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Apple Watch SE Vs 6 Vs 3 Vs 7: Which One Is For You?

Apple Watch SE Vs 6 Vs 3 Vs 7 Which One Is For You

There are a few key differences between the Apple Watch SE vs 6 vs 3 vs 7. However, these watches have similar fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and fall detection features. So, which one is right for you?


  • Series 3: 11.4mm thick and 5ATM waterproof
  • Watch SE: 10.7mm thick. 5ATM waterproof. Compass
  • Series 6: 10.7mm thick. 5ATM waterproof. Compass, Electrical Heart Rate Sensor, Blood oxygen sensor.
  • Series 7: 10.7mm. 5ATM waterproof. IPX6 dust resistance. Compass, Electrical Heart Rate Sensor, Blood oxygen sensor.

All models compatible with straps

The Apple Watch models being compared have a rectangular solid body with the Digital Crown on the right and a separate button on the right. There is also a speaker on the left and a microphone on the right.

All these Apple watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters.

There are differences between Series 3, SE and Series 6, and Series 7, though. The Series 3 is slightly thicker than the Series 7, 6 or SE models.

Design Apple Watch SE Vs 6

Series 7 (and Series 5, 5 and 6, respectively) has a Digital Crown that houses an electrical heart rate sensor. This is in addition to the optical heart rate sensor located on the watch’s underside. Like Series 6, the Watch Series 7 has a blood oxygen sensor. It also has reduced bezels around the display and IPX6 dust resistance.

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  • Series 3: OLED Retina Display with Force Touch
  • SE: LTPO OLED Retina Display with Force Touch
  • Series 6/7: LTPO LED Always-On Retina Display with Force Touch

The Apple Watch models being compared have OLED Retina displays that include Force Touch. This allows for different functions depending upon the force you press.

The Series 6 and Watch SE have a 30% larger display than the Series 3. However, the rounded edges make the most of the available space and bolder designs. This is further enhanced by the Series 7, which reduces the bezels around it by 40%. The Series 7 has a 20% larger display than the Series 6 or Watch SE and a 50% larger display than the Series 3. It also features a seamless design and a smaller production.

The Apple Watch Series 7 & Series 6 have an Always-On Retina Display, which is unavailable on Series 3 and SE.

You don’t need to raise your wrist to turn on the Always-On display. The screen is always visible. The Series 7 (and Series 5-/6) display will be brightened by a flick of your wrist or tapping on it.


  • Series 3: Two colors, with aluminium only
  • Watch SE: Only Aluminium options, 3 colors, Nike model in 2 colors
  • Series 7: Aluminium in five colors, Stainless steel options in three colors, Titanium options in two colors, Nike+ models, and Hermes models

GPS and GPS + Cellular Options for Series 7 and Watch SE.

Size options: 38mm/42mm Series 3, 40mm/44mm Series 6 and Watch SE, 41mm/45mm Series 7,

The Apple Watch Series 3 now comes with an aluminum case in either space grey or silver. The Apple Watch Series 3 is available in 38mm and 42mm. However, it is not available as a GPS-only model. There is no Cellular option. It is not available in a Nike model.

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Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

Although the Watch SE is only available in aluminum, there are three color options. These include space grey, silver and gold. There are two sizes available: 40mm and 44mm. The Watch SE is also available in Nike models in silver or space grey.

Although the Series 6 offered more options than the Series SE or the Series 3, the Series 7 has replaced the Series 6 options. The Series 6 may still be available elsewhere. The Series 6 was available in sizes 40mm and 44mm, along with GPS only, GPS and Cellular versions.

Five aluminium colors were available: silver, space gray, gold, blue, and Product(Red). The three stainless steel models were silver, graphite and gold (DLC), respectively. There were also two models of titanium – space black and natural titanium.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

The Series 6 was also available in various models, including a range of Nike models (all of which are aluminium and come with Nike straps) and Hermes models (all of which are stainless steel and come with unique Hermes straps). All Hermes models came with Cellular and GPS as standard.

All the Series 6 models and the Nike models were available in both the 40mm and 44mm case sizes. However, some Hermes models could only be ordered in one of these sizes.

The Series 7 comes in five new aluminium colors, but the Series 6 has them. There will also be models from Nike and Hermes. The Series 7 options for cases are slightly more significant than the Series 6, at 41mm and 45mm.


  • Series 3: S3 processor, W2 wireless chip, Bluetooth 4.2, altimeter
  • Watch SE: S5 processor and W2 wireless chip. Bluetooth 5.0, fall detection. Compass. Always-on altimeter.
  • Series 6: W3 wireless chip and Bluetooth 5.0 processor, S6 processor, Series 6, U1 chip, electronic heart sensor, blood oxygen sensor. Fall detection, compass, and always-on altimeter.
  • Series 7: W3 wireless chip and Bluetooth 5.0 processor, S7 processor, U1 chip, electronic heart sensor, blood oxygen sensor. Fall detection, compass, and always-on altimeter.
  • Series 3/SE/6/7 – Ambient light sensor with built-in GPS, optical sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. 18-hour battery.
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Apple Watch Series 3 features a dual-core processor, the S3, under its hood and a wireless chip, the W2. The GPS-only model has 8GB of memory.

The Watch SE uses a dual-core processor, the S5, which is twice as fast as the S3 and is coupled with the W3 next-generation wireless chip.

Apple Watch Series 6 features an S6 processor, which is 20 percent faster than the S5. It also features W3, which was mentioned earlier. The Watch Series 7 uses an S7 processor, which is 20 percent faster than the S5, and a redesigned S6 processor. The Series 7 is 30% faster than the Series 6, thanks to the USB Type-C cable.

The 32GB memory capacity of the Watch SE, Series 6 or Series 7, is available in both GPS and Cellular versions. However, the GPS and Cellular models have LTE connectivity. LTE connectivity lets you make and receive calls, text messages, and perform any tasks on your watch, even if your iPhone is not nearby. It can also be used for Family Setup.

The Watch models being compared have built-in GPS and optical heart rate sensors, speakers, microphones, water resistance up to 50 meters, emergency SOS, gyroscope, and an ambient light sensor. All models offer Apple Pay.

The Series 6, Series 6 and Series 7 all add an always-on altimeter. Series 3 only has a standard altimeter. Series 3 also includes a built-in compass, second-generation optical heart rate sensor and international emergency calling. Series 3’s accelerometer offers 32 g-forces, whereas Series 3 can offer 16 g forces. Except for the always-on altimeter, all of these features can also be found in Series 4 and 5.

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Series 6 and Series 7 add an ECG sensor and a blood oxygen sensor. Series 4 and 5 include the ECG feature but not the blood oxygen sensor.


  • All have WatchOS 8
  • Additional features for Series 6 and Series 7.
  • All Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7 watch run watchOS 8.

Software of Apple Watch

Series 3 and later generations offer the same experience. However, there are some extra features on the Series 4 and Series 5 models, such as fall detection and ECG (US/UK/Europe only). On Series 6, Series 7 and Series 7, there is an always-on display, built-in compass, and blood oxygen monitoring. The Series 7 has a larger display, and QuickPath allows you to reply to messages.

Remember that Series 5 has the Always On Display and compass. The Watch SE has compass/fall detection.

In our separate feature, you can learn all about watchOS 8. All Apple Watches are capable of Face ID iPhone unlocking even if they’re not locked.


  • Series 3: Starting at $199/PS199
  • Seize the opportunity to watch SE starting at $299/PS269
  • Series 7: Starting at $399/PS379

Apple Watch Series 3 is the most affordable way to purchase Apple’s smartwatch directly from Apple. It starts at $199/PS199 for the GPS-only model. The Series 3 doesn’t work with Family Setup because it no longer has a Cellular and GPS model.

The Watch SE is priced at $299/PS269, $100/PS110 less than the Series 7 starting price.

The Apple Watch Series, 7 with GPS, starts at only $399/PS379 for the standard and Nike models. The Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS & Cellular starts at $499/PS479 if you choose the standard or Nike model. If you prefer a stainless steel model, this will go up to $699/PS649.

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Apple Watch Edition models with titanium options start at $799/PS799. The Hermes models are priced at $1249/PS1199.


Which is better: the Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Apple Watch SE is a mid-tier device that will take the place of the Apple Watch Series 5. The Apple Watch 6 boasts additional capabilities, including blood oxygen monitoring and a brighter always-on display. At the same time, the Apple Watch SE is cheaper and retains some critical functionality despite having lower-end specifications.

Which is better the Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch Series 6

What features does the Apple Watch SE include?

Customers who purchase one of Apple’s lower-cost Apple Watch SE units will now receive an improved USB-C charging cable instead of the prior USB-A charging cable in their packaging.

Is the Apple Watch 6 a worthwhile purchase?

The Apple Watch 6 has a lot of excellent features as a general fitness tracker – superb activity tracking, robust monitoring and motivation to keep active, a wide range of monitored activities – but there’s still no ‘pro mode’ for individuals who want to take their fitness to the next level.

Apple Watch SE Vs 6 Vs 3 Vs 7

What can you do with an Apple Watch SE?

Apple Watch SE has the same accelerometer, gyroscope, and always-on altimeter as Apple Watch Series 6 and also has robust health and safety features like fall detection, Emergency SOS, international emergency calling, and the Noise app, as well as the latest motion sensors and microphone.


The Apple Watch SE seems like the better fit if you’re looking for a smartwatch to use as a primary device, but if you’re looking for one with various features, the Apple Watch 6 is probably your best bet.

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The Apple Watch SE is perfect for people looking for a smartwatch that won’t take up too much room and want basic health tracking without many functions, but the Apple Watch 6 looks like it has more features. HereOfamily hopes you enjoy this guide!

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