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How To Fix Broken Headphones: Top Full Guide 2023

How To Fix Broken Headphones Top Full Guide 2023

One of the saddest things that can happen to anyone is having their headphones break on them. Imagine purchasing a pair of expensive headphones for several hundred dollars just to have them malfunction after a short time. Today, we will be showing you how to fix broken headphones.

What Causes Your Headphone to Break

What Causes Your Headphone to Break

When it comes to broken headphones, there are many possible culprits. From cranking up the volume, to tension from tugging on the cord, to exposure to sweat and moisture, there are many things that can lead to a broken pair of headphones.

One of the most common causes is winding the cord into knots or loops, which can put a lot of tension on the internal wires and their connection points. Even if the headphones don’t break immediately, the damage is cumulative.

Another major cause of headphone damage is using them at really loud volumes. The sound waves produced by these devices are created by vibrations, and the louder the sound, the greater the vibrations.

This can warp the sound-producing parts, resulting in a distorted sound. Additionally, cheap headphones are more likely to break because they are made with cheaper materials and are not built to last as long.

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Finally, leaving headphones dangling off surfaces, sleeping with them in, and carrying them without a case can all add to the wear and tear that can lead to a broken pair of headphones.

How to Fix Broken Headphones

How to Fix Broken Headphones

Fix Blown Out Headphone Drivers

Headphone drivers that are broken or burned out can only be fixed by buying new ones. Some headphones could be more difficult to use. That implies that changing their drivers might require expert assistance. Always seek professional advice when in doubt.

To reduce the chance of breaking anything else while completing this DIY fix, take out the headphones’ batteries and any cords (if applicable). One side of the headphones’ ear pad should be removed. In most situations, you can just pull it out with your fingers.

Remove the screws holding the speaker in place to gain access to the blown headphones driver. Using a tool (such a tiny knife or box cutter blade) to cut around the edges will help you remove the broken speaker from the housing.

To remove the speaker’s wires from the broken state, use a soldering iron. Use the soldering iron to reconnect the wires to the correct locations after replacing the damaged speaker with the replacement headphone driver.

Place everything back where it belongs and carry out the same steps for the other side of the headphones.

How to Fix Headphones Without Tools

You might be able to fix your headphones without having to cut them open if the issue is with the wires.

You might hear audio as the damaged wires touch as you tweak, bend, twist, and straighten the cord. This method will help you locate the problematic link. Near the jack or the earpiece, shorts frequently happen.

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Hold the cord in place with your fingers once you’ve found a location where you can hear sound. As you wrap the short with electrical or duct tape, keep applying pressure to the cable. If applied correctly, the tape should sufficiently compress the cable to maintain the wires’ contact.

To keep the cord from shifting, if you can, bend it back on itself and tape it together where it kinks.

How to Fix a Short in Headphones

How to Fix a Short in Headphones

Use tape or a permanent marker to mark the location. To reveal the broken wire, carefully remove the surrounding cable insulation with wire strippers or a knife.

Split the cable and cut any intact wires that are present. Cut the wires evenly so that they are all the same length. Sort the wires by color and type after removing more of the cable to reveal more of the wires.

Any bare wires should have the enamel coating burned off with a lighter. To reveal the copper ends on the wires, quickly move the flame over them. Cut the cables that are exposed.

Connect wires of the same color by joining the two sides of each wire. Twist the two wire ends together while keeping them parallel. To hold the cables in place while you work, use a third hand that is armed with alligator clips.

Solder the wires. Over the spliced wires, melt a tiny dab of solder using a soldering iron and let it cool. To keep the signal wires and ground wire apart, wrap them in electrical tape. Tape the base wires together if you have two of them.

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After the wires are joined, cover the exposed area with electrical tape tightly. Alternately, while you’re working, slide some shrink tube over the cable, then use a heat source to shrink it around the mended cable.

Fix Broken Headphone Band

Fix Broken Headphone Band

Fix it with tape

Gather the supplies you’ll need for the repair. All you’ll need is some strong tape and scissors (duct tape and electrical tape should work). Use a lot of tape to tightly cover the damaged portion of the headphone band, and then when the tape is long enough, cut it with scissors or cutters.

To hide the repair, you might use choose tape that is the same shade as the headphones.

Use cable ties

Prepare the tools and supplies required for this repair. Just some scissors or other cutting tools and a lot of zip ties or cable ties will do. Apply a couple cable ties to the headphone headband’s broken or snapped portion.

Even while it could feel like a sacrifice to the way the headphones appear and feel, this offers a stronger and more durable repair option than ordinary tape.

Replace the entire band

Remove the entire headphone band from the rest of the headphones by carefully disassembling it. If you’d like, you can decide to keep the foam piece for increased comfort.

Measure a piece of 25mm (1 inch) aluminum flat bar such that the length fits your head’s specifications. In order to properly connect the remaining headphones, you should also make a note of the locations of the hinges.

Where the drivers and foam piece will go on the headband, cut hinges. The headband should be bent into the best shape for your head. Put the remaining headphones together.

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How to Fix a Broken Headphone Plug

Replace the damaged plug on your headphones by shopping online or at an electronics retailer. Select a metal plug that is the same size as your present plug and has a stereo connection and spring.

Cut the old plug off. About an inch above the point where the cable and plug meet, cut through the cable. Although some cables can be unscrewed, you should still cut them because the issue probably lies at their root.

To reveal the wires, cut away one inch of the cable’s covering with scissors or wire strippers. After classifying the wires by kind and color, burn off the enamel layer with a lighter. Twist wires of similar colors together. Twist the frayed ends of both ground wires if there are two of them.

The portion of your new headphone plug’s sleeve that connects with the plug should be facing the exposed wire as you slide it over the wire.

On the end of each wire, melt a tiny dab of solder and let it cool. One pin on the plug’s housing has solder added to it; heat should be used to melt the solder.

To connect the wire to the plug, touch the soldered end of the wire to the soldered pin. For the additional wires, repeat the procedure. By putting the jack sleeve into the plug, assemble the new headphone plug. Make that the wires are separated and the sleeve is firmly fastened.

FAQs about How to Fix Broken Headphones

FAQs about How to Fix Broken Headphones

How can I make my broken headphones work again?

By twisting the chord and taping it in the proper place, or by reconnecting broken headphone cables, you may easily fix your broken headphones. You can either get it mended by a professional or buy a new set of headphones for yourself if neither of the two approaches works.

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Why did my headphones suddenly break?

leaving headphones dangling from furniture such as beds, couches, and tables. Twisting your earbuds while you sleep with them in. placing earbuds in your pockets or purses, or carrying them without a case. harming the wires by winding the rope into a knot while using it or after.

Should I throw away my broken headphones?

Give people the opportunity to reuse, repair, or upcycle your headphones or earbuds if they still function. If your headphones or earbuds still function, there is a chance that someone will be able to fix them. However, if you come across headphones that are irreparably damaged, throw them away and make sure they go into the recycling.


We hope this guide has provided you with some helpful tips to help fix broken headphones. Don’t let a broken pair of headphones bring you down, take action and get them repaired today. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then consider investing in a quality pair of headphones that are built to last.

Thank you for reading. HereOfamily hope you enjoy reading this article.

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