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Tick Talk 4 Review: Is It Right For You?

Tick Talk 4 Review Is It Right For You

If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, the Tick Talk 4 is worth considering. It has all the features you could want in a smartwatch, plus a few extras that make it stand out from the competition. Here’s a closer look at what the Tick Talk 4 offers.

Costs Up Advance

The TickTalk 4 watch is pricey, at just under $200. The TickTalk 4 is still at the top of that category (but not by much), especially if you’re seeking equivalent functionality. Other smartwatches we’ve evaluated range from $55 to $180.

On Amazon, you may purchase a SIM card for AT&T or T-networks. Mobile’s

What’s In The Box, Exactly?

  • The smartwatch TickTalk 4
  • SIM card for the Red Pocket
  • Cord for charging

Optional Extras

Wireless headphones, a charging base, and ornamental charms are all optional add-ons for the TickTalk 4. All three are available in pink, black, and blue bundles.

  • Pink bundle
  • Black bundle
  • Blue bundle

Subscription Every Month

To keep things simple, the TickTalk 4 requires a monthly membership, but it’s only $10 per month and pay-as-you-go.

You can cancel at any time, and it works with AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States. To acquire service for the TickTalk 4, international consumers must add a line to their carrier.

We were also relieved to learn that you don’t need an AT&T or T-Mobile account to get started with TickTalk.

Subscription Every Month

Not a T-Mobile or AT&T customer?

The watch’s SIM card is from Red Pocket Mobile, a firm that partners with major US cellular companies to provide low-cost, no-contract service. So all you have to do now is select your preferred carrier and activate the SIM card that came with your watch, and you’re ready to go.

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TickTalk 4 includes streaming music, podcasts, and stories from the iHeart Radio Family in the United States. We thought it was a cool feature, and we were even more impressed when we saw that you could set daily listening restrictions. This extends the battery life and reduces data usage.

Thankfully, there were no data overages. However, there is the possibility of additional charges. Pay attention after activating the SIM card to avoid significant unexpected bills from your kids streaming music and podcasts.

Smartwatch Features

The TickTalk 4 has all of the essential functions of a kids’ GPS watch, including GPS position tracking, geofencing, text communication, two-way chat, parental controls, reminders, and a do-not-disturb mode as a closed network and closed contact list.

TickTalk 4 does, however, have some cool extras. Our tester used “amazing” to describe this watch and everything it can do the most. A video chat option akin to FaceTime was one of these “very fantastic” supplementary features.

Kids can use the video chat option to call Mom, Dad, or other family members. This smartwatch for children can also send video and photo messages.

Our tester also enjoyed personalizing her watch with a background of her favorite images. It didn’t take her long to start sending us personalized greeting cards.

Our tester and her two-year-old little sister were huge fans of iHeart Radio’s music, podcasts, and stories.

  • For those with smaller wrists

The TickTalk 4 is designed for children aged 5 to 12. However, it can be somewhat cumbersome on younger or more minor children. Our tester was unconcerned about its size and only removed it for handstands. (This is a crucial aspect of testing.) If your child is prone to discomfort and removing the watch, consider replacing the band smartwatch with something less bulky and tamper-proof.


The TickTalk 4 offers a talk-to-text capability that allows youngsters to send text messages using their voices. Because the watch lacks a keyboard, children can only utilize pre-programmed responses.

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Talk-to-text works similarly to the text-to-speech option on your smartphone. As the watch dictates their message into a text, your youngster will record it.

Safety Feature

Video chat, music, and features such as talk-to-text make the watch a lot of fun for your child while still providing some safety features. However, the SOS 911 button and the listen-in function greatly enhance your and your child’s sense of security.

SOS button

The SOS button connects you to 911 or other emergency contacts. If your child gets lost, hurt, or needs assistance, all they have to do is touch this button. We recommend shifting the line to their parents or guardians if you’re using the TickTalk 4 for younger children.

  • Our experience with the SOS button

We let our tester’s 2-year-old sister play with the watch without realizing it was set to call 911 if the SOS button was pressed. So she did that, and thankfully, we were able to explain what had happened to the 911 operator. Oops!

To avoid a recurrence incident, we altered how the SOS button functions in the app’s settings. As a result, we turned off “Call 911” and set the SOS function to call Mom and Dad instead.

Smartwatch Features


TickTalk isn’t the only GPS tracker with one-way listening, but it is a unique feature worth mentioning.

The following is how it works:

  • The watch will be called in listen-in mode from the app when you enable the listen-in feature.
  • This instructs the watch to call your phone again. All of this occurs in silence, so neither your child nor anybody else in the vicinity will be aware that you can hear what’s going on.
  • You may hear what’s going on when you answer that return call from your child’s watch.

The listen-in tool is a terrific method to ensure your child is with whom they are supposed to be. You can also come in if you’re concerned about anything frightening, such as bullying at school.

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You’ll get a voicemail recording of your child’s surroundings if you don’t answer the call from the watch. Although this voicemail will not be active, it is a valuable option in emergency scenarios.

Favorite Features Of Moms And Kids

Our tester and her mother agreed with us; the TickTalk 4 was a hit with them.

Music, video chat, text-to-talk, greeting cards, and the activity tracker were among the most popular features among children. The listen-in feature, reminders, closed network, and app management were all popular with Mom.

Kid-Favorite Features

There were several aspects of the TickTalk 4 that our child tester adored. She used the iHeart Radio Family option to stream music without going over Mom’s data limit. She also used the talk-to-text feature to send greeting cards and texts. And she didn’t stop moving to put the activity tracker to the test.

That last one was a big hit with our minor test subject. You can establish daily goals for your child regarding how many steps they take and how many hours they spend active and moving.

They are rewarded with a slight celebration sound when they achieve their daily target. (This piqued our tester’s interest.) We continued increasing her target because she quickly reached them.

Mom-Favorite Features

The listen-in functionality, do-not-disturb mode, messaging, and reminders were among Mom’s favorite features. The watch’s closed network and firewall gave her more confidence in giving her child a smart device.

Our mom-tester is a teacher, so she was well aware of the potential for school disruption. She was able to limit the watch’s functionality such that our child could only use it during lunch or before and after school.

She also realized that constantly texting, phoning, and sending cards was bothersome, so we added a “Mom’s sleep time” do-not-disturb to give us all a rest.

“Clean your room,” “wash your teeth,” and “do schoolwork” were among the texts she sent using the reminders tool.

  • Mom was impressed by the cyber security measures.
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Mom could control the TickTalk 4 in the app because it works on a closed network. This watch features a firewall that blocks all incoming calls from unknown numbers (to protect it since it has a phone number like a regular phone).

This eliminates spam callers and restricts your child’s contacts to only 53 people who must scan a QR code to reach them.

And, best of all, the TickTalk 4 watch has no internet connectivity, so you won’t have to worry about your kids getting into social media, watching inappropriate YouTube videos, or accessing any other unsuitable content online.

Through the app, parents have complete control over this watch. There isn’t a single thing you can do on the watch that isn’t connected to whatever you’re doing in the app. This is the first time we’ve seen something so flawless.

You may access all of your child’s communications and keep track of their location.

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TickTalk 4 Drawbacks

Despite all of TickTalk 4’s unique features, we did run into some issues. Our child thought the watch was massive, but she only took it off when she did handstands.

She wore it around the house, to the park, on the monkey bars, while riding her bike, and everywhere else.

TickTalk 4 Drawbacks

When it came to adding other users, Mom had one gripe. New contacts in the TickTalk 4 app must scan a QR code to contact your child, so they must be physically present.

This security feature prevents unauthorized users from pairing with the watch, but it was frustrating when our tester tried to call her grandmother across the state. We connected Grandma to our tester via video call after some trial and error.

The Competition

There are a few more attractive options for linked smartwatches for kids, and the TickTalk 3 is a great way to stay in the TickTalk ecosystem. However, because it’s an older device with poor battery life and no step monitoring, there are other options to consider.

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The Xplora X5 Play is one of these. This brand-new smartphone with a selfie camera, step tracking, and comprehensive parental controls. The X5 Play adds gamification to activity by rewarding users with Xcoins, which can be used to purchase products from the GoPlay shop. Your child may accumulate pennies to buy various items, including books, video games, scooters, and a GoPro.

From a security standpoint, geofencing can be used to create safe zones. You can be notified if your child leaves a set area and views where the watch is at any given time. You may also use the companion app to control who can and cannot communicate with the watch. The software lacks some of the capabilities found in the TickTalk, and the X5 Play does not support streaming music.

If a camera on the wrist isn’t necessary, the GizmoWatch 2 is another option. The watch makes up for its lack of optics with dependability and a tremendous parental companion app. The GizmoWatch 2 has strong cellular support when connected to the Verizon network, which is nice given it lacks Wi-Fi. The companion app handles step tracking, geofencing, and regulated communication.

The watch has a simple design that won’t win any design awards, but it won’t offend anyone either. The GizmoWatch 2’s battery life isn’t spectacular, but it’ll get you through the day. It’s a straightforward watch that excels at what it does. On the GizmoWatch 2, don’t expect to find games or music streaming.

TickTalk 4: Buy Or Not To Buy

You should buy this if …

  • If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this book is for you.
  • For your child, you’ll need a watch that can withstand wear and tear.
  • You appreciate the notion of your child being able to send you images of themselves and things they come across.
  • You want to be able to talk to your child via video chat.
  • Music and tales are two things that your child appreciates.
  • It would help if you had a watch with long battery life.
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TickTalk 4 Buy Or Not To Buy

You should not buy this if …

  • For you or your child, modern design is vital.
  • You don’t want your child’s smartwatch to have cameras on it.
  • For your child’s protection, you must be able to build geofenced safety zones.
  • You don’t want your youngster to listen to iHeartRadio Family music.

The TickTalk 4 is a smartwatch with capabilities that allow kids to express themselves through photography and music listening. It has a battery life of more than a day and can withstand the beatings your adventurous child can dish out.

However, the design suffers due to its durability and battery life. It’s an extensive, weighty apparatus that some individuals might find intimidating. The lack of geofencing on the TickTalk 4 is also a missed opportunity.


Is TickTalk secure?

TickTalk watches have a beautiful design and can be used to connect children to their siblings and families. They also enable kids to dial 911 using a simple touch, which can be very useful in emergencies.

Is there a TickTalk 4 game?

Designed by parents for children, the TickTalk 4 is safe and secure. The TickTalk4 does not have any internet, games or social media. It has all the positive attributes of a phone to keep your child connected to the most important people.

Is there a TickTalk 4 game

Is TickTalk 4 waterproof

TickTalk 4 has IP67 water resistance. However, it is not recommended to wear a watch while swimming, diving, or other water activities. The watch’s water-resistant parts may become less resistant over time.

Is TickTalk compatible with AT&T?

Monthly Plan. TickTalk 4 includes a Red Pocket SIM card free of charge. This is a low-cost, pay-as-you-go service that uses AT&T’s networks without activation fees or contracts.


The Tick Talk 4 is an excellent example of a sports smartwatch with a few upgrades to make it more useful. The redesigned band and extra sensors make it even more helpful than the competition, and the battery life is excellent for a smartwatch. Overall, the Tick Talk 4 is one of the best sports smartwatches. HereOfamily recommend it!

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