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How To Track My Child’s Phone 2023? Top Full Guide

How To Track My Child's Phone 2023 Top Full Guide
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There are a few reasons you might want to track your child’s phone. Maybe you want to make sure they’re not getting into trouble, or you’re concerned about their safety. Whatever the reason, here is how to track my child’s phone.

Is Built-In Location Tracking Good Enough?

Android and iOS both have the Find My Phone feature. This can be used to track your children. This feature is not designed to track your location, but it was developed to locate a lost or stolen phone.

It cannot be easy to find tracing data if you don’t have your child’s Google or iCloud account details. It’s also easy for kids to disable the feature or turn off GPS on their phones, making it difficult to track.

Is Built-In Location Tracking Good Enough

A good parental control app, on the other hand, will display the location data on a parent dashboard. It won’t allow children to turn off GPS or track services without parental permission.

Parental control apps include location tracking as one of many essential features. The best parental control apps provide powerful monitoring tools, such as customizable web filters and screen time limits.

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Why Do You Need To Track Your Kid’s Phone?

This article explains that parents care about their children and love them. I feel bothered when you are concerned about your daughter, no matter where she is. The same applies to mobile phones. We should be concerned about our children’s safety. Parents should monitor their children’s phones for many reasons.

1. Cyberbullying

One-third of teenagers are victims of cyberbullying, according to various studies. They often develop depression and other mental disorders if they keep their cyberbullying secretive from their parents.

Many children don’t speak to their parents because they fear being disciplined. Many parents don’t realize what is happening to their children. It can lead to some terrible outcomes.

2. Stalkers

There are 100 percent chances your daughter is being stalked online if she has a smartphone. Although it is pretty standard, it can become dangerous if it escalates to a severe level. Many cases of teens being raped, beaten and killed by unknown stalkers have been reported.

3. Health issues

Are they addicted? They are. They are always on their phones, sleeping or getting up. They post every moment on social media. They love selfies. They are obsessed with selfies.

As we have discussed, these habits are detrimental to their physical and mental health. You can track their phone and have the ability to control their screen time.

Why Do You Need To Track Your Kid’s Phone

4. Adult content

There are high chances of coming across explicit material on the internet. This content can expose their minds to wrongdoings and make them addicted. Children also begin to sext with their friends as a result.

You can limit what they can see by tracking their phones. You can also monitor their calls and chats. You will be able to see what activities they are engaging in.

5. Localization

It’s easy to get anxious when your daughter doesn’t return home on time. This problem can be avoided by tracking your phone. You won’t feel lost and confused while figuring out where she is.

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Use the right phone tracker to find their exact location. It will instantly give you the location once you have installed it.

What is the Easiest Way to Monitor my Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

It’s not possible to track a child’s tablet or phone without their consent. Although spy apps can be installed secretly or stealthily, it is not easy. Root access is required for the best spy apps. This can cause damage to your phone if you don’t know what’s happening.

You will need to install these apps on your child’s phone or through their iCloud accounts. This can make it difficult if they don’t know.

What is the Easiest Way to Monitor my Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Both child psychologists and educators recommend that you have a conversation with your children about the dangers of the internet. They should also be informed why spy apps are necessary. You won’t make them feel like you invade their privacy. The apps are hidden in the background, so they will likely forget about them after a few weeks.

How Can I Track my Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

It is easier to track a phone without knowing it than using stealth monitoring tools. Although most Android phones and iPhones have a Find My Phone feature built to locate a lost phone, it can be difficult for parents to access the data. The downside to this feature is that children can disable it or disable location tracking.

Another option is to install parental control apps on their phones without their consent and then hide it in a folder. This will make sure they don’t discover it. Both of these options are not recommended as they can lead to a lot of harm to your relationship with your child.

How Can I Track my Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Talking to your children about installing a parental control application on their phones that tracks location is a good idea. The location tracking is done in the background, so the kids won’t notice it and may even forget about it. You’ll be able to monitor their location to make sure they’re where they need to be and that they don’t get into trouble.

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How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone

Google Maps

Google Maps lets you see the location of another mobile phone. The only problem is that you must first access the target phone. Here’s what you should do if you already have the phone.

  • If it’s not already installed, download and install Google Maps.
  • Click on the location-sharing link in the menu.
  • Click on the “Share your real-time position until you turn it off” option.
  • To share the location, select your phone.
  • You can track the location of their phone once you’re done.

How To Track An Android Phone’s Location Using ‘Find my Device’

Download the “Find my Device” app from the Google Play Store if you own an Android phone. The app is already activated on the new Android phones.

After downloading and installing the app, log in using your Google credentials. Open the app every time you need to check your phone’s location. You can locate your child’s exact location using the interactive map.

How to Track Your Child’s Cell Phone

You also have the option to take these actions through the app.

  1. Play Sound: This makes a loud sound to attract attention. This can be helpful if you lose your phone, mainly if it is in the house. You can stop the sound by pressing the power button on your device.
  2. Lock Device – This option blocks the phone from being used. You can leave a message or a phone number to lock the device so that anyone who finds it can contact you.
  3. Reset Screen Lock – If the device is compromised, you can reset the lock pin/pattern.
  4. Erase – This option erases all data on your phone so that no one can see it.
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How To Track An iPhone’s Location Using ‘Find My iPhone’

You can easily find your child’s location with the built-in “Find my iPhone” feature. When you unbox your phone, the feature activates immediately. If the feature isn’t activated, go to Settings> on your iPhone. Tap on ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘iCloud’ to activate it.

Once the feature is activated, you can track your phone’s location using the account details.

You can track your child’s location by visiting using your browser. Enter the Apple ID credentials for the child’s iPhone.

From the dashboard, click on the “Find my iPhone” icon.

The map will display all Apple devices that are associated with this account. Click on the phone that you wish to track. You will be able to monitor your child’s movements and thus ensure their safety.

How to Track iPhone using Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Software

Family Orbit’s iPhone monitoring software can locate your child’s iPhone without the need for an app. iPhone Monitoring Software for Parents is iCloud-based parental monitoring software that allows parents to monitor their child’s phone usage and location.

The app shows you your child’s location in real-time and gives you their location history. The location history report shows you the details of every place your child visited and the exact date and hour.

The Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Software doesn’t require you to jailbreak or install any apps on your child’s phone. You only need to have the iCloud login credentials and enable backup on your child’s phone to track their device location with iCloud.

All details about your child’s phone usage and location are saved to the iCloud server. Family Orbit iCloud Monitoring creates a remote connection to the server, allowing you to retrieve your child’s phone usage data.

Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Service also allows you to use multiple devices. You will also be able to see recorded data from various devices.

how to track your child's phone

Additional Features

The iPhone Monitoring Software allows you to monitor your child’s movements and other activities. With the ‘Find my iPhone!’ app, this is impossible. Family Orbit iPhone Monitoring Service allows you to check the health of your child.

  • Browser history: Your child’s internet browsing history can be checked in the iPhone browser. This will show you the URLs visited by your child, along with the date and the time. This will allow you to protect your child’s online safety.
  • Call history: This software lets you view your child’s call details, including date, number and duration.
  • You can track received and sent SMS, iMessage and Whatsapp message messages.
  • Photos: You can see the images your child took with their phone and those they downloaded.
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Track Your Daughter’s Phone Using SecureTeen

SecureTeen offers many tracking options, including call logs, tracking charts, filtering apps, websites, and call logs. You can monitor your children’s social media activity. It can be used to track your children without them being aware. SecureTeen is here to help you.

  • Android users must install the apps on both devices and log in using the same credentials.
  • You can connect to an iPhone or iPad using your iTunes credentials.
  • Once you have logged in, the target device can be controlled and monitored. You can track their Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

It was not easy to track your children’s phones. You can now see their social media activity and communicate with them.

Cellular Company Family Tracking Services

Verizon, a mobile phone carrier, offers services such as “family location”, which allows you to monitor the phones of your family members. You can access your location data via your smartphone, tablet, and computer. All mobile carriers offer these services. You can select the plan that suits your needs.


Are location monitoring and parental control apps available for free?

I wouldn’t recommend using an app that tracks your child’s location for free. These apps must make money, possibly by selling their data or targeting them with location-based advertising. Worst case scenario: The app comes from a hacker and allows them to know where your child is at any given moment.

Qustodio Family is free to you for 30 days. You’ll get data for a month on your child’s location and travels when they aren’t home.

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Can I use the built-in location tracking to replace installing additional apps on my child’s phone?

Although most Android and iOS devices come with built-in GPS features, some drawbacks are. To access your child’s exact location, you will need access to their Google or iCloud accounts. Another limitation is that your child cannot disable location services or stop sending data.

Qustodio is a better choice. It shows you your child’s current location, saves your history, and allows you to create geofences that notify you of area changes.

how to track child's phone

Is it possible to track the location of my child without their knowledge?

You can install parental control apps without the knowledge of your child. However, Android devices will require you to access the phone to install them. These apps are invisible from the phone’s list and run in the background.

How can I locate my child in real-time?

Installing a parental control such as Qustodio that includes a location tracking function is the first step. After the app has been installed, it will connect to the phone’s GPS, relaying the data to your parent dashboard. It will then superimpose their location on a Google Map.


After looking at the most popular ways to track your child’s phone, you’ll understand that there are a few simple solutions for all of them. Whether you’re concerned about your child’s safety or worried about inappropriate content, it doesn’t matter.

You should be concerned about your child’s wellbeing, so it should go without saying that you want to make sure they’re safe. So, why not look at the different tracking methods and determine which one works best for you? HereOfamily hopes you find this article is useful.

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