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How To Set Up Ticwatch: Pro 3 Smartwatch? Full Instruction Guide 2023

How To Set Up Ticwatch Pro 3 Smartwatch Full Instruction Guide 2023
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Ticwatch is a wearable device that allows you to stay connected and make calls, even when your phone is not. It also tracks your fitness and activity levels and provides you with various other features.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Ticwatch Pro 3 or already have one and want to know how to set up Ticwatch, read on for instructions.

A Quick Look at the TicWatch Pro 3

The 4 Most Important Features

1. Essential Mode: This mode disables all but the secondary display. It can prolong your battery life by up to 45 days. It can be found under system settings.

2. Always on Display: When the battery is low, it uses the brighter and more colorful AMOLED display. It can be found under the display settings, but it uses more battery.

3. Do Not Disturb: This disables all notifications until it is disabled. It can be found by tapping the DND icon on the home screen (The circle with a horizontal line).

4. Audio transcription: Once you have recorded something, you can turn it into text using the Mobvoi app


5. Layered Display: To get more battery life, ensure that your AOD is off. (More details about this are above).

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6. You can choose a different watch face by long-pressing it while it is on the home screen. You will have a better experience if you choose something that suits your tastes.

7. You can download more watch faces from the Google Play Store. If the presets are not your liking, you can check them out.

Voice Assistant

8. Google Assistant: You have a pre-installed voice assistant. You can activate it by pressing the top button.

9. You can enable OK Google to get rid of pressing a button to activate your voice-activated assistant. You won’t have to use your hands again when you activate OK Google in the personalization settings.

A Quick Look at the TicWatch Pro 3

A Smartwatch at Its Finest

10. Get an eSIM (LTE model soon available for supported regions/carriers): Your TicWatch 3Pro comes with eSIM support. You can activate it via the Wear OS or Vodafone app (subscription fees may apply).

11. Spotify Control: Download the Spotify app from the Google Play Store and control your phone’s music.

12. You don’t need your phone to track your workouts. The watch has a GPS built-in, so you don’t need to rely on your phone.

13: Install Third-Party Apps: With WearOS, you can download tons of third-party apps with the Google Play Store. You should check it out.

14. To free up space and speed up your watches, you can delete unnecessary apps. You can delete apps from both the settings and Play Store.

15. Keep Voice Notes: To record voice messages or voice notes, you can use the Recording app.

16. Use SPO2 Monitoring: The Blood Oxygen saturation monitoring system can determine where you are physical. The app can be found on the main menu.

17. Take care of your Battery. This can extend the battery’s life.

Our Top 17 TickWatch Pro 3 Tips and Tricks

1: Make use of the Essential Mode

The TicWatch Pro 3 has many features, as we said initially. While this is a great thing, certain features can drain a lot of energy which can be detrimental to battery life.

You can fix this by disabling features you don’t use. This can be done for specific features or all of Essential Mode.

As its name implies, the Essential mode turns off all essential features.

You should consider turning it on if your smartwatch is only being used. To turn Essential Mode on:

  1. Open the system settings of your watch
  2. System
  3. Essential Mode
  4. Accept
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Mobvoi claims this will increase your battery life by 45 days, partly due to the secondary ultra-low-power display.

However, your smartwatch will not be as smart unless you stop using it.

Hold down the power button to exit Essential Mode.

Google’s upcoming wearOS will change this. It includes more battery optimization features.

The TicWatch Pro 3 has a 4100 Qualcomm processor. Fossil watches have a 3100 processor. This should allow for faster processing and better battery life.

2: Make the most of the Layered Display

Did you know that TicWatch Pro 3 has two displays to help save battery? There’s an AMOLED and a low-power LCD above the main one.

It should be turned on by default. You can disable AOD (Always On Display) if it isn’t.

  1. Settings
  2. Display
  3. To turn off Always Screen On.

This is confusing as the secondary display should turn on when the main one is off.

However, Always On Display refers to the primary display being always on, not the secondary.

This vintage or layered display is much more efficient than the persistent Always-on display.

Our Top 17 TickWatch Pro 3 Tips and Tricks

3: Enable AOD (Always on Display)

We’re on the topic: If battery life is unnecessary to you, the Always On Display is an option.

This will disable the secondary display and keep the brighter and more colorful AMOLED display in place when the watch goes to sleep.

To turn AOD off:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Display
  3. Turn Always screen ON.

It looks brighter and better than the secondary LCD, but the AMOLED display uses more battery power.

4. Choose a Different Watch Face

TicWatch Pro 3 is one of the easiest and most effective tips.

If you don’t know what the watch is, there are many options you can use to adjust its appearance.

The watch face is the one thing that makes a difference.

When the display turns on, the watch face is what you first see. You can change the TicWatch Pro 3 face here.

  1. Long press your current watch face/home screen.
  2. Swipe left or right to change the watch face
  3. Tap on the one that interests you.

You can also configure a watch face by tapping the gear icon.

If that is not enough, you can download third-party watch faces. You can read more about it below.

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5: Get Additional Watch Faces

Do you want more watch faces? Google Play has many options. You can add different watch faces to your TicWatch Pro 3 by clicking here.

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Choose Watch Faces
  3. Install whatever you like.

You can also remove a watch face by swiping it down on the face selection menu.

6: Google Assistant is still important

The TicWatch Pro 3 includes Google Assistant support straight out of the box.

You can use it just like a full-fledged smartphone, with no known limitations (Except for hardware-related ones like LTE).

Google Assistant can be opened on your TicWatch Pro 3 simply by holding down the top button or saying OK, Google. (Must have OK Google detection enabled).

It is used in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Smart home use
  2. Music playback
  3. Online searches
  4. Weather forecast
  5. Real-time translation (Disabled by Google Translate limitations, may not always work well)
  6. Add events to your calendar
  7. Depending on how you use it, there are many other options.

It is a valuable tool for when your hands are tied, such as running or cooking.

7: Use your voice to activate the Google Assistant

Google Assistant’s best feature is its ability to perform many tasks without using our hands. What good is it if we use our hands to activate the assistant?

You don’t have to worry about activating Google Assistant with the TicWatch Pro 3. All you need is OK, Google.

  1. Settings
  2. Personalization
  3. Toggle OK Google

8: Don’t Disturb

You can find Do Not Disturb on both smartwatches as well as smartphones.

It temporarily mutes notifications to prevent others from disturbing you, just like its name.

All you need to do to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) is:

  1. You can quickly access the quick actions by swiping from your home screen.
  2. Tap on the Do not disturb icon (A circle with horizontal lines)

You can also turn it off the same way you turned it on.

9: Activate Your eSIM (Only Available for Germany and the UK)

TicWatch Pro 3 includes eSIM support. If you are in an area that supports eSIM, you can get a monthly subscription to your watch and use it as a standalone device.

This article was written in German and UK, with Vodafone being the only supported carrier.

Get an eSIM to your TicWatch Pro 3.

  1. Log in to the WearOS app using your smartphone.
  2. Click Connect to Vodafone
  3. Tap Set up, buy a plan.
  4. Register to your Vodafone account
  5. Choose and confirm the eSIM Plan of Your Choice
  6. After you’re done, tap the Download button
  7. Confirm your request on your TicWatch Pro 3
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eSIM can only be used digitally. You don’t need a physical SIM card. Follow the instructions above if eSIM support is available in your area.

10: Control Music Playback

Wear OS is used by the TicWatch Pro 3. You can install Spotify and control your phone’s music playback directly from the watch. This is an excellent feature for runners.

To do this:

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Spotify: Install Spotify
  3. Log in to your account. Premium is not required for offline access.

If the app has been installed on your smartphone, you are good to go.

The TicWatch Pro 3 cannot download Spotify songs despite 8 gigabytes of local storage. Software limitations are the reason.

If Google and Spotify do something about it, things could change. Only a few premium smartwatches can download and listen to Spotify songs offline.

It’s possible to do the same thing with DRM-free music, but that’s another story.

11: Don’t Leave Your Phone Behind

Smartwatches and bands that are cheaper rely on the GPS function of your phone to track your workouts.

This is why you can’t use them from your phone. TicWatch Pro 3 is a premium smartwatch that comes with a GPS.

You can track your workouts with the watch alone or use the TicExercise app and a third-party app like Strava.

You can also have a TicWatch Pro 3 on your wrist if you live in an area that supports eSIM.

12: Install third-party apps

Your smartwatch comes with 8GB of storage. We can offer you the best TicWatch Pro 3 tip: Install more apps.

You need to open Google Play/Play Store and look around for whatever you like.

There are many options. Strava, Messenger, Messenger, Spotify Messenger, Telegram, Outlook Calm.

how to use Ticwatch pro 3

13: Get Rid Of Useless Apps

Apps can eat up some of your local space. Apps can slow down your device in some instances.

We recommend that you remove anything that isn’t necessary. This is one of the best and most simple TicWatch Pro 3 tips.

You can uninstall any apps from your Watch or any other Wear OS Watch.

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Scroll down to tap My apps.
  3. Click on the app you wish to uninstall
  4. Next, tap the X button/icon
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Alternativ, you could do the same thing through:

  1. Settings
  2. Apps
  3. Click on the app
  4. Uninstall
  5. Accept

Apps don’t take up much space and won’t slow down your watch. If you have a lot of apps, they can make an impact. Get rid of everything that isn’t necessary.

14: Keep notes with your voice

TicWatch Pro 3 includes a microphone, 8 gigabytes of built-in storage and a voice recorder.

You can make short and long voice recordings on the move with it.

It doesn’t have to be all about notes. You have the option to download third-party apps. Messenger can be used to send voice messages.

To record with the TicWatch Pro 3

  1. Open the Recordings app
  2. Select Start recording.
  3. You can pause the recording or send it as often as you like.

You can find and play audio recordings by swiping left from the recording app.

15: Convert Voice Recordings to Text

The Mobvoi comes with an elegant feature to convert/automatically transcribe your voice recordings into text.

Although it’s not as accurate as typing in a human, it will still be helpful. It’s still better than typing everything yourself.

This feature can be used:

  1. Open the Mobvoi App on your Smartphone
  2. Select Recording notes.
  3. Tap on Convert to get the recording you wish to convert

At the moment, English and Chinese are only supported. There is a possibility that there will be more options in the future.

The software will not be 100% accurate. This is more evident in longer recordings.

16: Make sure you are healthy with your TicWatch Pro 3

Nearly all smartwatches now support heart rate monitoring.

Only a tiny fraction of the SaO2/oxygen saturation monitoring equipment is available, including the TicWatch Pro 3.

To detect your blood oxygen levels:

  1. Open the TicOxygen App
  2. Continue to monitor your SsaO2 levels

A minimum of 98% is ideal, while anything below 94% could spell trouble. You shouldn’t depend too heavily on your smartwatch to monitor your health.

If you feel something is not right, consult your doctor immediately.

17: Take care of your battery

Just like smartphones, smartwatches use Lithium-ion battery technology.

However, one thing is not well known: these batteries are subject to more significant stress when they are fully charged or depleted.

It can reduce their longevity over the long term. It would help to keep your watch charged between 20% and 80%.

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This could potentially increase the battery’s life expectancy. However, heat is the greatest enemy of batteries.

Take care of your battery

Bonus Tips: Sleep Alarm in vibrate mode

How can you make the alarm vibrate only? This is easiest to do by turning on theater mode before bed.

This stops the watch from turning on and prevents it from glowing. Instead of vibrating, the alarm will sound. The Theater Mode app for wearOS is available in the app store.

Are you looking for a smartwatch to track your child, our article provides some choices: Best Kids Smart Watch


Can I swim with my TicWatch Pro 3?

TicWatch’s waterproof and dustproof ratings comply with IP68 (1.5m depth, 30 mins) as per standard 60529 by the International Electrotechnical Commission. It can be used in shallow water, such as swimming pools.

How do I start TicWatch pro?

Setup of the TicWatch Pro

  • Turn on your watch and then click Start. Follow the steps to sync your smartphone with the watch by scanning the QR code on the watch.
  • Wear OS by Google ™ can be downloaded from the app store.

How can I transfer my Ticwatch from one phone to another?

A simple guide for pairing and updating Ticwatch S & E

  • Turn on your watch.
  • Open the Android Wear app on your phone. …
  • Tap the watch’s name when you see it.
  • Watch your phone for a code. …
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

FAQs How To Set Up Ticwatch

Can you get messages on TicWatch?

Ticwatch vibrates only when you receive messages to protect your privacy. You can view the details of these notifications by activating the screen within 10 seconds after receiving an alert.

How can I pair my Android Wear watch with a new phone?

How to pair your WearOS smartwatch with a new smartphone without having to reset it

  • Enable ADB Debugging. First, enable ADB Debugging on your Wear OS watch to make it ready for commands.
  • Open ADB Tools.
  • Sending the ADB Commands
  • You can pair your watch with a new phone.
  • After pairing.


If you’ve finished setting up your Ticwatch, you should start using it. Go ahead and activate the watch face of your choice, then start using it.

Make sure you keep in mind that the watch’s features may differ from those of other devices, so don’t hesitate to try out what you can do with it. HereOfamlily hopes you find this guide useful.

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