camera?

The best course of action is to replace the entire screen if the glass is scratched. It is inexpensive and simple to complete. Your front camera will once again shoot quality images in this manner.

Does baking soda fix scratches?

Yes, use this method to remove scratches from glasses by simply mixing baking soda and water until a paste resembling glue is produced. Using a lint-free cloth, apply the paste to the spectacles and rub it into the scrape in a circular motion.


If you have a scratched camera lens, don’t despair! There are a few ways to fix it. With a little effort, you can get your lens back to looking like new.

HereOfamily hope you enjoy reading this article. Thank you for reading.

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