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How To Clean Apple Watch? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Clean Apple Watch Top Full Guide 2023

If your Apple Watch is looking a little worse for wear, it’s probably time for a clean. Luckily, cleaning your smartwatch is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

In this article, HereOfamily will provide a step-by-step guide on how to clean Apple Watch.

Things You’ll Need

Cleaning and sanitizing your Apple Watch is similar to cleaning and disinfecting your iPhone or other “high-touch” devices. Apple changed its cleaning standards in early 2020 in response to a novel coronavirus epidemic, recommending the use of isopropyl alcohol to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous germs.

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To clean your Apple Watch correctly, you’ll need the following items:

  • a lint-free, moist, soft cloth
  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 70% alcohol concentration) and a clean cloth or disinfectant wipes of a similar type
  • Cotton buds are a type of flower that grows in (Q-Tips)
  • A sink with hot and cold flowing water
  • A toothbrush with a soft bristle (optional)
  • a toothpick made of wood (optional)

Depending on how dirty your watch is, you may need to use a toothpick or soft toothbrush to dislodge stuck-on dirt and grime.

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Remove The Band and Clean It Separately

You can easily clean your watch by removing the band. To begin, remove your watch and turn it so that the back is facing you. Two depressible buttons are located on the top and bottom of the back sensor.

Slide the corresponding watch band connection left or right by pressing one of the buttons. If you haven’t removed the band in a while, you may need to exert some force. Continue pushing until the band is free of the main unit, then switch to the other end of the band and repeat.

Your band and smartwatch device should now be separated into two or three pieces. Ultimately, how you clean your band is determined by which band you’re using. Leather bands are exceptionally delicate, and Apple states that they are not waterproof.

Remove The Band and Clean It Separately

How to Clean Fabric, Silicon and Metal Watch Bands

Fabric, silicon, and metal watchbands can all be cleaned by submerging them in water. Hold them under warm running water for optimal results, being sure to clean the entire band. With your fingers, you should be able to remove any dirt or lint.

Remove tenacious crud or dried-on dirt off metal bands with a wooden toothpick or soft-bristled toothbrush. Brushing nylon sports loops should be done with caution because it can fray the material.

How to Clean Fabric, Silicon and Metal Watch Bands

Apple advises against cleaning cloth bands with alcohol, yet water alone is insufficient to sanitize them. Despite what Apple claims, sanitizing your nylon band with alcohol is likely safe because nylon bands like the sports loop should only be soluble in strong acids. You’ll have to examine the pros and cons and decide. If you’re concerned, start with a small test area.

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Allow your watch band to dry completely before cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. You can mist alcohol straight onto the Watchband if you have a pump-spray bottle. If not, soak a clean towel in isopropyl alcohol (or use alcohol-based disinfectant wipes) and wipe the band down completely.

Because isopropyl alcohol evaporates fast, there’s no need to rinse it after you’re done. Alcohol kills bacteria that cause your Watchband to stink and other microbes that could make you sick. Before disinfecting your band, clean it with water to get rid of germs and dirt.

If your band is old, this is a guide to changing it: How To Change Band On Smartwatch

How to Clean Leather Bands

Leather bands are more fickle and should not be submerged in water for cleaning. Apple suggests wiping down your leather band with a clean damp cloth and allowing it to dry completely.

Of course, water alone will not be sufficient to sanitize the band. You’ll need isopropyl alcohol for this, which may damage the quality of your watch band. Limited data on the internet says that isopropyl alcohol may dry out leather, while some claim it is a fantastic way to remove stains safely.

Again, your results may differ. If you don’t want to disinfect your leather Watchband, you may replace it with more durable silicone, fabric, or metal band.

Clean and Dry the Digital Crown

Check for debris and clean off your watch if the Digital Crown becomes stuck or won’t move. Follow these methods to clean the Digital Crown if you detect items like dust or lotion surrounding it, and repeat as needed:

  1. Remove your smartwatch from the charger and turn it off.
  2. Remove your smartwatch’s leather band if you have one.
  3. For 10 to 15 seconds, hold the Digital Crown under lightly running, warm freshwater from a faucet. Soaps and other cleaning products should be avoided at all costs.
  4. As water runs over the tiny gap between the crown and the housing, continue to turn and press the Digital Crown.
  5. Using an absorbent, non-abrasive, lint-free cloth, dry your watch. Remove any water from the Digital Crown’s surface, the area between the Digital Crown and the watch case, and the surrounding surfaces.
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Clean and Dry the Digital Crown

Reassemble Your Watch

It’s now time to reassemble the watch by replacing the band. Line up the band with your wrist first to make sure everything is in the appropriate place.

The band mounts must then be slid into the seating until an audible click is heard. If you don’t hear the click, wiggle the watch a little till it does. Move your bands horizontally one last time to ensure they’re securely in place.

If you don’t put the bands on correctly, you risk losing your watch if the band comes loose.

Tips to Avoid Skin Irritation, or if you have Allergies or Skin Sensitivities

You’ll be more comfortable wearing your smartwatch if it’s the proper fit not too tight, not too loose, and has enough room for your skin to breathe.

Maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of your watch and bands and your skin will improve comfort and avoid long-term harm to the watch. This is especially crucial after workouts or exposure to liquids that can irritate the skin, such as perspiration, soap, sunscreen, and lotions.

Tips to Avoid Skin Irritation, or if you have Allergies or Skin Sensitivities

Choose the appropriate Apple Watch and band. Check the materials in each watch and band if you have known allergies or sensitivities to metals or plastics.

Accessory bands are available from a variety of third-party vendors. Such bands may not fit properly, conflict with Apple Watch Wrist Detect, include materials that cause skin sensitivities or other health issues, and potentially damage smartwatch. Use only Apple-branded or Apple-authorized bands for the most outstanding results.

If you are looking for a smartwatch for a child, Apple is not a bad choice: Apple Watch For Kids

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How often should your Apple Watch be cleaned?

Over time, all smartwatch straps will become soiled. Dust, food, sweat, lotions, and other substances can alter the appearance of your watch band. Your circumstances determine the frequency with which a band should be cleaned. Cleaning should be done as needed, but at least once every two weeks.

FAQs How To Clean Apple Watch

Is it possible to shower while wearing an Apple Watch?

Showering with an Apple Watch Series 2 or newer is fine. Still, we don’t recommend using soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or fragrances because they can harm the water seals and acoustic membranes.

Can I use alcohol to clean my Apple Watch?

Wipe the outer surfaces of your smartwatch and your Solo Loop, Sport Band, Nike Sport Band, or metal band with a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, a 75% ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Use caution on fabric and leather bands.

Is it possible to get sand in your Apple Watch?

Soaps, cleaning chemicals, abrasive materials, compressed air, ultrasonic cleaning, and external heat sources can harm your smartwatch and should be avoided. Here’s how to remove fingerprints and oil from your Digital Crown and dirt, sand, and debris from the interior.



The Apple Watch is a unique little timepiece, but it does tend to get dirty with sweat, oil, and dust build-up. With a little bit of a gentle wipe down, it can be looking good as new. This guide is common sense, and the steps are straightforward to follow. So get to it!

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