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What Is Tizen On Samsung Watch? Top Full Guide 2023

What Is Tizen On Samsung Watch Top Full Guide 2023

You’re right if you’ve been wondering what is Tizen on Samsung watch. Tizen is a Linux-based operating system originally developed for use in Samsung smart TVs. However, it has since been expanded to other devices, including the Samsung Watch.

While Tizen doesn’t have as many features as some of the other operating systems, it is still a powerful option worth considering.

What Is Tizen On Samsung Watch?

What Exactly Is Tizen

The simplest explanation is that it is a bespoke operating system created by Samsung. If you look at Tizen’s “about” page, you’ll see a multi-faceted operating system. It is a basic operating system with multiple variants depending on the device.

It’s also open-source, so developers may use it, expand on it, and create use cases. Despite this, it is mostly Samsung that develops anything consumer-facing from it.

It’s based on the Linux basic framework, as are many of today’s operating systems, and it’s so adaptable that it can be used on smartphones, smartwatches/wearables, in-car entertainment systems, and TVs, among other screen-equipped devices (even fridge-freezers).

You’re more likely to see it on a Samsung TV today.

Which Devices Use Tizen OS?

Which Devices Use Tizen OS

Tizen OS has been created in various flavors to power various sorts of devices. Tizen Wearable, for example, is available on a variety of Samsung smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Gear series. Tizen Mobile is supported by the Samsung Z family of low-cost smartphones. Other Tizen versions include OS IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) for automobiles and Tizen TV for smart televisions.

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Tizen Wearable OS: Samsung Smartwatches

While most Samsung smartphones run a modified version of Android, its smartwatches run Tizen Wearable, which has its app ecosystem independent from Wear (formerly Android Wear).

Compared to Wear, the Tizen Store offers a limited variety of applications. It does, however, have a plethora of watch faces. The Gear app, which links the wearable to a smartphone and creates a bridge between Tizen applications and the Android operating system, is also available on Samsung smartwatches.

Tizen OS integrates with the spinning bezel of Samsung smartwatches, making it simple to display alerts and navigate through settings and other interface elements. According to Samsung, the Tizen OS has been designed for increased battery life.

Tizen in Smart TVs, Cars, and Smart Home Devices

The Tizen OS is also utilized to control onboard entertainment and navigation in various automobiles. It’s also available on Samsung Smart TVs and other smart appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, thermostats, and light bulbs.

Tizen is the interface used on televisions to access streaming applications like Netflix. Tizen also allows a smart washing machine to send you a text message when the cycle is complete. Smart appliances communicate with the Samsung SmartThings mobile app, allowing you to control them with your smartphone.

Wear vs. Tizen

Because Google collaborates with various manufacturers, more wear watches are available than Samsung watches. For navigation, all Samsung watches include a spinning bezel, which many users prefer to swiping up and down and side to side. Although some Wear watches feature rotating bezels, many do not.

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Google encourages developers to add Wear compatibility to applications in the Play Store to increase the number of apps accessible. Samsung watches come with a slew of built-in Samsung applications but few third-party apps. Spotify and Flipboard, for example, have cooperated with the business to produce Tizen-friendly applications.

The built-in virtual assistant for voice commands is another significant distinction. Google Assistant is currently more popular on Wear watches than Samsung Bixby, although both systems improve with time. Wear accepts mobile payments through Google Pay, while Samsung watches accept Samsung Pay.

The history

Tizen has been around for a while. It arose from the growth of an operating system known as Bada, which was used on some of Samsung’s first touchscreen phones. Even before its main Android debut. Bada was supported by phones such as the famous Samsung Wave series.

While not as popular as its adoption of Bada before it, Samsung did release a few Tizen-powered devices. The Samsung Z-series was introduced in five variants: Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4. The latter was introduced only a few years ago in June 2017, whereas the original Samsung Z was released in 2014.

Tizen was viewed as an alternative to its complete Android-based handsets when the phones were first released. It may even be seen as a backup plan if it decides to abandon Android. However, given the scarcity of officially approved applications, this was always a difficult task.

Smartphones that are not Google Play certified do not have access to many Google services, which might result in fundamental aspects not functioning and, more importantly, no access to the Play Store and its plethora of applications and games.

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In terms of wearables, Samsung has employed Tizen from the beginning of its smartwatch endeavors. While it’s reasonable to say that the initial generation of fitness bands and smartwatches weren’t the best, they were rather popular, despite being only compatible with Samsung phones.

Despite the lack of applications, the platform was recognized as having one of the greatest user experiences on a wearable device. They were appealing gadgets due to outstanding configurable watch faces, health monitoring capabilities, and handy built-in applications. When combined with the spinning bezel that served as part of its controls, it provided a fantastic experience. However, the rotating bezel was absent from the company’s more modern Watch Active line.

While wearables and smartphones are the two most important markets for Tizen development, cameras were also available in the early years. Samsung released three cameras, the NX1, NX200, and NX300, which resembled standard cameras with removable lenses but had a Tizen-based user interface.

Samsung’s camera endeavor, on the other hand, was relatively short-lived, with the corporation shutting down its camera business in 2017. Despite producing several excellent models, its brand was not as well-known in the world of CSCs/DSRLs as that of Canon, Nikon, or Sony.

Nonetheless, some of its products ran Tizen demonstrates the OS’s versatility.

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What is the Tizen update on the Galaxy watch?

The upgrade does not migrate these smartwatches from Tizen to Wear OS, but it does add several functionalities from the newer Galaxy Watch 4 to this older hardware. The first element of this update is an improvement to Fall Detection, which now allows you to modify the sensitivity on the Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2.

Is Tizen better than Android?

Tizen outperforms Android in gaming, app support, and voice assistant, but Android outperforms Tizen in technical architecture. When it comes to UI, they are equally matched. Based on the data shown above, Android certainly takes the lead.

Does the Samsung watch use Tizen?

When Samsung announced that it was abandoning Tizen in favor of Wear OS 3, it vowed not to abandon previous Galaxy Watch devices. As part of One UI 4, Samsung has revealed that the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 will get new watch faces and health functions.

Is Tizen still supported?

On August 5, Samsung will discontinue Galaxy Store support for the Galaxy Gear, which means that applications and other services will no longer be available. Customers may, however, update Tizen to continue using the Galaxy Store, according to Samsung.


Assuming you would like to introduce the Samsung smartwatch operating system, Tizen, here you go. The Samsung Gear devices were some of the first smartwatches running on the Tizen OS. Tizen is an open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel and managed by the Linux Foundation. Samsung has been the biggest contributor to the Tizen project.

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