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How To Change Apple Watch Band? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Change Apple Watch Band Top Full Guide 2023

If you’re looking to change up the style of your Apple Watch, one of the easiest ways to do so is by changing the band. This article will show you how to change Apple Watch band in just a few simple steps.


What You Should Know

  • Turn your smartwatch off, then slide the bands across to remove each strap by holding down the band release buttons on the back.
  • Slide the new band in until you feel and hear a quiet click, with the text on the new band facing you.
  • You’ll need a watch band designed exclusively for Apple Watches.

This article will show you how to change the band on your smartwatch. These instructions cover the 1st generation, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5/SE, and Series 6.

How to Remove Your Apple Watch Band

Before you can replace your Apple Watch’s original wrist strap with a new one, you must first be able to remove it.

1. Lay your smartwatch face down on a clean, smooth surface, such as a microfiber cloth or a soft mat on a desktop.

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Make sure your smartwatch is turned off to avoid mistakenly tapping anything.

How to Remove Your Apple Watch Band

2. Using your fingertip or fingernail, press down on the band release button on the rear of the smartwatch.


Note: each strap has two band release buttons. They may be found at the top and bottom of the smartwatch’s rear. The buttons are the same color as the rest of the Apple Watch’s back, but they’re easy to distinguish.

3. Slide the band across while holding the button to remove it.

4. Release the band release button once the band has slid out. If the band still doesn’t slip out, press the band release button again, ensuring you hold it down.

how to change a apple watch band

5. Continue with the remaining strap in the same manner.

How to Install a New Apple Watch Wrist Band

It’s even easier to put on a new band than to take off the old one.

Note: The smartwatch does not have a traditional watch band. You must wear a watch strap designed expressly for the device. Apple Watches all use the same sort of battery.

1. Make sure the new band’s small wording faces you on the back.

2. Tilt the replacement wrist band slightly to align it with the Apple Watch’s wrist strap slot angle.

3. Insert the replacement band until a faint click is felt and heard.

How to Install a New Apple Watch Wrist Band

If you don’t hear or feel a click, try sliding the band out and back in again. After that, you can change the face of your Apple Watch to match your new band.

Which Bands Work with Apple Watch, and Where to Find them

You can use a smartwatch band intended for any of these models as long as it corresponds to your watch’s case size (height) whether you have a first-generation, the most recent Series 4, or something in between.

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According to Apple, bands for 38mm and 40mm cases and 42mm and 44mm models are compatible and interchangeable.

While Apple sells a selection of in-house bands on its website, you can also customize your smartwatch with third-party bands that are often less expensive than Apple’s.

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What does the Apple Watch band release button do?

The band release button is the oval-shaped button located below the watch’s band connection. The watch band should be slid out to the side. Slide the band out to the right while holding the band release button. On the other side, press and hold the release button.

Are Apple Watch bands compatible with all series?

Yes. All Watch Bands are designed to work with all Watch models and editions. All Apple Watches have the same connector size and design.

FAQs How To Change Apple Watch Band

Will existing bands fit the Apple Watch 7?

Series 7 is available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm, which are 1mm larger than Series 6. Fortunately, Apple has said that all prior smartwatch bands will function with the Series 7, so you won’t have to change all of your favorite bands if you want to get the latest.

Is a 42mm band compatible with a 45mm Watch of Apple?

This breakdown should make it easier for you to make a decision. If you like a band and they’re 41mm in diameter, it’s a safe bet that they’ll work with 38mm and 40mm cases. The models with 42mm or 44mm cases will work with the 45mm bands.

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Are all Apple Watch straps compatible?

Some smartwatch bands aren’t available in all sizes, and some aren’t compatible with both models. The Modern Buckle, for example, is only available in 40 and 41mm sizes, while the bands, in general, accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.



Here you have it! We hope that this Apple Watch band change guide has helped make the process a little easier. We want to give you the best possible information, and HereOfamily believes that this guide covers everything you need to know to make a successful change to your smartwatch band.

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