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Garmin Vs Apple Watch: Which Is Better 2023?

Garmin Vs Apple Watch Which Is Better 2023

As two of the most popular smartwatch brands on the market, it’s no surprise that people are wondering whether the Garmin vs Apple Watch is the better choice. Both have their pros and cons, but ultimately it depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Here’s a closer look at how the two watches compare.

Models And Prices

Garmin’s watch lineup and Apple’s watch lineup are poles apart in terms of features and price points. Apple Watch 7 ($399), SE ($279), and 3 ($199) are all you can buy new from the company. They all come in two sizes, with GPS, Apple Pay, fitness tracking, and the ability to answer calls or texts from your wrist, but they differ slightly in design and features.

With the correct information and the right trade-in, you can save money on your next Apple Watch purchase.

You’ll have more options when it comes to purchasing a Garmin watch. The Venu 2 Plus ($449) is the most common smartwatch. With its onboard music storage and dedicated training tools, the Forerunner 245 ($299) from Garmin is more of a runner’s watch. The latest addition to the Fenix line, the Fenix 7 ($699), is hailed as the ultimate multi-sport watch, thanks to its long battery life and rugged construction.

The ruggedness of the Garmin Instinct ($299) may appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. At the same time, golfers will appreciate the hundreds of course maps and compatibility with swing-tracking accessories offered by the  Approach ($299). The Garmin Approach S20 ($199) and Approach S62 ($499) are the most affordable options.

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Lastly, a few lifestyles Garmin watches don’t have GPS, like the Lily ($199) for smaller wrists and the Vivomove Sport. In this case, you’re getting a lot for your money.

It’s impossible to get a good deal on a Garmin watch without paying a premium for solar-charging options. However, unlike Apple, Garmin doesn’t charge different prices for different watch sizes. The’s’ model designation on some timepieces denotes a more compact design.


An iconic squircle, the Apple Watch features a color touchscreen display, a digital crown, and a side button for quick access. It has the appearance of a small computer strapped to your wrist. The bezel and screen thickness is the only distinguishing features between the top-tier this models.

There is a noticeable difference in screen sizes between the Apple Watch 7 and 3 compared to the SE. And if you’re concerned about battery life, the Apple Watch 7 is your only current option for an always-on display mode.

You can choose from a wide range of metal and color finishes and a variety of the best Apple Watch bands to personalize your look with all of the options available. Amazon and other third-party retailers sell bands in addition to Apple.

Garmin Vs Apple Watch design

Many Garmin watches are also available in a wide range of colors, but not all come with interchangeable straps. All Garmin watches, except the Venu Sq, are circular.

Compared to other smartwatches in its price range, the Venu looks most like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or an older touchscreen model. In addition to bright displays, the Garmin Forerunner 945 ($599) and Fenix 7 ($599) have more obvious embellishments and elevated bezels.

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Instinct, a rugged Garmin model that looks like it could pass for a G-Shock, has impressive durability certifications. At the same time, the charming Lily could be mistaken for a piece of jewelry. Additionally, some watches are only operated by buttons and don’t feature color displays. Again, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a smartwatch.

Health And Fitness Tracking

They both have a wide range of fitness and health-related features. These wearables can track your heart rate, steps, and the number of calories burned.

Apple Watch focuses on establishing a bedtime routine and daily sleep goal, whereas Garmin provides more in-depth sleep cycle analysis and monitors SpO2. It’s now possible to track your nightly respiratory rate with sleep tracking, thanks to watchOS 8.

Beyond those baseline metrics, you’ll want to review the specs of whichever device you buy. Every Apple has GPS on board, but not every Garmin does. For a GPS company, this may seem odd, but the more affordable watches don’t have independent location tracking.

Garmin for running and other outdoor sports have GPS, and some have run-specific training features that can help you figure out how to train for a marathon or learn how to run more efficiently.

Blood oxygen (SpO2) measurements are not available on every Apple or Garmin watch. Garmin watches cannot detect signs of atrial fibrillation, and only the most recent Apple Watch flagships have ECG readings available to you.

However, there are some advantages to using Garmin over Apple’s health tracking app. Most Garmin watches, for example, can monitor stress and read your body battery, which gives you an idea of how ready (or not) you are to go out and work out. The one-stop Health Snapchat app on newer Garmin watches also logs a two-minute window of key health stats, showing multiple vital metrics on a single screen.

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Garmin doesn’t have a service like Apple Fitness Plus, unlike the Apple Watch vs. Fitbit comparison. Close your Apple Watch rings when you use Apple’s $9.99/month on-demand fitness class platform, tightly integrated with the Apple Watch. Even though Garmin’s wearables are compatible with some third-party workout app subscriptions, the company’s only paid service related to sports is a $9.99/month golf subscription.


Both martwatch features differ if you want your wearable to do more than monitor your health.

Notifications, alarms, and other features are available on every Apple Watch model and Siri. In addition to basic features such as notification mirroring, Garmin watches also have a limited app store compared to Apple. All support Apple Pay, whereas Garmin Pay supports only a few Garmin models.

The Venu 2 Plus borrows your smartphone’s voice assistant so that you can perform specific commands from your wrist. Garmin does not have native support for a voice assistant like the best Fitbit watches. Android smartphones cannot be used with the Apple Watch. Both iOS and Android smartphones work seamlessly with Garmin.

Garmin and Apple Watch Smartwatches

With LTE connectivity, both brands have options, but they differ in terms of what’s included. When your phone is out of reach, you can’t send texts using your Garmin watch with LTE because it won’t connect to your wireless provider. An LTE plan that costs $5.99 a month will make it easy to call for help if you ever need it. If you’re lost or need assistance while hiking, an LTE-connected Garmin watch can help locate you.

Apple’s LTE (or Cellular) options free your smartwatch from your phone, but you’ll have to pay a monthly carrier fee on top of the up-front cost to keep it connected at all times with your phone’s network. The Cellular-enabled Apple Watch can be had at $499 for the Apple Watch 7 and $329 for the Apple Watch SE.

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Battery Life

It’s almost unfair when comparing the battery life of an Apple Watch and a Garmin watch. The battery life of the Apple smartwatch is rated at about a day. Depending on display settings, fitness tracking, and other factors, it takes Garmin watches from a week to several weeks to reach their end of life. GPS-enabled models for running and other outdoor activities can last anywhere from seven to more than a week.

Then there are the Garmin solar-charging watches and the battery-optimization modes. Because some Garmin watches are available in Solar versions, you can get more use from your watch when you’re outside. Even though solar models are more expensive, it might be worth it if you enjoy spending time outdoors.

Which Is Better?

It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a wearable device. The Apple Watch will likely be the best option for iPhone users who want the best of both worlds in terms of fitness tracking and smartwatch functionality. It provides you with the best software experience available, and features like notifications, payments, and app support all work better than they do on most other watches.

Over the last few iterations, its fitness tracking and sports tracking capabilities have grown tremendously. Tracking outdoor activities, such as swimming, is as good as some of the best sports watches in terms of performance.

Which Is Better Apple watch or Garmin

This is where Apple beats Garmin when it comes to serious health monitoring. Even though Garmin can offer similar features and insights, Apple’s ECG and other heart health monitoring features are far more polished, insightful, and potentially life-saving.

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A Garmin watch is better for someone who values enhanced sports tracking capabilities and long-lasting battery life than what the Apple Watch currently offers.

Forerunner watches, like the 245, Venu, and Fenix, offer a reliable tracking experience with plenty of data to dig into during and after exercise. Garmin watches come in a wide variety of styles and price points. Expect to spend some time away from the charging cord as well.

You still get a lot of smartwatch features across the board, but Android phone users get a complete experience. When it comes to responding to notifications, this is a great option. The fact that multiple services, including Spotify, offer the ability to store offline playlists is undoubtedly enticing to some users.

If you’ve never used a Garmin before, the software can be clunky and overwhelming. As a result, if you’re looking for a sportier smartwatch, this is a great choice.


Is Garmin 5 better than Apple Watch?

The Apple smartwatch is a great fitness tracker that also happens to be a great smartwatch. It’s better than the Garmin for getting a snapshot of your fitness and tracking basic activities. Of course, it’s a better all-around watch, but it’s also a lot more fashionable than the original.

Garmin Vivoactive vs. Apple Watch: Which Is The Better Option?

While Garmin focuses on fitness and sports tracking, Apple’s is on intelligent features. If you look at the specifications, you can see the difference. For the average person who wants to monitor their fitness and exercise, the Vivoactive 4 and Venu 2 have almost everything they need.

Maybe this guide is helpful for you to have more choices: Garmin Venu Vs Venu 2

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Garmin Vivoactive vs. Apple Watch Which Is The Better Option

Is it possible to pair an iPhone with a Garmin watch?

Your iPhone will work with a Garmin smartwatch if you’re running iOS 7 or later. The Garmin Connect app for the iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store and connected via Bluetooth if you are. Your watch will be paired to your iPhone after completing this step.

When using a Garmin watch, can you text?

The Connect app allows you to personalize these text reply messages. A text message will be sent to your phone when you use this feature. Depending on your phone plan and carrier, text message limits and charges may apply.



For the most part, both of these watches are more than capable of making fitness tracking a priority. If you are on the fence about which one to buy, check out our buyer’s guide to help narrow down your options. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. Which smartwatch do you prefer?  HereOfamily hopes you find this guide is useful.

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