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Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Top Full Guide

Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Top Full Guide

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch3: Which smartwatch is right for you? If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, you may be wondering which one is right for you. This article will compare the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to help you decide.

Apple Watch 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Which Smartwatch Is Best?

Apple Watch 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Which Smartwatch Is Best

Features & Specs

But, as we all know, money isn’t everything, and in the realm of technology, you usually get what you pay for.

Despite not having the most recent model, the Galaxy Watch 3 performs well in hardware. It features a good amount of memory and 8GB of storage, making it superior to other smartwatches for music and other file storage.

However, the Apple Watch 6 still outperforms it since it has four times the storage capacity, 32GB of storage. So,it is the obvious victor for music and file storage.

The Apple Watch 6 is powered by the watchOS operating system. The watchOS platform has excellent app support and a dedicated app store. The Tizen operating system powers the Galaxy Watch 3 and gives users access to all of the applications available in the Galaxy Store. This gives the user access to a plethora of various programs. However, app support is lacking as compared to watchOS.

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You also have to consider that Samsung has switched its concentration to Google’s Wear OS, so Tizen’s app offering is unlikely to increase even if it receives security patches. As a result, it is much more future-proof.

Both the Apple Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 3 feature conventional GPS and, for most functions, must be linked to a nearby smartphone. However, the two can purchase a cellular chip at an extra fee, enabling them to work outside of the range of the smartphone to which they are linked.


The design and display of the Apple Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 3 are the most noticeable differences between the two watches. The Galaxy Watch 3 sports a circular display and has the appearance and feel of a classic watch. This smartwatch retains the previous models’ square display, giving the watch a future tech look. It quickly becomes the most identifiable wristwatch by sticking to the same design.

The Galaxy Watch 3 sports a rotating bezel to complement its conventional design. The bezel lets you navigate menus using tactile input and a touch command.

This is a nice feature that enhances the interaction with the Tizen operating system while also adding a sense of style and familiarity by drawing inspiration from historical designs. The watch is also available in stainless steel and titanium, making it comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

The Apple Watch 6 navigates via a digital crown. Traditionally, the crown of a watch was used to modify the time and date on the face, but it now serves a purpose similar to the home button on an iPhone. The watch is also available in red and blue base colors. The red is a dramatic and eye-catching color, while the blue is a wiser, more understated alternative.

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The Apple and the Galaxy versions come in two sizes and various strap choices. The Galaxy Watch 3 is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes, whereas the Apple Watch 6 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Both watches are flawless, but the smartwatch is somewhat thinner and lighter than the Galaxy, giving it a sleeker, less bulky appearance. This, in our opinion, makes it a better alternative for folks with narrow wrists or who want a more discreet appearing wearable.

Both watches include an always-on display, allowing you to see the time without waking the device. They also feature readily readable OLED touchscreen screens. OLED refers to an Organic LED display panel that does not need a backlight. This allows you to view the screen even if you are in direct sunlight.

The Apple Watch 6’s screen has a higher resolution (448 x 368) than the Galaxy Watch 3’s (360 x 360), so the image is somewhat clearer on the Apple. Still, we found the difference scarcely perceptible during testing on displays this size.


Samsung states that the Galaxy Watch 3 has around two days of battery life. This outperforms the Apple Watch 6’s battery life, which Apple claims are 18 hours.

During our testing, we discovered that the battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 might last up to two days. When we utilized GPS, the battery life was closer to 24 hours. This smartwatch proved a little more dependable, lasting roughly 18 hours even when the fitness and location capabilities were turned on.

The charging time of the Apple Watch 6 battery is fantastic. Our experiments discovered that it only takes 1.5 hours to get a full charge from empty. Half the time, it took the Galaxy Watch 3 to charge from flat to full.

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The Galaxy Watch 3 features wireless charging, making charging incredibly simple and does not limit the number of charging outlets available. On the other hand, This smartwatch still needs a specific charger, so if the battery dies and you don’t have the correct cable, it won’t be rechargeable.


The Apple Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 3 start at $399. This gives you either the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3 or the 40mm Series 6 model. The 44mm or bigger and the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 will set you back $429.

The LTE connection is where you’ll see a substantial pricing difference. To function independently from your phone, Samsung charges an extra $50 on top of the basic price of the Galaxy Watch 3. Meanwhile, Apple charges $100 extra for its top LTE devices. The SE is an excellent alternative if you want a more cheap Apple Watch with LTE.

Fitness Tracking

The Apple Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 3 have similar health and wellness capabilities.

Both watches contain an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that has been certified by the FDA. This monitors your heart rhythm and pace and informs you if it finds any arrhythmias or anomalies.

Both watches track SpO2, which measures how much oxygen your red blood cells transport. Both versions contain fall detection, so if you suffer a heavy fall, the watch will assist you in connecting with emergency services or your emergency contacts.

These smartwatches have a water resistance rating of 5ATM, which means they can be worn underwater for up to 10 minutes at 50 meters. This makes them ideal for swimming activities, jogging, and rain cycling.

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Apps And Music Storage

The Apple Watch 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 include native app stores for browsing and downloading apps that enhance the user experience. Some applications are extensions of smartphone programs, while others are unique to the capabilities of each wristwatch.

Tizen OS is supported by a few well-known brands, including Spotify. With a Spotify Premium membership and the Galaxy Watch 3’s 8GB of audio storage, you can store tracks for offline playback.

Spotify songs cannot be stored on the Apple Watch, but you may download and enjoy playlists if you subscribe to Apple Music. You’ll also get much more storage: 32GB.

Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Which Should You Buy?

Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Which Should You Buy

In some respects, this Apple Watch 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 showdown differs from last year’s blockbuster Apple Watch 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 showdown. The issue isn’t whether these smartwatches are superior (both contain an FDA-approved ECG sensor, SpO2 monitoring, trip detection, and other game-changing capabilities), but which is best for you.

We’d suggest the Galaxy Watch 3 for Android users and the Apple Watch 6 for iPhone users in most circumstances. Neither firm pushed the scales far enough to divide the phone factions.

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Which watch is better than Apple Watch Series 6?

Display Comparison: Apple Watch 7 vs 6

The display of the Apple Watch 7 is most likely the most significant improvement over the Series 6 model. Apple hasn’t updated the display boundaries in many years. However, the 7’s display is now 20% larger than the 6.

Is the Samsung Galaxy watch three compatible with iPhone?

Compatible galaxy watches

Galaxy Watch3: Bluetooth and the Galaxy Watch iOS software make it compatible with iOS. Galaxy Watch is Bluetooth-enabled and works with the Galaxy Watch iOS app. Galaxy Watch Active is Bluetooth-enabled and works with the Galaxy Watch iOS app.

Can you use an Apple Watch without a phone?

Even if your iPhone isn’t with you, a Wi-Fi or cellular connection allows your smartwatch to perform the following. Siri may be used to acquire directions, send messages, and many other things.

Can you make calls on Apple 6 watch?

Make a phone call

On your smartwatch, launch the Phone app. Tap Contacts, then scroll with the Digital Crown. Tap the phone button, then tap the contact you wish to call. To begin a FaceTime audio call, hit FaceTime Audio, or press a phone number.


When it comes to choosing a smartwatch, many factors to consider. Two of the most popular options are the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch3. Both have their unique features and benefits. Thanks for reading this article! I hope you will find the best device for you.

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